Monday, September 17, 2007

Holiday 1 Round 5

Last time Venice was strapped with 4 newborn puppies and one newborn baby, Monica. She tried to pawn Monica off onto her father, Leeland Cooprider, but he wouldn't take her. She was so distort she fell into bed with Quavi which left her pregnant with another daughter, Phoebe. Leeland tried to be involved in Monica's life without too much responsibility by coming over from time to time. Venice bedded several more men which devastated poor Monica. Combined with the lack of love (or cold shoulder) she was getting from her mother, Monica cried all the time, except when she was in her garden.

Rachel: Hi there Venice. How are things?
Venice: I feel a little conflicted.
Rachel: I'd say.

Rachel: Back out in Monica's garden I see.
Venice: Yeah, she just doesn't have time to take care of everything.
Rachel: Could one think that you actually care?
Venice: Of course I care. This is tree was REALLY expensive. Do you know how many hot outfits I could have gotten with the money?
Rachel: Hummm.

Rachel: Hi Phoebe! Oh and happy birthday Fred! Where's your mom now sweetie?

Rachel: I should have known.

Phoebe: Da-da!
Quavi: Ah yes, hello.

Phoebe: NO!!!!!
Rachel: You can't be an instant father Quavi.

Rachel: Puppies!!!

Rachel: Welcome Josie and Angel.
-Awhile later-

Venice: Oh, whatever your name is, you are such a great date!

Monica: Mom!!!!!!
Rachel: No, Monica, don't go in there.

Monica: Look Mom, I got. . .

Monica: *sobbing* You meanie, you don't love me!!!
Venice: Oh whatever your name is, you have a hot ass!
Rachel: Venice don't you care about your daughter's feelings?
Venice: Compared to this hot ass? Come on.

Monica: Mommy doesn't love us Phoebe. She loves Dick more.
Rachel: Whose Dick?
Monica: I think it must be that guy she's upstairs with. She says we're always in the way.
Phoebe: *starts to cry*

Venice: Oh sweetie what's wrong?
Phoebe: Ick!
Venice: What's ick? Is Monica icky? Is she being mean to you?

Venice: Say Momma. Momma.
Phoebe: Momma.
Venice: Whose mommy's smartest girl?
Rachel: Excuse me?
Venice: What? She's obviously smarter.

Rachel: Eeek, dog fight!!!!

Rachel: Fred, don't try to fight your dad.

Rachel: Looks like it's time to make more room in the house and Fred was the first to go.

Rachel: Phoebe is that you?
Phoebe: Sure is.
Rachel: Well happy birthday sweetie.

Rachel: OH my gosh Kricket! What are you doing here?
Kricket: I came by to see the puppy. What's that sound upstairs?
Rachel: Ahhh. . . .

Kricket: *sobbing* Not again! You cheating bastard!

Kricket: You told me you were different! You told me you'd never cheat!

Quavi: I didn't do anything wrong! I can't help it if you are so busy with your kids you don't have time to keep me happy!!!!

Quavi: Now get out! I don't ever want to see you again!

Rachel: Hi there. . . whatever your name is. . . what's up?

Rachel: You do realize she has a live in boyfriend now right?
Guy: So?
-the Next Morning-

Quavi: Right, 2 x 6 = 12.
Monica: You know I don't like you right?
Quavi: Ah, yeah. But I'll help you with your homework anyway.
Monica: That's mighty nice. Why are you being nice to me?
Quavi: You're my girlfriend's daughter. Why wouldn't I be nice to you?
Monica: 'Cause she isn't. . . .

Monica: You know Mom doesn't love us, right?
Phoebe: She loves me and I love you.
Monica: That's better than nothing.

Me: Poor Monica.

Venice: Mommy's smartest girl is going to do so well in school.
-The Next Day-

Venice: Oh Quavi! Yes, I'll marry you!!!
-Phones her father, Andre to come over-

Venice: Dad, I'm getting married.
Andre: What your daughter?
Venice: Phoebe's fine.
Andre: Your eldest daughter?
Venice: Oh, Monica *shrugs* she's OK, I guess.
Andre: And she's fine you're marrying a man that isn't her father?
Venice: What does it matter? She's a child.

Andre: I can't stand by and let you treat such a wonderful girl this way! She's your daughter and she deserves your love.
Venice: She ruined my life! She doesn't deserve MY love, she needs to earn it!
Andre: I left you this house when I married Coqui. I expected you to uphold the great Holiday name and all you've done is disgrace it! I never actually changed the deed to you and now I don't want to.
Venice: What are you saying?
Andre: This is going to be Monica's house. As soon as she graduates from college I want you and your man whore out. Phoebe can stay if she wants, in fact I'm going to encourage that she stays so she won't be influenced by you! You've ruined the same woman's family not once but twice. I am horrified to call you my daughter!
Venice: You talk and talk about love, but you don't know anything about it! Leave, now!

Phoebe: So, my mom loves me best. Does your mom love you best?
C.Crows: Ah we don't measure love in my family.
Phoebe: Weird.

Monica: Where's my mom? It's my birthday. I thought she'd be here.
Quavi: I don't know.

Monica: I wish for someone to love me.

Rachel: Wow, Monica! You're so beautiful!
Monica: Thanks.
Rachel: So, what are you looking for in life?

Monica: I want a family. One that loves me.
Rachel: We'll do our best to arrange that.

Monica: And I want a bunch of kids, at least 6!
Rachel: Sounds wonderful. Grandpa Andre will certainly approve.

Rachel: There you are Venice. You missed your daughter's birthday.
Venice: Oh no I missed Phoebe's birthday?!?!
Rachel: No, the other daughter. And congrats on the promotion I guess.

Rachel: Looks like Phoebe is still enjoying herself.

Monica: So get me someone awesome. Someone to love!!!

Monica: Handsome and giving and who wants lots of babies.
Gypsy: Hold on kiddo. I'll do the best with the money given.

Monica: The paperboy? Really? I could have found him. He comes by the house every day. Oh well, we'll give it a try.
Rachel: You're missing the ceremony.

Venice: Oh, how I love you Quavi!
Quavi: Oh how I love you Venice!

Leeland: Whore!
Monica: Get her dad!
Leeland: How dare you marry another man!

Venice: He's not so crazy emotional. He wouldn't flip out if I had married you.
Quavi: Probably not.

Monica: So this date is going really well.
Derek: But we haven't even talked yet.
Monica: But my dad totally slapped my stupid mom. It was awesome! Oh and I think you're cute.

Venice: Cake!
Rachel: Aren't you upset about Leeland ruining your wedding?
Venice: *shrugs* he didn't.

Quavi: Honeymoon!!!

Monica: So I'm having a good time.
Derek: Me too.

Andre: Phoebe sweetie, you know everyone in this family loves you, right?
Phoebe: Everyone loves me. I'm so pretty.
Andre: That's not why we love you dear.

Phoebe: Grandpa Andre was here while you were on your honeymoon.
Venice: Yeah, did he say anything?
Phoebe: something about how beauty has nothing to do with love.
Venice: Such garbage.

Rachel: I guess we're at the end of the week. Congrats on the scholarships. Is Derek going with you?
Monica: Thank you and no, he still has a few more years of delivering papers. I can't wait to get out of here forever!
Rachel: Forever? Hummm. . . .