Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cooprider 2 - Round 8

Big Brother
Last time Orca and Moss continued to raise their son, Sea Lion, with the help of Orca's parents Santos and Michaell. The family's oldest dogs, Ann and Sam, passed away from old age. Sea Lion grew into a handsome boy and took to making friends. He also made his parents proud with great grades. Everyone, sim and pet alike, worked on their careers. At the end of the week they wanted to adopt another pet but, somehow, didn't have room. Hummm...

Rachel: Welcome home Keenan. Great job on the promotion. Now you should get some sleep. I can tell you're tired.

Rachel: Great job Moss. And might I say that your uniform really matches youre skin very well.
Moss: Uhhhh...thanks?

Rachel: Sorry Sea Lion.

Sea Lion: Mom, the teacher didn't like my elephant painting.
Orca: Well, just keep trying.
Sea Lion: You know what would make me feel better?
Orca: What?
Sea Lion: A baby brother or sister.
Rachel: Nice.

Rachel: Speaking of which.
Me: Yep there's a little one on the way. They'll be done whether they have a girl or not.
Rachel: Whichever it is, I'm sure he/she will be adorable.

Rachel: Sweet, a lamp!

Rachel: I missed the pop but, Happy Birthday Galena! A pretty doggie indeed.

Me: A look at the family tree.

Rachel: Wait, whose going?
Michaell: Galena and Mark. We just need the extra room. We want to breed Gloria and Keenan
Rachel: OK.

Rachel: Speaking of which.

Rachel: Making friends with Kendall Ribeiro I see.
Sea Lion: Not really. She's mean.

Rachel: Sea Lion! Just because she poked you, doesn't mean it's OK to poke her back.

Dolphin: Oh sis I'm so excited to be an aunt again. Ginger and Nutmeg are off to college already and it will be nice to have a baby around again.
Orca: Wonderful! Should I put you down for babysitting while Moss, Mom, Dad and I are at work?

Dolphin: Wooh, hold up. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Rachel: Baby time!
Me: Girl, girl, girl, girl...

Rachel: And?
Me: And? And?

Orca: It's a boy! Welcome Shark!
Rachel: Another handsome little man. I bet these boys will be real heartbreakers.

Sea Lion: Woohh!!! Little brother!!! I'm a big brother to my little brother!!!

Rachel: Bad ghost Ann! Orca just gave birth. You shouldn't scare someone at a time like this. It's dangerous.
Orca: I'm OK.
Rachel: Good. I had best be moving on. Let the family get to know Shark. Oh hey Santos. You're quiet as usual.

Points: 3
2 for Money
1 for Shark

Monday, June 06, 2011

Rosada 3 - Round 8

Just Can't Get Enough of Her
Last time Amethyst and Bronx welcomed Bronx's alien born daughter, Ruby with her boyfriend Nathan. Nathan proposed and the two were wed. Ruby is currently expecting their first child. The household decided to try a different way of supporting themselves and only made money from crafting.

Rachel: *Looks around* Looks like everyone is busy crafting. I'll wait for some one to be available.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Zoey! Hard to believe you're already an elder.

Rachel: Hey there Ruby. So good to see you.
Ruby: Ahhhhh!!!
Me: Yeah, she's in labor.
Rachel: Oh, sorry.

Me: Thank goodness, only one.

Ruby: She's so cute!

Rachel: She? So it's a girl? What's her name?
Ruby: Meet Sapphire.
Rachel: She's adorable.

Ruby: I just can't get enough of her.

Ruby: She's so much fun and cuddly.

Rachel: Trying to train Scout?
Bronx: Yep. We're only using crafting to support ourselves but nothing says the dogs can't have jobs.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Or just puppy. Welcome Mel.

Rachel: And Joanie is a good mommy.

Rachel: Little Sapphire's birthday already?
Amethyst: Sure is.
Rachel: They grow up so fast.

Rachel: Look at that huge smile.

Rachel: And straight to the potty.

Rachel: Oh Sapphire, I love the new hair do. Very lovley.

Amethyst: *sings* Sing along with grandma, grandma, grandma.

Rachel: Too bad Joanie.

Rachel: Man! Very bad luck for the doggies.

Rachel: Now it's my turn to play with miss Sapphire.

Rachel: Well the time sure has flown by. I'll see you guys later.
Points: 3
2 for money
1 for Sapphire