Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fosythe House 1 Round 2

Fosythe House 1 Round 2
Neither Rain nor Snow
or Man this place is crawling with Simselves!
Yep, another New house. This one belongs to Bryon Lancaster & Rose Fosythe. Bryon is James Lancaster's grandson. Bryon and Rose met in high school and went off to college together. Bryon is very quite and we really haven't seen that much of him, let's see if that changes folks.

Sim Rachel: Hey there Bryon and Rose.
Bryon: Hey Rachel.
Sim Rachel: Where's Rose off to in such a hurry?
Byron: Did you see that dress they put her in after college? She's calling a cab to take us to do some clothes shopping.
Sim Rachel: Good plan that is a frumpy outfit.

Sim Rachel: Hey kids, the cab is waiting. *To the driver* They'll be right out.

Bryon: Razzle Dazzle Puppy.

Sim Rachel: Found something?
Rose: Yeah, I mean really a potato sack would be better than this. Seriously though, I found some nice stuff

Rose: Bryon stop playing with the dog it's time to go home.
Bryon: Razzle Dazzle Puppy
-Back at home-

Rose: So what do you think? Do you want to get married today or wait?
*Ding Dong*
Sim Rachel: Looks like the Welcome Wagon is here, you'll have to decide later.

Sim Rachel: Hey guys I see you decided to have the wedding today, but what's the deal with leaving them all waiting?
Bryon: We're discussing tennis, why don't you go entertain them.
Sim Rachel: *cluelessly* OK.

Adrian: Hey Rachel. So when are you going to come visit us?
Sim Rachel: *looks at list* Looks like you're next. You two are so cute, I can't wait any longer.

Sim Rachel: You guys done discussing tennis finally?
Bryon: Yep, it's wedding time!

Sim Rachel: Get down Aracely!

Sim Rachel: Another successful party.

Sim Rachel: I see you're back from the honeymoon. Rose what happened to your hair?
Rose: I decided it was time to go back to my natural color and try out a new style.
Sim Rachel: I like it, very becoming.
Rose: Thanks. Wanna see what else I've been up to?
Sim Rachel: Sure!

Rose: I opened a home business. We put in a bowling alley and a poker table. It's going great so far. I want to own 5 top level businesses, so I have to start somewhere. We also bought Little 'N Local. Let's go check that out.

Rose: Our first customers. William was great to come by and support his brother.

Rose: I'm so glad Bryon is on board with this whole owning businesses thing. Whenever my mood gets low we have a little local date and energize.

Sim Rachel: Um Rose, why do you have a bunch of toilets outside? Couldn't you put in a real bathroom?
Rose: That's part of our fixures collection we're selling. Who couldn't use one of these?
Sim Rachel: True.

Rose: I
REALLY think you could use this cat condo Velo!
Velo: What a wonderful idea! I'll take it!
Sim Rachel: Um, Velo, don't you have two dogs, no cats?
Rose: Shhh, I just made a sale.

Bryon: Jenn Simmers, can I help you.
Jenn: No.
Me: *Blinks hard, rubs eyes* No way, it's Lynn's Simself! She's been in this hood since the middle of round one and this the first times she's showing up!

Bryon: Thanks for coming to our store, Lynn, is it?
Lynn: Yes, thank you. I've gotten a lot of wonderful items at your little store. I will tell everyone what a great store you have here.

Sim Rachel: Yes, they sure do have a wonderful store here, it just hit level 10!

Rose: James, I see you're back for another pinball machine, how many does that make?
James: 3 or 4, I'm not sure. I just have to help my grandson out whenever I can.
Rose: Well, that's wonderful. WE are selling Little 'n Local to buy Planetary Pets. Come see us there, won't you.
James: Will do.
-Over at Planetary Pets_

Rose: Dear townie sir, I'm SURE you Really need this pet bed!
Townie: Great, I'll take it!
Me: No freaking way! There's Lynn AGAIN!!! What a loyal customer! Do we have a NEW blog hog in the makings?

Lynn: You're right Rose I MUST have this cat!!!

Bryon: Thanks for visiting our new store Lynn.
Lynn: Oh, I love your stores! I'll be back tomorrow!
-The Next Day-

Rose: Jenn, how about this lovely black cat, named Ebby?
Jenn: No thanks. *under breath* Why won't these people leave me alone?

Lynn: Bryon, you're SO right!

Lynn: I'll take this cat too!!!
Me: Hey that's Jenn's cat.Sim Rachel: No, Jenn didn't want him.Me: I mean in real life! I had you display a black cat specifically for Jenn to buy.Rose: Rachel what is the giant booming voice talking about?
Sim Rachel: Don't pay any attention to her, she's just a sim. I'm just going to sit back and watch the wonderful job you guys are doing.

Sim Rachel: Umm Bryon, try not to assault the customers alright? That's not good for business.
Bryon: She poked me first.
Sim Rachel: Yeah, well don't sink to her leave. Rose will have your head if you lose a ranking. Now back to watching.

Abigail: How dare you kiss my girlfriend! I think this store sucks because it lets you shop here.
Sim Rachel: Quick Abigail, there's Bob Profitt!
Abigail: Uhh...

Rose: Wen, You MUST have this Womrat!

Wen: What just happened? Did I agree to buy a rodent?
Sim Rachel: 'fraid so. I'm sure Vincent will love it.
Me: Jan and Gage, I wonder what their child would look like.
Me: Oh look who it is again... Our new blog hog, Lynn!
Me: Man I'd love to see what she has in her back pack! Hum, who can I get her married to?

Rose: Looks like I got home just in time!
Sim Rachel: Yeppers.
Rose: Well, I think I'll have to work on the home business for awhile. Planetary Pets got to level 10 anyway. All those stars from Lynn sure helped.

Rose: Nice kitty.

Sim Rachel: Rose, looks like you finally have something to make Jenn happy.
Rose: Yep, shhh, don't disturb her though. I don't want to lose that star.

Rose: Hehewho, I wonder what this will do for business?

Rose: Oh forget the customers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose: Meet Rain and...

...Snow. Two beautiful baby girls. The customers sure do love the babies.

Rose: I sure do love this business. I really don't have to do anything, just keep the dirty dishes picked up, that's it.

Rose: Hard to believe it's already the girls' birthdays!

Bryon: Well dear, now that the babies are toddlers what would you think about trying for another.
Rose: Alright dear.

Sim Rachel: Ahh how I love dual twin training.

Sim Rachel: Ut-Oh, Rose are you alright?
Rose: Ahh, yeah I think it's morning sickness.
Sim Rachel: Oh congratulations!
Rose: Thanks. Bryon wants a big family. For me as long as it doesn't effect my businesses it's fine with me. The customers like to spend time with the totts, so it all works out.

Sim Rachel: Ekk! Rose I thought things were going well?

Rose: They are, we just got caught up taking care of the totts and forgot to pay some bills

Rose: I thought he was going to take me for a minute there.
Sim Rachel: How scarey! As luck would have it he took your toilet that needed cleaning.
Rose: Yep, I guess I need something from the fixtures collection.

Sim Rachel: Bryon what happened?
Bryon: Got distracted...

.. I'm outta here!!
Sim Rachel: Umm Bryon, your daughter is walking through the fire! Ahh, you might want to take her with you! Bryon!!!

Sim Rachel: Bryon there you are. What happened? Is Rain alright? Whose that you're holding?
Bryon: Oh yeah everything's OK. Toddlers are flame redardant.
Sim Rachel: Hum, interesting.
Bryon: And this is Bonkers our kitten. We adopted her for the girls. Plus Rose has always wanted one.

Sim Rachel: Congrats on the kitten, oh and it looks like on something else too.
Rose: Yepo, Bryon's excited.
Sim Rachel: What about you?
Rose: Ahh, yeah, I suppose. Maybe we can get a boy. I just hope it isn't another set of twins.
Sim Rachel: *looks at me* You heard that right.
Me: What? Sorry I didn't hear anything.

Sim Rachel: Gee Bonkers sure is cute.

Sim Rachel: Well I guess I'll let you guys go. Umm, I think I'm taking Bonkers with me.
Rose: Hey, that's my cat!
Sim Rachel: *dejected* Alright, I'll leave her.
Points: 2 for Rain and Snow
I also have money points, but I'll add them at the end of the round.


PRMami said...

Wowzers so much going on.
Guess Lynn decided to wait until she was ready to go shoppig seems that's where she has been eh?
Oh Rain and Snow are so cute and the kitten awwww.
Too bad Rose forgot to pay the bills it's happens sometimes.

ASimWen said...

Oohh! I love the way Rose's wedding dress matches Byron's skintone! Yep, that grow up frumpy dress had to go! I see my helper-in-other-hoods is also assisting me with the Welcome Wagon. Good boy Xuan.

WOAH! Rose is opening businesses! YOU GO GIRL!

GAH! Who is that??? Lynn? The shopper Lynn? Lynn who wants to run a menagerie Lynn?

Hrumph. Jenn the bowler....hehehe So she didn't side with Ebby....oh my...wonder what he will do to her computer...

That repo man was smart to take the dirty toilet. Saves cleaning time! Flame retardent toddlers...saves from having to rush stuff out of the house during the fire! For sure!

Rain and Snow..hahaha! How cute!

Awww! Bonkers is cute. I knew Byron would eventually get a pet. I could just tell.

Great post...left me laughing...

OH? A Womrat? ummm yeah...just what I always wanted. It has always been my secret desire. I am going to start raising them now that I got Xuan to do the Welcome Wagon duties for me.... :)

ruby said...

awesome job on the businesses. great idea taking a built in date along, gosh wish I thought of that!
kids are adorable, love their names and what a cutie kitten
loved the update Rachel keep up the great work

Bubbs said...

YEAH!!! Sim me showed up!!! YEAH! She seems pretty shy in most hoods. Yeah, she got a cat! Cats are great. :) She likes to shop, huh? She doesn't need to get married, lol.

Jenn refused Ebby?? WHAT??? I have Ebby? Cool! Look at these two selling pets. :)

Wen just loves womrats, lol!

Jenn just wants to bowl, huh? HAHAHA!!!

Rain & Snow are adorable. :)

Rachel likes Bonkers, good thing she didn't steal her....

Heather/Simaholic said...

Looks like some very good businesses around there! I love Rain and Snow, so cute!

Fairy D said...

Great job with the businesses. Congrats on the twins they are so adorable.
Shame on Rachel for trying to take bonkers.

Shaunna said...

I was wondering when those twins were coming *g*!

Rose looks grea with the new do, and the twins are lovely.

Charity said...

Great job on getting so far with the business(es). Wow, there really are a lot of simselves there! I've got to get me some simselves for my game.

ciyrose said...

Nice job with the businesses. I very much dislike the 5 top level businesses LTW. Hua-Ling is going to KILL me with that. I really like Rain and Snow, they are cute.