Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rosada 1 - Round 7

Party Central
Last time Aquamarine and Zachary continued to raise their last 2 kids at home, Kelly and Forest. Their daughter Ultramarine returned home with her boyfriend, Copper, to take her place as the household's heiress. Ultramarine practiced her parenting skills with her younger brother and sister before Copper proposed. The couple was wed and decided to start their family right away. Forest grew up to a fine boy and Kelly to a lovely girl. Ultramarine gave birth to a beautiful daughter giving Aquamarine and Zachary a chance to relive their parenting days during their golden years.

Jar Challenge: Midlife Crisis, blow all money on entertainment, clothes, cars

Rachel: *Looks around* Hum, looks like everyone is off doing something so I'll just hang out for now.

Rachel: Oops. Hope you're OK.
Kelly: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Rachel: Way to go Copper!
Copper: Thanks.

Me: Well that is doable.

Rachel: Way to go to you too Ultramarine!

Me: Also possible.

Me: So here's where I blew all their money on fun stuff. I did have to make the house larger. It was only a 2 story when I started. This not a true before picture. I had already started the remodel before I thought to take a picture.

Me: They only have $36 left. It was REALLY hard to have room to spend over $200,000!

Rachel: I guess the party house brings the party people!

Rachel: Nice hammock.

Rachel: Oh, excuse me.

Rachel: Nice job Freddy!

Copper: Roll over. We are poor and we need you to get a promotion.

Zachary: Don't worry sweetie. It's not a real midlife crisis. I'm not trading you in for two 20s. I like this model.

Ultramarine: Man it's hot in here. It's just like in college at finals time.

Rachel: Congrats Sophie! How's the money situtation going?
Zachary: Oh fine. With everyone's high wages, money was just tight for about 12 hours.

Rachel: What? How?
Aquamarine: We're having an anniversary party.
Rachel: Fun! Where are the party hats?

Rachel: Let's Slap Dance!

Rachel: Good idea, build in a birthday party.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Violet! You're lovely!
Violet: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Kelly!

Rachel: Another beautiful Rosada girl. Not surprising.

Rachel: So what do you want from life?

Kelly: Money! And I'd like to get it through a life of adventure!

Rachel: Happy birthday Forest!

Rachel: Another handsome Rosada young man. Not surprising either.

Rachel: And what would you like in life?

Forest: I would also like to earn a lot of money. My plan is to be the ultimate journalist.

Rachel: Oh dear! Whose fighting?

Rachel: Who invited Butterfly and Leeland Cooprider?

Rachel: Get him!

Rachel: Oh I love the new hairdo Kelly.
Kelly: Thanks. I like it too.

Rachel: Yeah!!! Great job Butterfly!

Rachel: More tricks.

Rachel: Oh look it's Jack Russell Morelli. He sure is showing up a lot lately.
Me: *cough* Blog Hog!

Kelly: Yes, I would like a date. One who is highly motivated and will support me in my financial goals.
Rachel: You don't think that's a lot to ask as a teen?
Kelly: Hey, I know what I want.
Rachel: Nothing wrong with that.

Rachel: Miles Upton.
Kelly: No. Well, maybe he'll bring me a gift. We'll give it a shot.

Matchmaker: So what would you like me to find you?
Forest: A girl.
Matchmaker: Anything more specific?
Forest: No. Just a girl.

Rachel: Amber seems nice.
Forest: *shrugs* She's OK. No sparks.

Rachel: Way to go Diana!

Rachel: Hum, Salla Skywalker. Let's not interrupt.
Rachel: This is very promising!
Rachel: These two might have a future.
Me: That they might.
Violet: Grandpa?
Zachary: Yes, dear?
Violet: What is Forest doing?
Zachary: Dancing with a girl.
Violet: Can I dance with someone someday.
Zachary: Sure.
Rachel: Maybe today. *to self* dum dum da dum.
Me: This kid is making friends with so many girls it is unlucky he'll actually marry Violet.
Rachel: But look how cute they are dancing together.
Me: I know. Very cute.
Rachel: Good job Aquamarine. I see why everyone has nicer clothes now.
Violet: Bassett smells. Boys are icky.
Rachel: Good job Sophie.
Rachel: Nice job Freddy.
Rachel: Best friends! Does this mean Salla will be coming to college?
Me: I know but I'm not telling.
Rachel: You're so mean! College is still awhile off.
Me: For you, yes. For me, no.
Rachel: Something we haven't seen a lot of lately, someone applying for scholarships. Nice job Kelly!
Rachel: Nice job Forest!
Points: -4
-6 for money
2 for Ultramarine & Copper's Tops of Career

Jar Challenge was completed and caused the -6 points in the money category