Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dante 2 - Round 8

Are They Related?
Last time May and Ian's elder son, December grew into a handsome young man and the younger son, August, grew to a toddler. May and Ian both reached the top of their careers. Other than that nothing really noteworthy happened.
Rachel: Hey there son, looks like you and August are getting along famously.
Ian: Yes, I have been very lucky. Both my boys are great.
Rachel: They certainly are. 
Rachel: Looks like December is making friends.
 Rachel: Oh very good friends. These two would make a nice couple. Wait... *looks at me* they aren't related are they?
Me: I...don't
December: Couple? Gross! We're good friends, that's all.
Rachel: For now.
 Rachel: Looks like Krissy has finally found a home.
 Rachel: Hey there guys. I don't think I saw you at all last time.
Sasha: We're busy growing old together. It takes a lot of time.
Rachel: Don't I know it.
 Rachel: Looks like Krissy is getting an official welcome.
 Rachel: Great job Clive.
Rachel: Happy Birthday dear grandson August!
 Rachel: Such a handsome boy. Just like his brother
August: Thanks Grandma.
 Rachel: Nice job Ian!
Ian: Thanks! Well on my way to another top of career.
 May: Such a pretty kitty. Are you going to make some pretty kittens? Yes, I think you are.
Rachel: Ummm...I think I'll come back later.
 December: Weeee!!!
Rachel: Oh Destin you are such a great grandpa.
Destin: OK.
Rachel: Do you have anything else to say?
Destin: No.
Rachel: Still a man of few words.
 May: Play dead...
Fay: Meow.
May: Ugh...
 December: So now that you are starting school you're going to meet a lot of people.
August: Really? Cool.
December: Yeah, we have a lot of cousins around Prosperity Point and second cousins and third cousins and probably all the way to 18th cousins.
Rachel: Not quite. Close...
 May: OK, time to start your training Krissy. Speak.
Krissy: Meow.
May: Great job!
Krissy: Meow.
May: I didn't say to speak again.
Krissy: Meow.
 August: Grandma look what I made!
Rachel: Wow! I don't think I have ever seen anyone build something so complex out of blocks. Yep, definitely my grandson.
August: Hi everybody. I'm August. Are any of you guys my cousins? I mean I hear...
Zebra: I'm a second cousin I think. Hee ya!
August: Yeah cuz, your grandma is my grandpa's sister so your mom and my mom are cousins...I think.
Me: My head hurts. It's too complicated!
 Rachel: Happy Birthday Clive!
Rachel: How cute. They're making friends! Are they related?
Me: I don't... think so...
Rachel:  You don't sound too sure.
Me: That's cause I'm not.
 Rachel: Happy Birthday Erik!
Rachel:  Excellent job son!
Ian: Thanks Mom.
 Rachel:Nice going Sasha. Now I know what you've been doing with your time.
Sasha: Yep.
 August: Hi December!
December: Hi August. You know you don't have to wave every time you see me. I mean, we see each other like 20 times a day.
August: Oh, sorry.
December: It's OK, it just might not be cool once we hit high school.
 Sasha: And then the bear...
Rachel: Gratuitous sweetness.
 Rachel:Another top of a career! Awesome!
Rachel: And with that. It's time to go. See you guys later!

Points: 7
6 for money
1 for Ian's top of career