Monday, June 23, 2008

Rosada 5 - Round 5

Welcome to another new lot. This one belongs to our single guy, Logan Rosada. He is the son of William and Ariana. The poor guy has been looking for love all over Prosperity Point but has yet to find someone he likes who is also single. Not being a home wrecker the whole "single" part is very important. So far he just has a couple dogs to love.

Rachel: Hi there Logan.
Logan: *in a very Ross from Friends tone* Hi.
Rachel: What's wrong?
Logan: I'm lonely.
Rachel: There isn't anyone you know that you think is nice and single? Come on, let's check.

Logan: Well Jewel Riberio is really nice and pretty but I only met her in passing. I don't even think she'd talk to me on the phone.

Logan: And Ellen Caligula is very nice and very pretty but we had that bad talk. I just don't know.
Rachel: Why don't you try calling them up? What's the worst that could happen?
Logan: I could die.
Rachel: You won't die.

Rachel: So who did you call?
Logan: Oh wow, I had no idea.
Rachel: Logan?
Logan: Shh, I'm on the phone.

Rachel: Well it looks like Sunny and Taffy are getting along. That's good.

Rachel: Wait, you're adopting another dog?
Logan: Still on the phone.
Rachel: Oh I know. Sunny and Taffy are both girls. We need a boy if we want puppies.
Me: Which, of course, we do.

Rachel: Since the man is still on the phone. Looks like a nice doable dream.

Logan: Hi Ellen. I'm so glad you agreed to go on a date with me.
Rachel: *squeal of glee*

Rachel: Careful Ellen you almost knocked his head off.

Rachel: Awe.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Grads Logan. So how are things going with Ellen?
Logan: Really well! She's on her way over for another date!

Rachel: I guess they are going really well.

Rachel: More puppies?

Rachel: Grads again Logan!
Logan: Thanks.

Rachel: Welcome Samantha, Dev and Fini!

Rachel: they are so cute.

Logan: Ellen I would love nothing more than for you to be my wife.

Ellen: Oh my goodness, we haven't known each other that long but. . .

Ellen: YES!

Rachel: Nice going again! So how will you celebrate?
Logan: Another date with Ellen of course.

Rachel: By puppies. See you soon, I hope.

Rachel: Welcome new puppies!

Rachel: Hello to Alex, Nacy and Wendigo.

Rachel: Bye again.

Rachel: Wow! Time sure flew!
Me: Next time we see Logan will be the Caligula lot when he marries Ellen. She is an heiress and all. I picked her over Jewel because Jewel wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens and that will be easier for her if she is single.

Points: 3 for money

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Forsythe Round 5

3 Romance Sims
Oh look, it's another new lot. The guys are Ares and Zeus Knight, sons of Cora and Jazz. Zeus is the twin of Apollo but he is living with his wife. I guess twins can't do everything together. Ares is the next oldest. His girlfriend is Snow Forsythe. She is one of the oldest twins of Rose and Bryon. Her twin is Rain. She met Ares in high school. The two fell hard and fast for each other which is not too surprising since they are both romance sims! The surprising part is they have remained faithful but their LTW are career oriented. Finally we have Quita Morelli. She has a famous father from a different incarnation. She was set up on a blind with Zeus in high school. She wasn't too sure about him at first, being a romance sim herself, but the two finally hit it off. Zeus is pleasure so this house has 3, count them 3 romance sims. *sigh*

Me: The one saving grace is they all have career related Lifetime Wants.

Rachel: Raise your hand if this actually surprises you.

Rachel: Or this.

Rachel: See this is what happens when all you think about is WooHoo. At least it's with each other.
Snow: Would yo ushut up and call the fire department?
Rachel: Oh, sorry.

Rachel: Thank goodness you got dressed for this.

Ares: Will you marry me?
Rachel: Now this does surprise me.

Snow: Yes!

Rachel: I guess not everyone could get dressed.
Zeus: We did, but then we got undressed again. Anyway, Quita, will you marry?

Quita: Holy crap! That's huge!

Quita: Yes!

Rachel: Looks like another double wedding.

Rachel: So beautiful!

Rachel: Um wow!

Rachel: OK, let's get a move on people. We've got another couple to get married.

Snow: Isn't my husband handsome?
Zeus: Sure, now move.

Rachel: Yay! Everyone's married!

Rachel: Isn't it lovely?

Rachel: You had better get him back for that!

Rachel: You guys are silly.

Snow: Tata, see you later.
Rachel: It isn't time to go.
Snow: No but we want some private time.
Rachel: I see. I'll be back in the morning. Although I do need to point out that didn't stop you earlier.

Rachel: Hey, you're getting anothe Cat!

Rachel: Welcome Tiger Lily.

Rachel: Um, and Frankie.

Rachel: And Tina! Wow!
Zeus: Yeah, we want to maximize out breeding options.

Rachel: Speaking of breeding! Congrats!

Rachel: And to you Snow!


Rachel: *sigh* And you Ares!

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: At least you still got promoted.

Rachel: Baby!

Rachel: Jazz, why are you so confused? You've seen this several times. I realize it is your first grandchild, but pull yourself together man!

Rachel: Looks like the little one got your mom's skin Quita.

Quita: She sure did.
Rachel: She? So it's a girl?
Quita: Yep, meet Padme.

Rachel: Sweet the other baby!

Rachel: Looks like this one is taking after both their grandmas.

Snow: Sure is. Meet our son, Yoda.
Rachel: Welcome Yoda.

Rachel: Looks like Jazz is ready to meet both his grandkids.

Jazz: She's cute, but she smells.
Rachel: Babies do that.

Rachel: Wow! It looks like Frankie just more than paid for himself.

Snow: Bees!!!
Rachel: I hope you aren't allergic!

Rachel: Holy crap! Another Cat?!?!
Zeus: Why the heck not?

Rachel: Congrats ladies!

Rachel: Birthday time!

Rachel: What a looker.

Rachel: Santos and Michaell aren't even at home and they're flirting. They are so sweet.

Rachel: Oh boy! It's the boy's birthday!

Rachel: He's a cutie.

Rachel: Walking time.

Rachel: Way to go Zeus!
Me: Another career lifetime want, sweet!

Rachel: What a nice fathering moment.

Rachel: Well, I think I need to get going. It's been lovely.
Points: 13
10 for money
2 for Padme and Yoda
1 for Zeus' Top of Career