Friday, October 31, 2008

Knight 1 - Round 6

Insert Swear Word Here
Last week Kora and Jazz started this whole parenting thing over again with their twins Eros and Aphrodite. They honestly didn't really mind it though except for the missing lots of sleep. The babies grew to children, as they usually do. Their dogs also continued working and breeding. Finally Jazz achieved his life time want of maxing all his skills.

Rachel: *Looks around* I guess everyone is at work or school. I'll come back.

Rachel: Nice!
Kora: Thanks! Not that we need it but hey, it works.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Roxie!
Me: *sniff*
Rachel: What's wrong?
Me: Roxie was Prosperity Point's first dog. It makes me sad to see her getting old.

Rachel: it's nice to see twins that are so close.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jazz! Still handsome.

Rachel: And a Happy Birthday to you too Kora!

Eros: Weeeee!!!

Rachel: looks like old age isn't keeping Jazz from playing with his son.

Rachel: He even has time to help with homework.

Rachel: Bedtime stories.

Me: Looks like they gain film and literature enthusiasm too. Sweet!

Rachel: Working on another promotion for Sprite?
Kora: Sure am. There isn't much else to do now that my babies are almost grown.
Rachel: This would be very quite compared to what you're used to. I do understand. Believe me.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Opps, again.

Rachel: Aphrodite's turn.

Rachel: Hurray! Good job Rollen!

Kora: Bark, bark, bark!
Rachel: Wow!

Rachel: Way to go on the A+s kids! All that studying paid off.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Blue!
Me: *Sniff*

Rachel: Wow! Nice job Jazz!

Me: Hum, that's a first.

Rachel: Sorry Rollen.

Rachel: At least Blue was able to keep his job.

Rachel: Nice job boy!

Rachel:Nice going you too Sprite!

Rachel: Why are you teaching Rollen tricks? He's unemployed.
Kora: Not anymore. I just got him a new job.

Rachel: Great job again Sprite!

Rachel: Kora, you're the only one at home. Why are you cooking so much?
Kora: I wanted to stock the fridge for the kids. Now they'll have plenty of leftovers to feed themselves.

Rachel: Um Kora?
Kora: Yes?
Rachel: While you were busy making food, one of the dogs sort of, destroyed the sofa.
Kora: Oh my.

Rachel: Sorry honey.

Rachel: Ut-oh.

Rachel: Better so soon?
Kora: Yep. I made some chicken soup. That reminds me. I should put some in the fridge in case the kids ever need it.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Aphrodite!

Rachel: Pretty, but what happened to your hair?
Aphrodite: Not sure.

Aphrodite: What I do know is I want a life of fun!
Rachel: Can't argue with that.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Eros!

Rachel: Yes, Eros, you're very strong.
Rachel: What do you want in life?

Eros: Same as my sister, fun.
Rachel: Sounds good.

Rachel: Love the new do. So, what do you want most in life?

Aphrodite: 50 1st dates.
Me: Didn't I JUST do that? Come on!

Rachel: No time like the present.

Rachel: Enjoying making robots Jazz?
Jazz: Most definitely.

Rachel: Nice job.

Rachel: Nice job Rollen.

Eros: I finally know what I want in life!
Me: (insert many swear words here) Now you will see pictures of many dates with little commenting.

Rachel: That's a Busto.

Me: She's an Anderson.

Me: Another Anderson, I think.

Rachel: Um. . .

Me: That's a Bach.

Me: Xena, Xara Morelli's sister.

Rachel: Nice job Kora.

Me: Mirabella Morelli.

Rachel: That's a Te Waiata.

Me: Another Anderson. If Eros actually had at least 2 bolts with any of these Anderson's I might consider sending one to college with him.

Me: Another Anderson.

Rachel: Sweet Kora!

Me: Way to botch your first kiss!

me: A Vega, one of Rosario's sisters.

Me: A Bach.

Me: Ross Chandler.

Rachel: I guess you two were too busy dating to really work on skills.
Eros: Yep, I got 22 1st dates so far.
Aphrodite: I managed 24.
Rachel: Nice! That's an excellent. See you at college.

Points: 9
9 for money