Sunday, January 18, 2009

Robins 1 Round 6

Zoo House
This was a new house last time. Juliette Ribeiro and her boyfriend, Neptune Vega, along with her half brother, Sawyer and his fiancee, Mary Robins all moved into this house together. Neptune proposed to Juliette and were married in a double ceremony along with Sawyer and Mary. Both Juliette and Mary found themselves pregnant shortly after their weddings. Mary had a boy, Leo and Juliette had natural twin girls, Cali and Amber. All 3 are now toddlers. They also bought a couple dogs and bred them. The things that really kept this house going were Neptune's Lifetime Want of 50 dream dates and Sawyer's LTW of 20 pet best friends.

Rachel: Ah look. I think Sawyer is working on some more pet best friends. They look like they are guarding the bed.

Rachel: Nice job Mary!
Mary: Thanks! It hasn't been easy to get the skill points. This house is a ZOO!

Rachel: Welcome home and way to reach the top of a career so early in the week.
Juliette: Thanks! I'm amazed I was able to find time in between all those dates with Neptune.
Rachel: Me too.

Rachel: Looks like a group sing-a-long. We won't interrupt.

Rachel: Birthdays!!! Happy Birthday Cali!

Rachel: What a beautiful a little girl. Your dad looks happy too.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Amber!

Rachel: Another beautiful girl.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Leo!

Rachel: And a handsome young man.

Cali: Weee!!!!

Rachel: Umm, Sawyer.
Sawyer: Yes.
Rachel: That isn't your dog.
Sawyer: I know but treating him a trick is building our friendship faster.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: Sorry Sawyer.

Amber: Can I have the red Crayon?
Cali: Only if I can have the purple.
Leo: I've got yellow!
Rachel: OK kids, share please.

Rachel: Nice going Sawyer.

Rachel: Homework time. Shhh.

Rachel: Reading the paper?
Amber: Yep, just trying to keep up with the tech news.
Rachel: I see. Tech is fun.

Rachel: More homework.

Rachel: Another promotion? Wow, nice going!

Cali: Mom! Look! I got an A+!
Rachel: SO did your sister.
Cali: Yeah. So?
Rachel: Just saying.

Leo: Yes!
Rachel: A+?
Leo: Yep.

Rachel: Hey kids. Looks like you have stayed busy dating! Nice job! Kids? Oh, we'll leave them alone.

Rachel: Congrats again Mary!
Mary; Why thank you Rachel.

Me: Time to go.
Rachel: What I just got here.
Rachel: No, there was a lot of friends being made with pets. Sawyer is almost done.
Rachel: All right. So who made the nice snowman and who made the evil one?
Me: I want to say Neptune made the evil one but I don't remember.

Points: 8
1 for Top of Career (Juliette)
3 for Neptune's Impossible Want
4 for money


Kerry said...

Whew! Bet you needed a break after playing that house! All those toddlers, pets, dates and promotions--I feel tired just reading it!

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Ok, I'm impressed. I have never even attempted the twenty pet best friends LTW. Eek, it scares me. Kudos to you! LOL

SirenPrincess said...

I loved the photo of the two dogs guarding the bed.

ASimWen said...

Hi Ya Mary! You are a good lookin' Sim. ;)

Minty said...

The dogs guarding the bed was great. As was the nice snowman. I've yet to have one in my game!

ciyrose said...

That house really WAS a zoo. Crazy. Great job on the dates, and the pets....I HATE 20 pet best friends. I'm STILL working on it with Biyu in Breeze Point (although I haven't played in awhile)

The kids are all very cute. Jasmine is very pretty and had very pretty shock seeing where she got her genes from.