Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Holiday Round 1

Holiday Round 1
Mass Chaos

Hello everyone again, I sure am glad you've come back. This Rachel Ziese-Lecy. Next I went over to the Holiday household. It's actually the largest occupied house in neighborhood right now. It's home to Andre (the dad), Destin (teenage son) , Dakota (kid, son) and his triples, two boys, Danton and Jazz and one girl, Venice.
Hi Andre.
Andre: Hi there miss.
What brought you to Prosperity Point?
Andre: My wife passed away giving birth too our triplets. I tried to stay in our house, but the pain got to be too much. I tried to find comfort in the stars, but to no avale.
Oh I'm so sorry.
Andre: Thanks. We wanted a fresh start so I hired some guys to build us this house, but they weren't good people. They built a nice house and all, but they came in with all kinds of extra charges. See those bushes in the first picture? we had to sell them to have some money and they weren't the last thing to go. During our first week we had to sell our stove, the flooring in the basement, one whole bathroom's worth of fixtures, wall coverings and even some windows.
Oh my goodness!
Oh it looks like you have some visitors Andre.
Andre: I'm busy with the triplets, do you mind?
Oh coarse not. Hi... Wen. What are you doing here?
Wen: I'm the head of the welcome wagon in town
Oh great that means we're going to see her on every lot.
For once i agree with you
*gives sim Rachel shocked look*
Andre did you put on some weight?
Andre: Must be. I don't get a lot of time to work out. Those toddlers sure ware me out. I had to hire a nanny.
Yep, I see this is the handy work of a nanny.
Andre: Am I hearing things?
Oh her, just ignore her.
Andre: She is right about the nannies, they suck here. Destin did all he could to help. He even lost his job and we really needed that money. At one point we only had $37, the maid took the counter as payment and won't come back.
Andre: Finally the triplets had their birthdays. I missed pictures for Danton and Jazz.
Andre: Finally no more toddlers in the house. I should be able to make up some cash now.
Andre: Then I got this sharp pain in my belly, thought I might die.
Did you go to the ER?
Andre: No insurance, it wasn't as serious as I thought. It only lasted a minute and then...
Andre: I had a baby boy!
Wait you had a baby? You're a guy?
Andre: Strange things happened back home. I was abducted by aliens one night. I had blocked the memory until now. I had heard stories about men having babies, but I didn't beleive it. I thought it was just an old Cosby Show episode.

Wait what are you doing now?
Andre: Having the baby made me REALLY happy, so I stood in this bucket of water and pulled it in.
He's fine, that's the energizer, he was in platinum.
More sims 2 talk.
The sooner you accept it the better.
Hi Destin.
Destin:Hi Rachel *in a sad tone*
What's wrong?
Destin: I spent so much time helping raise my siblings, I'm failing out of school and I can't get any schaolrships. I want to be Captain Hero one day and a college degree sure would help.
Oh my goodness Destin! Are you going to hang around house for awhile longer and see if you can get those grades up?
Destin: Yeah. I finally got all my homework done over the weekend so things should be much better next week. I can play with my brothers and sister some more too. Venice gets treated like a little princess being the only girl.
Keep working hard, I know you can do it.
Destin: we finally got a stereo for a little fun around here.
Hi Jazz!

Hi Jazz!
Jazz: Oh sorry, studying cooking here, we need someone in this house that can cook. We got a new stove too. We don't have a fire alarm yet though.
I'll leave you to it.
Andre: My little Jupiter grew up!
Andre: Next thing I knew it was Dakota's birthday!
Dakota, why do you wear your sunglasses at night?
Dakota: So I can, so I can see.
*Rolls yeys* Teens.
Dakota Holiday
Aspiratio: Fortune
LTW: 5 top businesses (one of my least favorites)

Andre: Things re looking up. I finally got my first promotion to Cadet.
Congrats Andre! Well, I'll let you get some sleep, gotta work on that next one.
Andre: Don't I know it, plus I really want to find someone to share the rest of my life with. I didn't have a chance this week.
Points: 1 for 1 new sim, Jupiter


Alexis said...

Good job! I bet that house was tricky. No money, three toddlers, and a pregnant dad. Whew! Things seem to be looking up for these guys though...I hope Andre finds the woman of his dreams!

Rachel said...

I'm very hopefull for the next time I get to these guys. This round reminded me of toddler mania, but without any money! This has been the most stressful house so far, but the Vegas are 2 households down on the list.

PRMami said...

Rachel I'm so glad you chose my Holiday family to play and I hope you enjoyed my little alien surprise.

Andre is a nice guy here's hoping he finds a lady love soon.

I hope next time you play them it's not as stressful :)

Rachel said...

Actually you can thank the dice for picking The Holidays for me. I'm sure they wouldn't have been anywhere near as bad if I had picked a smaller house for them, but I'm a fool and I thought, "It won't be THAT hard".

I was really hoping to find someone for Andre this round if for no other reason than to get some more money, but no one decent or marriable came by.

I'm excited to get back to them and put their lives into some kind of order.

Heather/Simaholic said...

Ah a surprise alien! A tough house though. I hope things get worked out for Andre soon!

Bubbs said...

loved the update. I'm playing this family also. Nice to see others playing them.

Play the BUSTOS!!!!

ASimWen said...

OH what a cute lil' alien baby! :) HA! ASimWen is head of the welcome wagon? Yay for Wen! She is very social, unlike the real Wen. lol

Turtlemell said...

Wow, it does look stressful. If you liked the challenge of that one, try the Caligulia (might of spelled it wrong) they have 4 toddlers, come with a nice and big house and barely enough money to by cribs, a fridge and toilet.

GreeneyeLia said...

Wow, three toddlers! I had a hard time handling two toddlers :-)
Great update!

SpongebobTanu said...

LOL. Wen's EVERYWHERE!!! lol. awesome alien baby! WOOT! great story as always.

Kerry said...

I'm really enjoying your blog. I love seeing everyone show up!


Anonymous said...

Love this family, but I am always drawn to the ones who have it rough. Can't wait to see what happens next week for them.

Charity said...

I like the challenging families too. I see you had to sell the shower before they all grew up :)
Awww... love the alien baby. So cute!

Brent Irwin said...

Hehe! I just re-read this to see what your starter Sims looked like, just so I could be refreshed and all, and I saw "I thought it was an old Cosby Show episode" about the whole men having babies thing. I woke up one night in the middle of the night and it was on. It was acutally one night when I had the flu. I thought I was hallucinating. It was so funny.

aerisblue2000 said...

And I thought I had it rough with my families!
How on earth did you cope?
Andre deserves to find someone after what he's been through.

SirenPrincess said...

I'm reading all of your blog from the beginning. I've read lots of episodes here and there, but I've never read them in order. I'm finding it very entertaining. This house was CRAZY! No wonder your neighborhood got so big.

Larkil said...

Started reading your saga today. I'm really impressed you've kept this going for so long.

And thanks for the "Sunglasses at Night" reference, now I've got that song in my head!

ciyrose said...

UGH....this house was rough. I haven't played the Holiday's yet, although I have downloaded them with the rest of the Fellowship 2, or is it 3?, families. Good job with all the toddlers. Cute alien baby too!