Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dante 1 - Round 7

Cart Before the Horse
Last time the house heiress, Lily, returned from college. Unlike most other sims she didn't ask her steady boyfriend to move in with her. She was more interested in knowledge than having a family but soon found herself pregnant anyway. Little Rose was born soon after and she seems to take after her handsome father, nose-wise. Everyone else in the house continued along with their careers and life time wants. Pine, Lily's brother, is working on getting 6 pets to the top of their careers so the house is swimming with pets. Pine and Galadrial's son, Cedar, grew up to child. Liza kept busy working on hobbies and enjoying her happy family.

Jar Challenge: HEADMASTER: Invite him over. Feed him burnt or bad food, have a dirty house, homework on the floor, irritate him, prank him. Do whatever you can to have a bad visit. Then invite him back the next night and try to have a good visit. Only problem, I forgot to do it.

Rachel: Hey there Genie. Great job girl! That should make Pine happy.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Great job Misty! Good girl!

Rachel: Wait but they just did a good job.
Pine: Yes, I know but we need the room so I can get more pets to the top of their careers.
Rachel: Well, that's OK I guess. I'm sure they'll go to good homes.

Rachel: Whose your friend Cedar?
Cedar: Oh this? This is Gina. She's OK, I guess.
Rachel: You two will have beautiful children.
Me: Um cart before the horse much?
Rachel: What?
Me: Never mind.

Rachel: A Genius. Good choice for this endeavor.

Rachel: And she fits right in too.

Rachel: Welcome to Rob.

Rachel: Moment of truth. Happy Birthday Rose!

Rachel: Wow Rose, you're, you're...
Rose: What?
Rachel: Beautiful.
Rose: *giggles* Thanks.

Rose: Uncle Pine, can you teach me about an-ant-a-me?
Pine: Sure. So it's pretty simple...

Rose: GROSS!

Rachel: Looks like some more teaching is going on.

Rachel: Way to go Cinnamon! You're paying off already.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Cedar!

Rachel: Not bad. So, what do you want out of life?

Cedar: I want to know it all.
Rachel: Sounds good.

Rachel: And I'd really like to be a City Planner.
Rachel: Excellent!

Rose: Swing me around Auntie Galadrial.
Galadrial: hold on tight now.

Rose: So Mommy, why don't I have a daddy like Cedar does?
Lily: You do dear, it's just different. We can talk about it after you've finished your homework.

Rachel: Way to go Galadrial!
Galadrial: Why thank you Rachel.

Rose: So you're my Daddy? Did Mommy wish for you in a magic ball?
Heino: Not exactly how it happened but, yes, I am your father. I'd like it if we could be friends.
Rose: Me too.

Rachel: Um Mustang, this keeps happening to you. Maybe you should try dressing for the weather.

Rachel: Cedar! Get back here and bring a hair drier!

Rachel: Genie lamp!

Rachel: Sweet!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Rob! You're pretty cool looking.

Rachel: Oh Gina's here again. Dum, dum, da, dum.
Me: Wow.

Rachel: Nice job Stevie!

Rachel: Congrats on the A+!

Rachel: And who is your friend?
Rose: This is Jack Russell. He's nice.
Rachel: Dum, dum, da, dum.
Me: Seriously?

Cedar: Sweet!
Genie: What is your wish?
Cedar: Oh. Nothing. I just wanted to see how it worked.
Genie: *sigh*

Rachel: Wait. A date? What about Gina?
Cedar: Gina? She's just a kid.

Rachel: Where are the ghosts going?
Me: The new Prosperity Point Cemetery.
Rachel: Why?
Me: I can't take it anymore, that's all.
Rachel: OK. well, bye Kennedy.

Rachel: Bye Howie.

Rachel: Great job Cedar! See you in college!

Points: 7
6 for money
1 for Galadrial's Top of Career


SirenPrincess said...

Don't you hate it when sims freeze from the cold?

It's good to see you updating again.

Kerry said...

Dum-dum-da-dum! That cracked me up--lots of matchmaking going on in that house. I miss the Dantes.

ASimWen said...

Nice to see Prosperity Point back in business! (Although I think I would like a vacation to Hawaii....)

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! Makes me miss weather, and genies and all sorts of sims 2 things though ;-)

ciyrose said...

Wow! Rose is BEAUTIFUL!! She really takes after she dad, and the pretty parts of her mom. I love all the matchmaking Rachel wanted to be doing. :)

Chrissy Brown said...

Rose really is a beauty!! and The matchmaking was quite cool :)