Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ribeiro 1 Round 5

Doggies in the Window
Previously on Lost Sun, Kate, and Libby all grew up to teens and started looking for love, with little success. Juliette grew up from an infant all the way to a beautiful child. Their dog Renee got herself a friend in the new dog Max and they are currently expecting puppies. Aimee also a had a birthday and grew to a lovely elder.

Rachel: *looks around* Where is everyone? Looks like it's just me and the doggies.

Rachel: Puppies!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Ah, just one this time. Welcome Ralph.

Rachel: Welcome home Xuan! You have a new puppy, I named him Ralph, hope that's OK. Oh, and congrats on the promotion.
Xuan: Thanks, ah yes, the name is fine.

Juliette: Mommy, mommy look! I got an A+!
Aimee: Wonderful job dear!

Rachel: Wow you sure are climbing up that ladder quickly.
Xuan: Yes.
Rachel: OK.
Xuan: We're moving.
Rachel: Why?
Xuan: Problems with the house.

Rachel: Ah this is a very lovely house you have picked out.
Aimee: Thank you. We sure like it.

Rachel: Oh, bad move. Sorry Xuan.

Rachel: More puppies!!!!

Rachel: Yay 3 this time; Ruddy, Rachelle, and Rebecca.

Rachel: And happy birthday Ralph!

Rachel: Oh wow, another birthday. Happy birthday, Juliette!!!

Rachel: Another beautiful girl.
Juliette: Why thank you.
Rachel: So what have you chosen in life?

Juliette: I would like a life of Pleasure please.

Juliette: And my dream job is to be a Professional Party Guest.
Rachel: That's not so bad.
Me: At least it's not 50 1st dates. I can't handle another one of those.

Rachel: Who is this Juliette?
Juliette: This is Ross Chandler. Now shhh, we're on a date here.
Rachel: Oh sorry.

Rachel: Hey congrats Xuan!!!! Looks like all that hard work paid off.
Xuan: Yeah, thanks.
Me: Boy that's enthusiast.

Rachel:Wow looks like things are going well on you're date. Is he coming to college with you?
Juliette: It's going all right. Don't know about him and college yet, we'll see.

Rachel: So I see you want 6 pets to reach the top of their careers. That should work out pretty well since you have 6 pets already.
Xuan: Yes, it should.

Rachel: yay, it's the puppies birthday today. They all look the same, so no need to see them all again.

Rachel: Yes!!! Great job Xuan!!! $80,000 is wonderful!
Xuan: Yes.

Rachel: Looks like Xuan is trying to teach the dogs some tricks for promotions. No need to ask him about it and get a lackluster response.

Rachel: The date must have gone really well I guess.

Rachel: Doing some relaxing Aimee?
Aimee: Yes, they just started selling these wonderful hammocks here. Xuan will be joining me soon.

Rachel: Um, I'll leave you two alone.

Rachel: Um Juliette, normally when you fall in love, giving a noogie is not normally the first thing you do.

Rachel: Hey congrats Aimee!!!
Aimee: Why thank you Rachel. I am quite proud.

Xuan: What is happening?
Rachel: It's your birthday.

Rachel: You're still very handsome.
Xuan: Yes.

Rachel: Oh No! Poor Renee!!!

Rachel: At least Rachelle and Ralph are doing well, even if they do stink.

Rachel: And Ruddy too! Nice job!

Rachel: It looks like we're coming to the end of our week. Nice going on all the scholarships Juliette: Thanks! I'm excited for college. Lots of boys there!
Rachel: So does that mean that Ross won't be joining you?
Juliette: Yeah, I like him, but I'm not serious about him.
Rachel: All right, see you soon.

Me: So that brings us to the end of another week. Man this family has a bunch of dogs. Hope they can fit their daughters back in the house once they graduate.
Points: 11
9 from money
2 for Tops of Career for Xuan and Aimee


Kerry said...

Whoa, yes, lots of dogs! Oh, new turn-ons....that's the first time I've been sorry not to have BonVoyage. :( Wish they'd get that patch out!

WHat's with Xuan? He's sure not chatty! Is there a problem, or is he just the strong silent type at this point in his life?

Infinity-Nevermore said...

I like this incarnation of Xuan. He doesn't talk. I can't wait to see the girls back home. I still don't see how you do so many dogs; I'm just breeding dogs for a LTW. Speaking of which, congrats on Xuan's. How do you get so many Pleasure Sims? It's getting kinda creepy.

ASimWen said...

WooHoo! HiYa Xuan! Long time no see....

Xuan: Whoozat?

ASimWen: It is I....

Xuan: Oh no! You can't be in my head too! Especially not in Prosperity Point!

ASimWen: Oh yes I can....

Xuan: *mumble mumble* I can't get away from alla you crazies....


The Heat Miserette said...

The dogs are all so cute!

Does Xuan have 0 outgoing points or something? ;)

BTW, I've just started listening to your podcasts and I'm really enjoying them. :D

Sally said...

Juliette is a cutie - Zuan's eyes look good on her! Gotta love hammock woohoo. It made me laugh out loud first time I saw it in game.

ciyrose said...

Awww...elderhood for Xuan. Aimee's face right before he aged up was so funny. The dogs are doing well at least.