Monday, June 16, 2008

Simmes 1 - Round 5

Get a Room
This is another new lot, surprise, surprise. This one belongs to the brothers George and Emmett Dante. They are the sons of Kayla and Benjamin. George was lucky enough to meet and fall in love with Libby Simmes while they were both in high school. Emmett didn't find love until he was in college. He did fall fast and hard for Jenn Simmers at that point. Emmett, George and Libby are all proud college grads and Emmett can hardly wait to invite Jenn to be a part of their family too.

Rachel: Hi guys. Getting another kitten right away I see.
Emmett: Thanks for bringing by Kyle.
Emmett: Would you like to move in honey?
Jenn: Yes!
Rachel: Wedding time!
Rachel: What a lovely wedding.
Rachel: OK, get a room.
Rachel: Awe. See that's just nice.
Rachel: Hurray! Another wedding!
Rachel: OK, now you two get a room.
Rachel: Thanks for listening.
Rachel: Glad you guys finally found a room.
Rachel: Nice try making your guests not know what you just did but Emmett gives it away.
Rachel: See what that sort of activity gets you.
Jenn: What? I'm happy about it.
Rachel: Congrats Libby!
Rachel: Oh and congrats Libby.
Libby: Thanks! I can't wait to be a mother!
-Awhile Later-
Rachel: Libby! What happen?
Libby: I went for a hike. I guess I forgot the sun screen.
Rachel: I guess.
Rachel: Congrats George!
Rachel: You sure are a lovely kitty.
Rachel: Good call man.
Rachel: Looks like everyone agreed it was a good call.
Rachel: That seems like the wisest thing.
Jenn: Holy crap!
Rachel: Not so happy about it now, are you?

Jenn: It's a girl. Meet Willow.
Rachel: What a pretty name.

Libby: Holy cow!!!

Libby: It's a girl. Meet Buffy.

Libby: I thought I was done! Crap!

Libby: It's another girl! Meet Glory.
Rachel: Hi ladies.

Rachel: Ut-oh.

Rachel: Welcome to adulthood Kyle.

Rachel: You guys sure are having back luck with chance cards.

Rachel: Dang it!

Rachel: At least you all are still getting promoted.

Rachel: Nice job!

Rachel: It's the babies' birthdays already?

Rachel: Um is she checking out Pluto Vega?

Rachel: Awe. What a pretty little girl.

Rachel: Straight to the potty.

Rachel: It's the twin's turns!

Rachel: Wait. Is SHE checking out Pluto Vega too?

Rachel: Let us see you honey.

Rachel: Wow, she's adorable!

Rachel: Finally Glory's turn. Wait a second! She's checking out Pluto too!!!
Me: Well he is the Hottest sim of all time!

Rachel: I think she's shy too.

Rachel: There you are honey.

Rachel: Time to teach our little ladies.

Rachel: Kitten!

Rachel: Welcome Lisa.

Rachel: what the?

Jenn: Hey? What is that?

Jenn: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Don't worry, Jenn was returned unharmed.

Rachel: And one last "awe" before we go.

Rachel: And with that, I bid you ado.

Points: 12
9 for money
3 for the little ones


Infinity-Nevermore said...

LOL! Jenn mentioned somewhere that whenever she gets dropped into a hood, she gets abducted. I guess it still rings true.
I think this round should be called "Dang Chance Cards!" The girls are adorable!

Melissa said...

The girls are adorable. Lots of little girls for you this time.

ASimWen said...

Err is are these names from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I never watched that show. I know Willow and Buffy are..but I don't know about Glory.

Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Wow, that is a lot of little girls in one house. I feel bad for George and Emmet...

SirenPrincess said...

Libby is gorgeous and she obviously has great genes, based off the children. They are cute. Any chance you'd be willing to share her with me? Ha, before long I'm going to have Prosperity Point and Prosperity Falls townies running Emerald Isle.

I've had the worst luck with hobby chance cards myself. It doesn't seem to matter which one I pick. Thanks to the work aspiration benefits, work chance cards always seem to go well now, but those darn hobby ones I always end up picking wrong.

As for the Pluto thing, I've seen this sort of thing in my hood, too. What I think I might have figured out is that sims give that reaction when a popularity sim is in the end room. Is Pluto popularity? If so, then maybe I figured that out right.

Kerry said...

Pretty little girls! And the cats are really attractive--should be a cute kitten, too.

Galena said...

All three new sims have good taste. If I were in Prosperity Point I would check out Pluto too.

Anyway, rough week for Jenn it seems. Spent all that time trying to get in, then marriage, baby and abduction.

ciyrose said...

That picture of Libby right before the birth almost looks angelic. Buffy is a CUTIE! All of the girls are, but wow.

Those chance cards can be brutal.

I've got to learn how to add sims to hoods....I mean I'm sure you have to be able to add them to more than one hood.....just have no idea how.