Sunday, November 12, 2006

Round 2 Score Card

Round 1 Points 48

Round 2
Ziese-Lecy 1 1pt $23,343

Lancaster 1 1pt $59.229
Holiday 1
0pt $41.441
Ribeiro 1
3pt $23,429
Dante 1
2pt $29.603
Vega 1
1pt $14,760
Ribeiro 2
1pt $18,330
Ribeiro 3
1pt $40,485
Rosada 1
5pt $47,861
Rosada 2
2pt $31,910
Cooprider 1
2pt $84,197
Rosada 3
2pt $27,484

Cooprider 2 1pt $33,589
Dante 2 2pt $26,374
Te Waiata 1 2pt $89,783
Caligula 1 1pt $37,637
Knight 1 2 pt $35842
Ziese-Lecy 2 2pt $26,142
Fosythe 1 2pt $187,647
Rosada 4 2pt $35,898
Vega 2 1pt $29,672
Vega 3 1pt $39,365
Vega 4 2pt $36,501
Dante 3 1pt $40,658
$1,061,180 (11$pt)
University 49pt $39,087 (1$pt)

Total 89pt + 12 pt = 101pt

Round 2 101 points
Total for 1 & 2 = 149

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dante House 2 - Round 2

Dante House 2 - Round 2
How Do You Accidently Do That?We find ourselves at the very last new house for this round. It belongs to Kayla Dante & Benjamin Ribeiro. Kayla moved here as a toddler with her, well dysfunctional, family. Yes, she's from THAT Dante family. Despite the family troubles she grew up just fine and headed off to Sim State University. Benjamin also came her a toddler. His family was alright except for his cheating father. He was what caused the rest of the family to move here, well him and his mother's co-man lover. Anyway he grew up well also and headed to Sim State where these two met. They fell hard and fast for each other. Now they've graduated and are out on their own. Hopefully they can make things work despite their upbringings.

Sim Rachel: Humm, this is Kayla and Benjamin's house, I wonder where they are?

Sim Rachel: There you guys are. What are you doing?
Kayla: We've been doing some shopping at Rose's shops. We thought we'd see what we wanted to keep and what to sell.
Sim Rachel: Looks like you have 6 toilets, 2 fish tanks, 2 bird cages, a pet bed, a pet dish, 2 dog chew bones, 2 gaming machines, a hawk sculpture, a pinball machine and a partridge in a pear tree.
Kayla: A what in a what tree?
Sim Rachel: It's from a Christmas song, nevermind.

Kayla: This is our parrot Feathers.

Kayla: Here you go here's lots of food for ya.

Sim Rachel: OK guys, I've been tricked before. Did you adopt a pet?
Benjamin: Well I did make some calls about adoptions.
Sim Rachel: I guess I had better investigate a little more.

Sim Rachel: *presses nose up to window*

Benjamin: Welcome Abbey.

Benjamin: Welcome Grimalkin.
Sim Rachel: Oh so that's why you said Adoptions, plural.
Benjamin: Yeah, that's the only reason, sure.

Sim Rachel: You sure seem happy about the pups Kayla.
Kayla: Sure am I love animals.

Kayla: Hey It's the Welcome Wagon. Hey guys!
Sim Rachel: Wen's back.
Wen: Yeah I heard a lot of other Simmers are trying to butt in on my roll in this blog, so I just couldn't have it.

Benjamin: Great!
Sim Rachel: What are you up to?
Benjamin: Teaching the dogs some tricks. I'd like to get them jobs so they need some skills. Kayla's off doing some shopping and getting a make over, so I thought I'd take the time now.
-Kayla returns-

Benjamin: Kayla, I've waited far too long to do this. Will you marry me?

Kayla: Oh Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla: Look there's an opening in law enforcement. It looks like I'm qualified too, I think I'll apply.
Sim Rachel: Hey it looks like wedding guests are arriving, but you didn't get a dress!
Kayla: Sure I did. I got it when I was out earlier. I accidently found the ring, so I knew he was going to ask and I figured I was out anyway so why not.

Sim Rachel: Even during their own wedding, they take the time to reinforce their pets' behavior.

Kayla: Yum, very good.

Sim Rachel: Oh no, Feathers is lose!

Sim Rachel: Looks like you get along with your new mather-in-law just fine.
Kayla: Yes mame, she's very nice. She does seem to like some TV show a lot though.

Sim Rachel: And they're off!!!

Kayla: Um hey can you give us some privacy?

Sim Rachel: Oh sorry, sure. Let me check on the pets.

Sim Rachel: Abbey and Grimalkin seem to get along great.

Sim Rachel: Oh NO!!!! What happened to Feathers? I saw Kayla feed him a couple times a day. Is it possible the dogs scared him???

Sim Rachel: Looks like you got that job Kayla.
Kayla: Sure did. Hey what is that van doing here. Oh time to find out I'm running late.

Sim Rachel: Benjamin?

Sim Rachel: Benjamin? What's going on?
Benjamin: Remember before when I mentioned adoptions?
Sim Rachel: Yeah?
Benjamin: Well, I wasn't paying attention and instead of adopting a dog the first time, I adopted a child.
Sim Rachel: You what?
Benjamin: Yeah.
Sim Rachel: How do you accidently do that?
Benjamin: There numbers are so close I miss dialed I guess.
Sim Rachel: I'd say. Have you told Kayla?
Benjamin: Not yet, but we've trying to have a baby of our own and haven't been able to yet, so it will be OK, I think.

Benjamin: Weeeee!!!!

Sim Rachel: Remington you've been cleaning that fish tank for 3 hours. Don't you think you should be cleaning the rest of the house too?
Remington: Must get the tank spotless.
Sim Rachel: Benjamin, I think it's time to sell the fish tank.

Sim Rachel: I see you're home Kayla. What do you think about your husband's accident.
Kayla: I was shocked at first but I'm happy. We haven't been able to conceive, so it's alright. George is a sweet boy.
Sim Rachel: Yes he is. Glad everything is alright.

Kayla: I would still like to have one of our own, you know a biological one.
Benjamin: Alright, remember though the doctor said considering the problems we're having we might not be able to.
Kayla: It's alright even if we don't. It's fun trying.
Sim Rachel: *leaves them alone without being asked*

Sim Rachel: Yep Abbey, you're no longer Top Dog around here. I think you'll just have to get used to this little guy.

Sim Rachel: That didn't take long at all.

Benjamin: Say Dada
George: Dada
Benjamin: Great!!!

Sim Rachel: Looks like Abbey has herself a job.

Sim Rachel: No way a nanny is actually doing a decent job for once!

Kayla: Abbey's in Show biz, so it's very important that we keep her clean and smelling fresh for work.

Sim Rachel: Still no luck.
Kayla: Nope.
-The next morning-

Benjamin: Grimalkin needed his first bath too.

Sim Rachel: Grimalkin, you're going to have to get used to George too.

Sim Rachel: Still?
Benjamin: Nope
-A while later-

Kayla: Say High Chair.
George: High Chair
Kayla: What a big boy, you're such a big talker. And just in time...'s your birthday!

Sim Rachel: Still?
Kayla: *sigh* Nope.

Sim Rachel: I need to sneak through and use their rest room. I wonder what they're dreaming about. Babies I hope.

Sim Rachel: George it's already your first day of school. You've grown up so fast.

Sim Rachel: Looks like Abbey's gotten a promotion.
Benjamin: Yep, she's a stunt dog now.

Benjamin: Rachel you remember my friend Maggie Jonas?
Me: I know I do.Benjamin: What was, nevermind. Anyway, this is her grand-nephew Myrin.

Sim Rachel: Hey I just realized there wasn't a pillow fight at this wedding.

George: Uhh man.
Sim Rachel: What's wrong George?
George: My first report card sucks!
Sim Rachel: Don't worry buddy, it's never good the first day. It's get better.

Sim Rachel: No way, still?
Kayla: Still.
Sim Rachel: It's already Friday!
Kayla: We know.

Sim Rachel: Where's Maggie. *looks around the house* Maggie, get out of there!!!

George: OK Abbey so here's what you do *indistinguishable whispering*

Sim Rachel: Abbey stop it!!! That's George's homework!!!

George: Thanks for trying girl.
Sim Rachel: *gives George a nasty look*

Sim Rachel: Kayla don't you think that you should be dressing in something else now that your son is older.
Kayla: You're right, sorry.

Kayla: I don't feel so good. Could it be?

Kayla: It is! I'm pregnant!!!
Sim Rachel: Oh congratulations I know how much you two wanted this.

Sim Rachel: Benjamin, what's wrong with Abbey?!?!
Benjamin: She's just doing a trick, playing dead.
Sim Rachel: Thank goodness.

Sim Rachel: How funny Grimalkin is running in his sleep!

Sim Rachel: George are you making friends like your mommy does?
George: Yep, this Jenn lady is nice. She likes my jokes a lot.

George: And my tricks.
Sim Rachel: That's wonderful, but shouldn't you be getting to bed.
George: Yes mame.
-A couple hours pass-

Sim Rachel: well it looks like it's time for me to be moving along. So we leave Kayla sitting down for breakfast. It seems all she does is eat anymore.

Sim Rachel: Benjamin is sleeping.
Me: and thinking about his brother-in-law Aston.

Sim Rachel: And George is just getting up to get ready for school.
Me: Do you know what this means?Sim Rachel: What's that?
Me: We're done with this round. Your house is the next Prosperity Point house I'll play.Sim Rachel: Oh boy, I'm next! I'm getting a pet right away.
Me: Wait maybe you misunderstood. You aren't next, next. I need to go work on my shared hood, so it will be a couple weeks before I get back to you.Sim Rachel: A couple weeks! What? I've been waiting so long already!
Me: Don't worry about it, you won't realize it anyway, you'll be paused.Sim Rachel: Paused?
Me: Cause you're a sim. Time will pass in the real world, but not for you.Sim Rachel: I AM NOT A SIM!!!
Me: You can keep saying that but you still are.Sim Rachel: *deafening silence*
Me: Well, I'll wrap this up. See you all in a little while. Just one point this round for George. And since he came pre-named I had to invent a name scheme to work with his. Humm, George, oh hey he's a character in the movie that's just getting done now. That works.

Interesting pictures:
This is what happens when you pause to take a picturebefore all of the Welcome Wagon makes it on the lot.
These custom chairs make everyone VERY flexible when they get up.