Thursday, October 23, 2008

University - Round 6 - Part 3

You Have 3 Days

Cucumber Rosada graduated. He is working on 50 1st dates. He now has 3 days to finish so he can get together with Venus Vega and not have to cheat on her. Go!

Old but single.

Venus Vega graduated. She is waiting for Cucumber to finish dating around.




I guess they hit it off.

Don't give me the, "where is she going?" You've got dating to do.

Maid 1

Random chick.

Looks like Ruby likes this date.

No future. Look how flat his nose is.

A Maripossa! Too bad he's spokend for.

Former toddler mania victim, I mean survivor?

More for Ruby.

Dusk Rosada graduated. She is with Germany Vega.



Hey, he's a dad here!

Dusk invited her honey Germany in.


Aren't you done yet?

These dates last for one joke, then Good-bye.

Looks like Malacite wanted in on the fun.

Not enough sparks.

This is getting old.

They look as bored as I am.

I got nothing.

Cucumber: You see, I'm just using you for a 1st date.


Joy a witch! We got lightning. Joy.

Ruby's date.

Nice hair dude.

Oh, hey it's Emerald. Hi!

Malacite Rosada graduated. Single.


Are we done yet?

Nathan was one of Janeane's wishing well dated. Looks like he is getting along with Ruby.

Maid 2. During the day. When the butler was there.
Butler: Excuse me. Your services are not needed.
Cucumber: Excuse me! My date!
Maid: Bye!
Cucumber welcomes Nathan
Align CenterAre we there yet?

Ruby Rosada graduated. She will be with Nathan.

Hi, please leave now.

I've got nothing.

Kricket & Michaell's mom.

Cucumber: I said I wanted a female date.

Cucumber: Can I have another date?
Um, he hasn't ended the last one.

Ruby to the rescue.
Ruby: Scientist lady, buh-bye.

Nick of time.



This is Jewel.

Nice to meet you.

Germany Vega graduated. He is with Dusk Rosada.

Nice Braids.


Another old guy.

Ruby: I don't want the scientist lady.
Gypsy: that's a guy.


Another Maripossa.

I think she thinks she has a shot.

Nice Outfit.

This is rather repetitive.

*Happy dance* One is done!

Ask her to leave already.

It was a dream date. Nice!

That's a lot of old guys.

Leeland Cooprider!

A bunch of young guys,

Hurley Lost from my Lost challenge.

Nathan Welcomes Brad, who will be the greek house placeholder.


I knew these kids would get together.

Hurray Nathan graduated! He's with Ruby Rosada.

Looks like all that dating took it's tole on their funds.

Everyone get into a house except for the following. They are in apartments.

Lilith and Centepede.


Anonymous said...

it doesn't sound a lot of fun doing 50 1st dates but you managed. I would have changed their aspirations just to get out of it.

Robert said...

I don't think I would want to put as many teens through university as you do. 50 1st dates does sound like it could get monotonous.
I do enjoy reading your updates.

Minty said...

That was, hands down, the single most confusing Prosperity Blog entry ever! Well done on getting through Uni - I find it really boring, too.

Melissa said...

Go, Rachel! Great job getting so many kids through Uni and for getting 2 of them 50 1st dates. Fabulous job!

Asara said...

Wow....Thats to much Work! Great job full filling everyone everyones wants. And by the way ....what is a
" Maripossa "?

ASimWen said...

Woo hoo! What fun that was to read. Hehehe! I love to see the different ways Uni is played.

Kerry said...

OMG! (channelling my fifteen-year-old.)

ciyrose said...

Ok, I know it was boring to you, but the date comments were HILARIOUS to me. I was sitting at work reading this and luckily only one co-worker was here, who also happens to be my roommate, because I was laughing so much through this post.

Great job getting all those kids though....I can't do that many, it's crazy. (Although I'm going to have a lot for the fellowship)