Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tellerman 1 Round 6

Pretty Kitties
Last time Georgia Tellerman, her boyfriend Mercury, stepsister Florida and Florida's boyfriend Carrot moved back from college. They adopted a couple cats which they breed and tried out a bunch of hobbies. Both ladies found themselves pregnant. Georgia gave birth to Twix and Florida to M&M. The boys grew to toddlers. Both couples were married. Twix & M&M grew to toddlers by the end of the week.

Rachel: Looks like everyone is busy right now. I'll just hang out for awhile.
Rachel: Nice job Tux!
Rachel: Hey guys. What are you up to?
Carrot: Trying to teach Twix this song.
Rachel: He doesn't seem too interested.
Carrot: Nope.
Rachel: Nice job Georgia!
Georgia: Peek-aaa-
Twix: Boo!!! *giggles*
Rachel: So sweet.
Carrot: OK, little man. Just put one foot in front of the other.
Rachel: Nice job Georgia!
Rachel: Happy Birthday Twix!

Rachel: What a handsome young man you've grown into Twix.
Twix: Thanks.

Rachel: Good job Kristen.

Rachel: Nice job Tux!

Rachel: Sorry man.

Rachel: It's just not your day.

Rachel: Happy Birthday M&M!

Rachel: Don't be so surprised you're a cutie pie.

Rachel: Homework time.

M&M: Welcome home daddy.
Carrot: Thanks son.
Rachel: Awwww.

Rachel: Nice job Florida!

Rachel: Kitten!

Rachel: Welcome Bear! Looks lije you'll take after your dad.

Rachel: Nice job Mercury!

Rachel: You are a beautiful kitty Kylie!

Florida: Roll over Tux. Come on!
Rachel: Maybe he doesn't want to roll over in the pee puddle.

Rachel: Nice job Mercury.

Rachel: Way to go Kristen!

Georgia: Then you just toss it.
Twix: It doesn't sound too hard.
Georgia: Well give it a shot son.

Rachel: Tonight it's M&M's turn. Shh. *Tip toes away*

Me: I just thought this was funny.

Rachel: Um, who ever heard of using glue to hold a banner together? Idiots!

Rachel: Awesome job Kristen!

M&M: Man.
Rachel: It was only your second day. You can't expect an A+ so soon.
M&M: I guess.

Rachel: But look you brought home a friend. That's cool.
M&M: Yeah, but *whispers* it's a girl.
Rachel: *whispers* I know. Now make nice.

Rachel: Congrats on the A+!

Twix; Mom! Mom! Look!

Georgia: Great job!!!

M&M: So there were like these dragons and they breezed fire and stuff.
Gina: OK. Hey how about if we dance?
M&M Ugh!
Rachel: Play nice.

M&M: It's not so bad Iguess.

Rachel: Greta job Mercury!

Rachel: Congrats man!

Rachel: Nice going Carrot.

Rachel: Another promotion? You rock!

Rachel: Must be time to play dead.

Rachel: Yep.

Rachel: Awe. Bear is cute.

Rachel: You might want to move away from the railing. Ouch.

Rachel: Wooh! Way to go!

Me: Not gonna happen.

Rachel: Bye kitties. See you soon.

Points: 10
2 for Georgia & Mercury's Tops of Careers
8 for Money