Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ribeiro 2 - Round 6

I Never Thought I Could Do It
Last time Abigail and Jan enjoyed having the house to themselves which their daughters were off at college. Now California and her boyfriend, Oak Dante, have returned home.

Rachel: Hi guys. Oh sorry. Looks like I'm interrupting.

Rachel: Looks like it's time for a new puppy.

Rachel: She just arrived and she already had a birthday. Wow girl!

Rachel: looks like a major gardening party.
California: Yep, the gardening club will be here soon.

Rachel: Good idea Jan, talk to the plant about elephants.

Rachel: Hey it worked! You're in!

Rachel: Now I really think I'm interrupting.

Rachel: What are you wishing for California?

California: Friends! What else?

Rachel: Happy birthday Davie.

Rachel: Happy birthday Donnie.

Rachel: A baby! Congrats California!
California: Thanks! We're very excited!

Rachel: Bye boys!

Rachel: More friends?
California: Yeppers.

Jan: Good boy Bobby.

Jan: Do you like it?
Townie: Yes, very much.
Rachel: Did you open a salon or something?
Jan: Sort of. Just giving out free makeovers.

Rachel: Wait, did you just get 20 Pet Best Friends?
California: Sure did!
Rachel: Wow, I really didn't think it would ever happen.

Rachel: So what are you looking for now?
California: A great journalist!

Rachel: Baby time!

California: It's a girl! We'll call her Virginia.
Rachel: Congrats! An heiress already.

Rachel: What happened Oak?
Oak: Minor cooking accident.
Rachel: Minor?

Rachel: Everyone OK?
Oak: Yep, stinky, but OK.

Rachel: Wow Abigail, you're a pottery making machine!
Abigail: Thanks! I just love it.

Rachel: Sorry California.

Rachel: Yay puppies!

Rachel: Welcome Daysies ad Peeler.

Rachel: Enjoying some sports I see Oak.
Oak: Yep, we decided to open a little venue. I like sports so I thought I'd take on some customers.

Erin: What the heck? Do you think I'm some kind of clown?
Jan: Oh, no sorry. Let me try again.

Erin: Much better. Thanks.

Rachel: Oh No! Fight!

Rachel: Oh thanks for protecting the house Andrea.

Rachel: Looks like Oak is trying his hand at the til. Let's not bother him.

Rachel: Happy birthdaay Virgina!

Rachel: No doubt who your father is my dear.

California: Come to momma.
Rachel: So sweet.

Rachel: All those hours on the wheel sure have paid off.

Rachel: Wow! That is one big vase!
Abigail: I know! I hope Oak can sell it.

Jewel: Sure I'll take Daysies. I really want to raise a bunch of animals.

Rachel: Looks like it's time for me to go.

Points: 7
1 for Virginia
6 for Money

I also achieved a 20 best friends lifetime want for the first time!

Vega 1 - Round 6

Still in Love
Last time Coqui and Andre continued to raise their large family. A good many of the boys moved out and went to college. The youngest kids, Earth and Venus, remained and grew up to children. Coqui grew up to elder, thus ending their reproducing days.

Rachel: Hi guys. So what's up?

Andre: Well we're adopting is lovely dog, Fini.

Andre: Welcome to your new home girl.

Me: The person whom Fini is named after wanted to see Fini's family tree. Here you go Fini!

Andre: Welcome Kenny.
Rachel: Looks like you might be breeding some dogs.
Andre:We hope so.

Rachel: I see you're getting along well with Zuccinni Rosada.
Venus: Yeah, he's a fun kid.
-The Next Day-

Venus: Look mom! I got an A+
Coqui: Nice going hun.

Earth: Mom! Mom! I got an A+!
Coqui: Nice job dear.

Rachel: Oh now you're playing with Tunstall Ribeiro. How do you two get along?
Venus: He's nice enough I guess.

Rachel: Woo! Way to go Andre!
Andre: Thanks! I finally made it.

Rachel: What happened?
Andre: Oh, I decided to throw an Anniversary party and I'm very excited about it!

Rachel: Nothing like an anniversary party water balloon fight.

Rachel: Still so in love.

Rachel: Sorry hun.

Rachel: Happy birthday Earth!

Rachel: Another handsome young man. So what are you looking for Earth?

Earth: I would like to earn some money.

Earth: And I'd like to make it in oceanography.
Rachel: Sounds fun.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Venus!

Rachel: You're very beautiful, yourself. What are you looking for?

Venus: A lot of love.
Me: *hits head against desk repeatedly*

Venus: And I'd love to be a professional party guest.
Rachel: Well that's not so bad then.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Welcome Andrea, Cliff, and Richard.

Rachel: Looks like all that time building robots paid off.

Rachel: Genie lamp!

Venus: Whoa.
Genie: What can I do for you miss?
Venus: Oh, nothing. I just wanted to see what you looked like.

Rachel: Nice going Andre!
Andre: Thanks! I was just trying to make some toys for my grandkids.

Rachel: Nice going on scholarships!

Rachel: You too Venus!

Rachel: Bye puppies!

Rachel: I guess this means it's time to go.

Points: 6
5 for money
1 for Andre's top of career.