Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Morreli 1 - Round 6

I Do the Things Most Simmers Fear
Last time Xara and MJ returned from college to start their own house. MJ wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens so thus began the revolving door of pets. Somehow they found time to start a family. Bassette was a toddler at the end of the week and Xara was once again pregnant.

Rachel: Hey there Bassette.
Bassette: Pup-pup!
Rachel: Yep, cute puppy.

Rachel: Happy birthday Mikey.

Bassette: Pup-pup.
Rachel: Yes, big puppy now.

Rachel: Bye Mickey.

Rachel: Welcome Winnie.

Rachel: Congrats MJ but how on earth did you find time to have a career too?
MJ: Well, the pets aren't *that* hard. Give them food and the maid or nanny will take care of the rest.
Rachel: Um, not so much.

Rachel: Um dude, he isn't married but he's shacked up with a son and one on the way. Not OK!

Xara: Speaking of one on the way. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Xara: It's another boy. Meet Jack Russell!
Rachel: Cute name.

Rachel: Happy...
Me: Hold on.

Rachel: Now?
Me: No.

Rachel: Now?
Me: Yes.
Rachel: Happy birthday doggies.

Rachel: Bad dog.
Me: That puddle means really deep.

Me: Sorry I really don't remember all these dogs' names.

Rachel: Nice job! One day back at work & you're getting promoted.
Xara: Thanks.

Rachel: Wait, weren't you "The Law"?
MJ: All these pets are expensive. I need to climb another ladder.

Rachel: Happy birthday dear Bassette!

Rachel: What a handsome young man.
Bassette: Thanks!

Rachel: Bye.

Rachel: Hi Fred.

Rachel: And Mimi.

Me: Dogs and cats living together, mass chaos!
Rachel: What?
Me: Um Ghostbusters. No? OK.

Rachel: Hi Zach.

Rachel: Happy...
Me: Wait.

Rachel: Birthday?
Me: Yes.

Rachel: Bye.

Rachel: Paper training already?

Rachel: I don't know how you find time. Greta job!

Rachel: Wait. Didn't you give Mickey up a few days ago?
Xara: Yes, but with the puppies & itten in the house right now we'll have enough to get MJ his 20. Bassette always loved Mikey so we thought we'd get him back.
Rachel: Nice idea.
Me: Thanks.

Rachel: Wedding time. Shh!
Me: looks like you got a good seat too.
Rachel: Shhh!

Rachel: *sniff* Another one of my babies is married.

Rachel: *psst*
Me: Yes?
Rachel: Why is Pluto taking a bath while Ginger is sleeping in the bed? Neither of them live here.
Me: I have NO idea.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jack Russell!

Rachel: Another handsome boy.

Rachel: Pluto!

Rachel: Dang it Pluto! Give them some privacy!

Rachel: Bassette is really into his homework, we'll come back.

Xara: Put one foot in front of the other.
Rachel: Looks like these two are into their lesson too.

Rachel: Nice job!

Rachel: Great job again Xara!

MJ: Ha! I win. I beat Xara to Education Minister!
Rachel: Um she's been busy having your kids. I'd keep quiet.

Jack Russell: Bottle.
Mj: Great job!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Zach & Winnie!

Rachel: Sorry son.

Rachel: Great job grand son!

Basette: Yes!
Rachel: Great job on the A+!

Rachel: Looks like Mikey's got himself a mate.

Bassette: Snow Ball Fight!!!
Rachel: Look at all those neighborhood girls.
Me: Too bad he's relate to...half of them.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Fred!
Me: And that's 20!
Rachel: Mj raised 20 pets?
Me: Him and Xara, but yes.

Rachel: Bye guys. See you soon I hope.

Rachel: Looks like Bassette is making a friend. Are they related?
Me: Nope.
Rachel: Sweet!

Rachel: Happy birthday Jack Russell!

Rachel: Another handsome grandson.
Jack Russell: Thanks grandma.

Rachel: Wow Rosemary sure is impressed with Bassette's cartwheel.

Rachel: Future spouses?
Me: We'll see.

Points: 7
4 for money
1 for Jack Russell (I feel I will regret the length of this name)
2 for MJ's Tops of 2 careers