Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rosada 4 Round 6

Understanding Women
Last time Rogue returned from college and started working on her dream of raising 20 puppies or kittens. She also worked on trying to set her twin brother, Logan, up with a "nice girl". She had little luck but don't worry, he found someone on his own. Adrian and Ariana continued raising their youngest two sons, Kent and Parker and a daughter, Dusk. Kent and Dusk have now gone off to college. Rogue married Pie Ziese-Lecy and the two are now waiting to start their family. Rogue is pregnant.

Rachel: Hi, uh. Oh sorry.
Me: Looks like these two are still very much in love.
Rachel: I'd say.

Rachel: Hey Parker. You like having all the puppies around?
Parker: Yeah, but why do they all have to leave?
Rachel: Sorry hun, they just do.

Rachel: Yep, that time again. Bye guys.

Rachel: Welcome Kimmy.

Rachel: Looks like an A+. Nice going Parker?
Parker: Thanks weird lady.

Rachel: Nice going Adrian!
Adrian: Well thank you. I have worked hard for this.

Rachel: Welcoming the latest pup?
Rogue: Sure am.
Rachel: Looks like it won't be too much longer before you welcome your little one.
Rogue: Nope, should be very soon now.

Rachel: Welcome Carri.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Adrian!

Rachel: And Happy Birthday Arianna! What a beautiful couple.

Rachel: Welcome Micheal.

Rachel: Yay! Baby time!!!

Rachel: Pie looks nervous.

Rogue: It's a girl! We'll name her Phoenix!
Rachel: She definitely has the family's large green eyes.

Rachel: Opps, sorry Arianna.

Rachel: Wooh!

Rachel: Kimmy is a beautiful dog.

Rachel: Wow, first day back at work and you already made your top of career. Nice going.
Rogue: Thanks.

Rachel: Bye Kimmy.

Rachel: Sibling bounding. Well, as long as she doesn't let go.

Rachel: Welcome Nancy.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Ally!

Rachel: Bye. bye Ally.

Rachel: That's sure nice.

Rachel: Welcome Bo.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Parker!

Parker: Thank you Rachel.
Rachel: So what are you looking for in life?

Parker: I would like to know everything.

Parker: Yep and I'd like to do that through a career in the adventure field.
Rachel: Sounds good.

Rachel: Happy Birthday to my great grand daughter, Phoenix!

Rachel: Yep, she definitely looks like my grandson Pie.

Rachel: Like most new toddlers, straight to the potty.

Adrian: Come on, one foot in front of the other.

Rachel: Making friends Parker?
Parker: Sure, I guess. I'm more concerned with learning but she's nice enough.

Rachel: Nursery Rhyme time. Let's just listen.

Rachel: Nice going Araina!
Ariana: Thanks. I very much enough my time in the garden. It's peaceful.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Carri.

Rachel: Bye Carri.

Rachel: Welcome Roxie.

Rachel: Talking lessons.

Phoenix: Boat, boat.
Rachel: Yes, that's a boat.

Rachel: Nice going Pie!
Pie: Thanks Grandma. It was a lot of work but so worth it.

Pie: Now I would like to entertain.

Rachel: Getting practice Parker?
Parker: Um, not really. Just trying to help out.
Rachel: But what about a family?
Parker: I think I said I want knowledge. I'll take a family if one comes but it's not like it's my main focus.
Rachel: Well, we'll see.

Rachel: What's this then?
Parker: I'd still like to date, if that's quite all right. I need to know all there is to know about women too.
Rachel: Many greater men than you have tried.

Rachel: She's pretty.
Parker: Not very informative though. Really rather confusing.
Rachel: A teenage girl, confusing? Noooooo.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Nancy!

Rachel: And to you Micheal!

Rachel: I see how you got to be so colorful.

Rachel: Bye guys.

Rachel: Good call. What idiot would use glue?

Rachel: Hello Kellio.

Rachel: Welcome Hermon.

Rachel: Looks like Adrian is enjoying fishing.
Adrian: What else am I supposed to do. I've already maxed all my s

Rachel: I don't think Ariana is enjoying nature quite as much.

Rachel: Happy Birthday again to you Phoenix!

Phoenix: Thanks great grandma Rachel!

Rachel: Um, that's an odd time to give you the plaque.
Pie: I think she has a lot to give out.

Rachel: Congrats Rogue. Looks like you're becoming quite the seamstress.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Roxie!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Bo!

Rachel: Bye guys.

Rachel: Welcome Robin.

Rachel: Hitting it off with Ruby?
Parker: She's all right. All part of my understanding women project.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: Welcome Dev.

Rachel: Nice going Parker.
Parker: Will I be seeing you at college?
Rachel: Of course.
Parker: Wonderful.

Rachel: I guess that's going to do it. See you guys next week.
Points: 9
6 for money
2 Tops of Career
1 for Phoenix
*10 more pets towards Rogue's LTW of 20 now at 11*