Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cooprider 3 - Round 5

The War at Home
Last time Leeland tried and succeeded to win back his ex-wife Kricket Cooprider. Since then she has found someone else and had his baby. So it's just as well that Leeland kept chasing after several other women. One of which was the home wrecker, Venice Holiday. She is now married. Leeland continued breeding his dogs Dotty and Spike. Their last set of puppies were Sunny and Stormy, both girls. Leeland's daughter, Butterfly, left her mother's house and headed off to college.

Rachel: Look Butterfly is here.

Rachel: Hey Butterfly, what are you doing here?
Butterfly: Grasshopper is the heiress at Mom's house so I thought I'd come live with Dad. I never really got to spend any time with him since he moved out before I was even born.
Rachel: Good plan. Well I think your dad is inside.
Butterfly: OK.

Rachel: Oh crap Leeland!
Leeland: What?
Rachel: Butterfly is on her way in. You had better say good bye to Venice before she gets in here.

Butterfly: Oh my god! Dad, what is SHE doing here? How could you?
Leeland: Don't be so naive Butterfly. Your mother is off sleeping with other men so why can't I sleep with other women?
Butterfly: But I thought you were going to try and make things work with Mom? And for me to find you with her again?!?! This is unforgivable! I'm going to go for a walk.

Logan: Hey Butterfly.
Butterfly: Hey Logan.
Logan: You look down. what's wrong?
Butterfly: It's my dad, but I don't really want to talk about it. What brings you by?

Logan: Well, I was hoping that maybe you would want to go on a date with me?
Butterfly: *sigh* Listen Logan, I think you're really nice but I just don't think of you like that. I hope we can still be friends.
Logan: Yeah, that's all right. I don't know what I was thinking asking out someone as beautiful as you. I mean look at me. I'm wearing overalls for crying out loud.
Butterfly: You're too hard on yourself. Listen, I'll give you a call later.
Rachel: Wow that was really nice Butterfly. Don't you have Dante blood?
Butterfly: Yeah, what's your point?
Rachel: Nothing, sorry.

Rachel: Oh I see Mango was on his way over.
Mango: Hey Butterfly. Is everything OK? You sounded really upset on the phone.
Butterfly: Umm. . . sorry I'm just distracted. I never noticed how hot you are before.
Mango: Well thanks, but what about you?
Butterfly: Oh I know I'm hot. Oh that wasn't what you were asking. Nothing, it's all fine.

Butterfly: So what do you say, maybe we could have a date or something?
Mango: Gee, ah, OK.
-A few hours later-

Butterfly: I love you Mango.
Mango: I love you too Butterfly.

Rachel: Seriously Venice?
Venice: What?
Rachel: You're a married woman. You really shouldn't be bringing Leeland gifts.
Venice: Whatever.

Rachel: Wait a minute. What's going on? Why are we at a different house?
Butterfly: I want Mango to move in but the old house wasn't big enough. The contractors came over and said the roof was unstable so if we needed a bigger house. We had to move.

Rachel: It looks very nice.
Me: Thank you.
Rachel: Uh why?
Me: I built it. It's by far the nicest house I've ever built.
Rachel: OK.

Mango: Thanks for inviting me to move in. It sure was going to be lonely living alone especially after all the noise of the greek house.
Butterfly: Of course, I want you to be with me all the time.

Mango: Butterfly, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

Butterfly: Oh yes!!!!

Butterfly: It's beautiful. thank you.
-Awhile Later-

Rachel: Nice duds Mango
Mango: Thanks Butterfly picked them up while she was out. She said something about it being from Fox Fire.
Rachel: What?
Me: Firefox, the internet browser. I made the shirt. It's based off a real shirt I own.
Rachel: 'Fraid I don't follow you.
Me: Never mind.

Rachel: Kiwi, Mango, what's wrong?
Mango: Look!

Rachel: Oh Leeland. Up to his usual tricks I see. I can't believe he would cheat on your future mother-in-law right in front of you!
Mango: That isn't it.
Rachel: What then?
Kiwi: He's cheating on our Aunt Venice.
Rachel: *sigh* I don't what to do with you all.

Rachel: Yes Centepede I can't believe he's cheating on your father's new wife Venice either.
Centepede: That isn't it. He's cheating on my mom, Kricket.
Rachel: You have the most messed up family I've ever seen!

Rachel: What a lovely new shirt Butterfly. It's sorta hard to see behind your hair.
Butterfly: Oh it's that Sims 2 Challenges podcast thingy that's all popular on the internet.
Rachel: I've heard of it, but I'm not sure how.
Me: I told you, it's my show.
Rachel: *gives me a confused look*
Me: Never mind.

Rachel: Wow, I never knew Butterfly could look so happy.

Rachel: I wonder. . . never mind.

Rachel: Hey it's wedding time. I just love weddings! I can. . .
Me: Shh, time to watch.

Rachel: Wow, it's so beautiful!

Rachel: What a fun party!

Rachel: Happy birthday Stormy! You sure do look interesting.

Rachel: Awe, the grooms twin, Strawberry and her fiance, Will. These two are cute together.

Rachel: Um Kricket, that's a little scary.
-The party ends as a roof raiser and everyone heads home.-

Rachel: Congratulations Leeland! What are you going to do now?
Leeland: I think some woohoo.
Rachel: I meant as a job.
Leeland: Oh, not sure.

Rachel: Happy birthday Sunny! It's amazing how different you look from your sister.

Rachel: Getting another dog?
Butterfly: Yep. Whichever one takes more to him will have his puppies.

Rachel: Bad Georgie! I tell ya, here not even 2 seconds!

Rachel: At least Georgie friendly.

Rachel: Congratulations! What happened to your hair?
Butterfly: Thanks and I have no clue!

Rachel: Looks like Leeland is working on another conquest.

Rachel: Sure enough.

Rachel: wait, where's Georgie going?
Butterfly: Turns out he's cousins with Sunny and Stormy. Would have been nice if someone would have told us before we adopted him.

Rachel: All right! Getting another dog right away!

Mango: How dare you treat my aunt and mother-in-law with such disrespect!
Rachel: Oh boy. . .

Leeland: Keep your nose out of my personal life kid! It's none of your business who I do or do not woohoo!
Mango: Stupid mother-woohooer!

Leeland: That's it kid! You're going down!

Rachel: Get him Mango!!!

Rachel: Dang it Mango!
Leeland: That'll teach you to stick your nose in my business! You're just jealous you'll never have even half as many women as I have!
Mango: Some men actually respect women and don't just care about scoring.

Rachel: Again!?!?

Rachel: Oh it was a wolf. Bad wolf! Go away!

Rachel: What? Normally that's the right answer. Don't worry about it pup!

Rachel: Way to go Mango!

Butterfly: How dare you treat my husband like that! Mom was right about you! You really are no good! I don't want you to talk to us or even look at us. And don't think I'm going to let you anywhere near our baby when it's born!

Rachel: Great job!!!

Butterfly: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Everybody, it's baby time!

Rachel: It looks like you guys forgot to finish the walls in the bathroom.

Butterfly: It's a boy! We'll call him Brett.
Rachel: Oh this is a new house. I wonder what the naming scheme will be? Do you know?
Me: Of course but I'm not going to tell. The only hint is the boys and the girls are each their own theme because there is no way for the one theme to work for the other.
Rachel: That makes no sense.
Me: *Shrugs* Sorry.
Rachel: Can I get a look at him?

Butterfly: Sorry.
Rachel: Another redhead!

Rachel: A happy family gathering in the bathroom.

Butterfly: Hi there baby boy, whose a stinky baby? Should momma change stinky baby?
Rachel: You'd never know she's a Dante.

Butterfly: So $1250 for Bonnie.
Grasshopper: I'll take her.
Rachel: Wait, I thought you adopted Bobby?
Butterfly: That's what we were going for but someone messed it up
Me: *looks around whistling innocently*
Butterfly: So we need a boy whose not related to the dogs, so I'm going shopping.

Butterfly: Meet Chuck

Rachel: Hi Chuck. He's cool looking!

Butterfly: How about you go impregnate one of the other doggies?
Rachel: Already? You guys just got home? Sweet.

Rachel: Looks like Sunny is the lucky momma to be.

Logan: Really ladies like dogs? Sure I'll take Stormy!

Butterfly: She really is a very good dog.
Logan: You going to help me meet a wife girl? Yes, that's a good girl.

Zircon: Sure I'll take Spike. We could use a dog at the new house.
Rachel: What? You're selling Spike?
Butterfly: Well Dotty can't have any more puppies. This way Spike still can.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: Looks like he likes Zircon.

Rachel: Hey!

Butterfly: I noticed I can make money selling dogs, so I thought I'd try another.

Rachel: Hey! What are you doing with Brett? Butterfly told you to stay away from him.
Leeland: Shhh! I actually like being a grandfather.
Rachel: Well don't let Butterfly see you.

Logan: Sure I'll take Taffy too. Say why is your trash can tipped over?
Butterfly: Certainly not Taffy's fault.

Rachel: Congrats Mango!

Rachel: Happy birthday Brett! What a cutie!

Mango: Come here to daddy.
Rachel: Mango is such a good father.
Me: He is a family sim.

Me: This is when I remembered Butterfly has zero nice.

Me: Mango is officially as nice as a sim can be.

Me: Brett falls in between. Unfortunately a little on the Dante side but 3 is better than none.

Butterfly: I heard you were talking to my son! Don't even think about it old man!

Natalie Anderson: How dare you spy on me with that telescope!

Leeland: Listen lady! If you'd stop living on the lawn I won't have anything TO look at. Those who live on the lawn shouldn't complain when people look at them!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Leeland!

Rachel: What are you doing?
Leeland: Practicing lying.
Butterfly: I would have thought you had plenty of practice at lying old man!

Rachel: Leeland, what happened!?!?
Leeland: It caught me lying. Now I'm electrified.
Rachel: Yikes.

Rachel: On that note, it's time for me to go.

Points: 10
1 for Brett
2 for Leeland and Mango's Top of Career
7 for Money

Credit for the Mother WooHooer goes to my cohost of Girls Night In, Jaime.
If you'd like either of the new shirts in this post, email me.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Mother WooHoo-er! Genius! ROFL
Brett... I think I know the boys' naming scheme for this house. Since you're such a Green Bay fan.
Poor Logan; looks like he'll never find a wife. At least he'll buy dogs. Mango's a cutie, but he couldn't win against Leeland. He has pure Dante blood backing him up. Surprisingly the old man doesn't look bad.

SirenPrincess said...

This was an awesome update, Rachel. There was so much drama.

I'm interested in learning more about selling animals. I have sims that will be raising 20 puppies or kittens, and it would be useful to sell them instead of giving them away.

I'm going to guess famous athletes for the baby names.

Oh, and finally, the wedding was so pretty with the reddish tree in the background and the pink flowers on the arch.

Bubbs said...

You would think she was sued to seeing her parents with others by now. Poor Logan, being shot down like that. A-ha, she is after Mango…

You did a great job on the house Rachel! I like it.  *pats Rachel on the back*

What a great wedding picture! *snicker* Butterfly has that maternity hair issue that has popped up recently in my game also.

ASimWen said...

Heh, you know I love the Coopriders....Cooprider + Dante makes a good combo for story telling. Leeland doesn't look bad as an elder. Getting some great looking doggies! :)

HeavensKyss said...

Tooo darn funny!! OMG I want all your doggies!! They're soo pretty!! And the house looks awesome!! Great job as usual =-)

Kerry said...

Trust Leeland to provide the drama! I loved all the "No, he's cheating on my brother's cousin's sister..." stuff. Butterfly doesn't act like she has 0 nice points, does she--except with her dad.

There was a lot of going and coming amongst the dogs, too--a very busy update!

The house looks awesome!

Melissa said...

Loved it! Funny to see Leeland as an Elder. Although he looks pretty darn good. I just re-opened my Felloship 'hood this afternoon as started playing it again. I hadn't even finished a round yet so Leeland is still a teen. LOL

ciyrose said...

The wedding picture was beautiful. These guys really do have messed up families. Good thing Butterfly and Mango have each other. Yay for 2 more singles getting together with each other. :) The dogs are all so cool looking.