Thursday, June 28, 2007

Forsythe House 1 Round 4

Business as Usual
Last time while Rose and Bryon were expecting a storm they welcomed two new babies into the family. Very fiturnal twin boys, Fog and Sleet. The girls, Snow and Rain, grew into active children. Rose continued striving towards her goal of owning 5 top level businesses by selling many flowers to the locals and getting Flowers and More to level 10. Sleet and Fog grew into very handsome boys and all four kids could often be seen studying together.

Rachel: Wait a minute this doesn't look like the Forsythe house?
Me: It isn't. This is Rose's newest store. She thought she'd open an electronics store.
Rachel: When did all this happen?
Me: You were napping, I didn't want to wake you.
Rachel: Hummmm.... Anyway Rose, I don't think Jonah wants to buy that TV.
Rose: No he doesn't. I wish the grumpy customers would just stay home but Johan keeps coming around.
Rachel: Figures, you can never get rid of SOME people.

Rachel: Um Vodka what will your parents say if you come home with a DJ Booth?
Vodka: It'll be good for our business.
Rachel: Good point. *To herself*Smart girl.

Rachel: Wow don't these guys realize there is a whole store to shop in, not just this one room?
Me: Evidently not.

Rachel: Ah Bethany looks like a willing victim, I man interested customer for that TV.

Rachel: Goodness, these two still can't get enough of each other. So sweet, I wonder if there will be a 5th child soon?

Rachel: Speaking of can't get enough of each other. So romantic.
Me: Making out behind the store?
Rachel: Why not?

Rachel: Ah Ruby, another unwitting victim, I mean... no I mean unwitting victim.
Rose: What? She'll like the TV. It'll go well with the fountain I sold her at Flowers and More.
Me: Hum she has a TV and a Fountain, mental note.

Rachel: What are you doing Rose?
Rose: Rallying forth.
Rachel: Why?
Rose: I heard it makes the customers happier.
Rachel: Did it work?
Rose: She bought something.

Rachel: Woh Rose you've earned $100,000! I thought that would be an Impossible Want.
Rose: Me too, but I did it!
Rachel: Well congrats!

Rachel: Another Rank 10 Business! 4 down, 1 to go. Excellent job Rose!
Rose: Thank you.

Rose: Time to head home. My work here is done. Oh and Bryon's too. He's here somewhere.
-Awhile later-

Rachel: Bryon there you are! We've hardly seen you. If you hadn't laid one on your wife we would have missed you all together.
Bryon: I've been busy.
Rachel: I see that. You have a lovely makings of a garden.
Bryon: Um, thanks.

Rachel: Still running the home business I see.
Rose: Sure am.
Rachel: Wait are you giving the customers gifts now?
Rose: Ah, sure why not?
Rachel: Isn't that a little unethical?
Rose: Of course not. I own the store, I can give away what I want.
Rachel: Wait a minute where's Snow?
Rose: School.
Rachel: No she's not.

Rachel: Oh my goodness Snow, there you are! How'd you get trapped behind the stairs?
Snow: I don't know but it's dark and scary and I've been in here all day.
Me: Crap stupid jumping out of whatever they were doing when you install a new EP!
Snow: *scared* What was that?
Rachel: Nothing dear, now come on out. It's all right.

Rachel: Goodness and today is the girls' birthday! *Looks at me* I blame you for this.
Me: Sorry, honest mistake.
Rachel: Happy birthday Rain!

Rachel: Wow rain you sure are a beauty. What are you wanting out of life?

Rain: I want a great family just like my dad.

Rain: And I'd love to marry off 6 kids.
Rachel: 6 kids? Sure you don't just went 3 to graduate college?
Rain: Nope, marry off 6.
Rachel: Wow..., OK.

Rachel: Wait a minute. You missed Snow's blowing out the candles picture. Why do you hate her?
Me: I ah, don't, I um don't know what happened. I love Snow.
Rachel: Likely.
Me: *To the reader* When did she get so lippy?
Rachel: Hush. So Snow you sure did grow up lovely. What do you want in life?

Snow: I want to be a great romancer.

Snow: The type a rock-god is.
Rachel: Interesting choice, but I've heard of worse.

Rachel: Oh look a budding romance already.

Rachel: Ouch, shot down cold.
Snow: Don't worry, he will be mine.

Rachel: She might be right.

Rachel: Looks like she got him.

Snow: Yep, I got him.

Rachel: All right, who's paying the gypsy?

Rain: That's me. I want what Snow has, but better.

Rachel: Ah another Kirkeldale or however you say that.

Sleet: I got an A+.
Rachel: Good for you. How 'bout a little more enthusiasm?

Fog: Yes!!!
Rachel: Great job kiddo! Now that's what I'm talking about.

Fog: Mom, what's a pronoun.
Rose: Um, I don't remember... let's google it.

Rachel: Who ends a date at the cash register? Oh well at least it went well.

Rachel: Looks like the kids are hard at studying again, just like last week.

Rachel: Oh look another customer star.

Rose: Not just any customer, the one that made our home business a level 10 business! I did it! I have built up 5 businesses to level 10!
Rachel: Congratulations Rose!!! That's amazing! You're the first one to do this in Prosperity Point! I know many have this dream as well, but you're the first to actually do it. So now that you've accomplished your life long dream, are you going to retire?

Rose: Quite the opposite really. I'm going to go to work for the first time in my life. I want to be a Hall of Famer.

Rachel: Wow you sure did make a pretty penny from selling off Electronics Supercenter. What about Planetary Pets?
Rose: I'm going to keep it for the time being.

Rachel: Oh I'm sorry you didn't make it into the garden club on your first try Bryon.
Bryon: It's OK, I still have lots to learn I guess.

Rachel: Congrats Rose! Looks like things are going well with the job.

Rachel: Looks like these two have made a real love connection.

Rachel: Speaking of love connections....

Rachel: So Rain, do you think Jacquan will be going to college with you?
Rain: He doesn't know yet. He said it's really expensive and he doesn't know if he'll have enough scholarships.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: *looks around* Zeus where is everyone?
Zeus: Work or school.
Rachel: So you're actually pay to play in their snow while no one else is here?
Zeus: Yes.
Rachel: I'll never understand those Knight boys.

Rachel: Bryon I see you got your first job too. Looks like things are going well.
Bryon: They are. I like it. I just can't wait til my kids graduate from college. that's what really matters to me.

Rachel: Enjoying some bowling Rose?
Rose: Enjoying? I don't know about that. They say I need to be in better shape for work and bowling helps.
Me: Yeah, I heard most hall of fame athletes got in shape through bowling.
Rachel: Hush now.

Rachel: What are you up to Sleet?
Sleet: Lookin' for aliens.
Rachel: There's no such thing dear.
Sleet: Yeah huh. Bronx got taken had had little girl babies from the aliens.
Rachel: How'd you know about that?
Sleet: I like to visit people. People like to talk a lot about weird stuff.
Rachel: I guess they do. Why do you run along inside. It's getting a bit cold out tonight.

Rachel: Nice going Rose!

Rachel: Another promotion already! Nice going Rose.
Me: Yeah I guess all that bowling paid off.
Rachel: *shoots me nasty look*

Rachel: Oh boy, it's the boys' birthday! Happy birthday Fog

Rachel: Another handsome young man to break all the girls hearts. So what are you looking for in life?

Fog: I'd like to be popular.

Fog: And I think the best way to do that is to be a top Journalist.
Rachel: Great!

Rachel: Happy Birthday to you too Sleet.

Rachel: You might not be identical twins but you are equally as handsome. So young man what would you like out of life?

Sleet: I want to be popular like Fog.

Sleet: But I want to do it by having 20 Pet best friends.
Rachel:Really? Interesting choice.

Rachel: Bust a move Snow!
Snow: Did you just say, "Bust a move"?
Rachel: Yes.
Snow: I didn't realize it was 1992. Anyway I'm trying for the dancing scholarship. Ares and I have been dancing for hours.

Rachel: Who called the matchmaker now?

Rachel: I should have known it was one of the newly adolescent boys.

Me: Ah Fawn Skywalker.
Rachel: So Sleet what do you think?
Sleet: She's pretty and she seems nice enough.

Rachel: Wow Snow! Congrats on all the scholarships!
Snow: Thanks! I even got the dancing one.
Rachel: I guess all that dancing paid off then.

Rachel: Oh, um sorry Sleet.

Rachel: Nice going Rose!
Rose: Why thank you. I'm almost there!

Rose: Just gotta work out some more.

Rachel: Cool sphere Sleet. Oh, watch out, man landing on your head has to hurt.

Rachel: Nice job Rain!

Rachel: Wonderful job Fog!

Rachel: Wow making money in her sleep! Nice trick Rain!

Rachel: And last but certainly not least, great job Sleet! All that studying sure did pay off for these kids.

Rachel: Looks like time is up here. See you all next time.

Points: 12
2 for the boys
7 for money
3 for Rose's Impossible want of earning $100,000
Also got Rose's Lifetime Want, no points, but go me!