Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ribeiro 1 - Round 7

Are You Freaking Kidding Me?
Last time Xuan and Aimee's daughter Sun, who was chosen to be the heiress, returned from college. Sun didn't find a mate in college so she called the matchmaker as soon as she got home. After many failed attempts she brought Sun, Jessie the town exterminator. The two fell hopelessly in love and were married in short order. Sun became pregnant and welcomed a son, Desmond, soon after. He's a toddler now and awaiting the arrival of a little brother or sister.

Rachel: Hi guys. This is a bustling household to say the least.

Rachel: Nice job Max.

Rachel: And to you Renee.

Rachel: Welcome home Jessie and congratulations.
Jessie: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Nice job Jessie.

Rachel: Sorry Xuan.

Rachel: Baby time!

Me: Are you freaking kidding me?!?!
Rachel: What?
Me: You'll see.

Sun: It's a boy! Meet Sayid.
Rachel: Hi Sayid.

Rachel: Way to go Aimee!

Rachel: Um Sun, why is Sayid on the ground and why do you have that horrified look on your face?

Rachel: OH, you weren't done.
Me: That's what I was referring to.
Sun: It's a girl! Meet Alex.
Rachel: Hi Alex.

Rachel: way to go Jessie!
Jessie: Thanks Rachel
Rachel: You have two more kids.
Jessie: I do? They came!!!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Sayid!

Rachel: What a handsome little man.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Alex!

Rachel: Oh she's a doll!

Rachel: A triple birthday? Happy Birthday Desmond!

Rachel: What a handsome man.

Rachel: Hum, I wonder if Desmond is already looking for a future mate. We'll have to see.

Rachel: The training has begun.

Rachel: Looks like a couple brilliant little ones.

Rachel: Well that wasn't too bad.

Rachel: Double nursery rhythm time.

Rachel: Wow. Great job!

Rachel: You're doing great Jessie!
Jessie: Thanks.

Rachel: Yep, looks like Desmond is looking to make friends with the ladies.

Rachel: Who is that?!?!?
Me: That's Fog. He's the only one who has ever frozen and this is his second time.
Rachel: Poor guy.

Rachel: Xuan to the rescue!

Fog: Ah thanks man. Bye.
Rachel: Looks like my time to go too.

Points: 16
14 for money
2 for Sayid & Alex (who I swear are natural twins)


Jenni said...

Oh no!! Another set of twins?? This is just not your lucky week.... Month... Year..... Challenge? Haha.

ASimWen said...

WooHoo! Go you Xuan! So that is what you look like with white Good looking grandbabies...looks just like him. :)

M.McMillan said...

I love the way you handle the dogs

SirenPrincess said...

Yay, LOST sims!!!! I love it.

The frozen sim was really funny.

Kerry said...

Another busy household! Oh, poor Fog! Brrrr!

Galena said...

No Jar challenge for this lot? Ah well. More twins are hard enough. Alex is adorable, and at least you don't need to try for a heiress.

ciyrose said...

I'm telling you, the crazy cheesecake in the beginning is coming back to haunt you. The kids are SO CUTE! I love those genes.