Saturday, June 14, 2008

Norwood 1

I Drawz Pit-ture
Today we find ourselves at, you guessed it, another new house. This one belongs to the oldest twins of Bronx and Amethyst Rosada. Tanzanite and Zircon and both very nice guys. They spent their teenage years looking for love. Zircon got lucky first when the matchmaker set him up with Shasta Norwood. Despite him stepping on her toes during their first date the two hit it off (3 bolts) and have never looked back. Tanzanite decided to try his luck with the matchmaker after seeing his brother find love so easily. Things didn't go as well for him but his dad did invite his friend Karoline Bach over. It turns out he found the love of his life, almost on his own. The four-some went off to college together and are now back to Prosperity Point.

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Rachel: Where is everyone?
SNAG-0500.<span class=
Rachel: What? Doggie woohoo? I have no idea what's going on here.
SNAG-0501.<span class=
Rachel: Oh, there you are.
Tanzantite: Karoline, you're the love of my life. I t would make me the happiest man in the world if you would agree to be my wife.
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Karoline: Of course I will!
Rachel: Looks like I arrived at exactly the right time.
SNAG-0505.<span class=
Rachel: And these must be your dogs.
Karoline: Yes, this is Spike and Sarah. I do wish they would turn around. Humph. Oh, I need to get ready! The guests are arriving!
Rachel: Guests? Is it wedding time?
SNAG-0510.<span class=
Rachel: Oh hey guys. It's your wedding.
Zircon: Actually it's a double wedding. We're twins, we like to do everything, well almost everything, together.
Rachel: Should be lovely. I'll find a seat.
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SNAG-0517.<span class=
Rachel: What a lovely ceremony.
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Rachel: Another lovely ceremony.

Rachel: *clears throat* I said, another lovely ceremony.

Rachel: These two couples have very different ways of having fun.

Me: Um, wow.

Rachel: Did anyone not see this coming?

Rachel: Looks like they do have some passion too.

Rachel: Hi again Karoline. So I see you have taken up sewing.
Karoline: Yes, and I very much enjoy it. I really want to be able to sew clothes for my family.
Rachel: So a family is something you'd like?

Karoline: Very much.

Rachel: Hi Shasta. Looks like the twins would their kids to be the same age.
Shasta: They sure would. It's about to get very noisy around here.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Well, at least one. Welcome Ellie.

Rachel: Dang this family is growing fast!

Karoline: It's a girl!
Shasta: Holy crap! You mean I have to do THAT!?!?!
Rachel: Sure do.

Rachel: So what's your daughter's name?
Karoline: Meet Mercedes. You know, like the car.
Rachel: It's pretty.

Shasta: Holy crap this hurts!
Rachel: No, really?

Karloine: What is it?

Shasta: It's a boy, Chevy!

Rachel: Hey Zircon, get out of the way! We're trying to see your son!

Zircon: Isn't he just so handsome?
Rachel: Yes, very.
Me: Please don't get the nose, please don't get the nose.
Zircon: Did you say something?
Rachel: Nope, not me.

Me: I just thought this was hilarious! The thinking cap with the pirate's hat.

Rachel: That seems like the smart thing to do.

Rachel: Congrats Tanzanite!

Rachel: Looks like it was the right choice.

Rachel: Congrats to you too Karoline!

Rachel: Awe Spike. You're getting so old. That's OK, you're still a handsome doggie.

Rachel: Wow! Another promotion! Nice going man!

Rachel: Wow time sure does fly. Happy Birthday Chevy!

Rachel: What a handsome young man.
Me: Yes! He didn't get Zircon's nose!
Rachel: Shh!

Rachel: Happy birthday Mercedes!

Rachel: A really cutie!

Chevy: I draws pit-ture.

Mercedes: I drawz pic-ure too.

Chevy: Hug puppy. Good puppy.

Rachel: And a pretty doggie.

Rachel: Nice job Karoline!

Rachel: Bye Ellie. See you at someone else's house.

Zircon: Say Daddy.
Rachel: By the look on his face, he has no intention of saying daddy.

Rachel: Another puppy!

Rachel: Welcome Wilbur!

Rachel: And I guess that's my que to leave. This such a nice family. Can't wait to see you all again.

Points: 10
8 for Money
2 for Mercedes and Chevy


SirenPrincess said...

Those wedding shots were funny. I don't think I've ever seen the guy shocked by the girl pulling him in for a kiss. Mine is always the other way around. Interesting.

The toddlers were amazingly cute with the activity table. Oh my goodness, so cute.

I'm very interested to see how you do with the siblings living together in all of your houses. I'm thinking of adopting a similar strategy in some of my houses, but I'm curious if you will just not have enough rooms for sims eventually. Of course, as big as your neighborhood is now, it might be a long time before you get around to these houses again. It's interesting to me, anyway.

Thanks for another update.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow. I guess it's been a while and that's why I'm just amazed by the sheer size of this family. Seeing the kids with the table makes me want to install FT right now. The dog looks so cool.

ASimWen said...

Another great update as usual. Hum lemme see.... Chevy and Mercedes? Boy those names sound famaliar....LOL


Anonymous said...

That was quite a flying start! And your naming system continues to amuse.

Kerry said...

Darling multicolored toddlers! Looks like a nice family, very busy but happy. The kids get the benefit of siblings without actually having any!

Fun to read--

ciyrose said...

You have quite a rainbow of toddlers this round. Purple, green, blue, pink's fun!

This family will be busy, but fun to see later.

I LOVE Shasta....can't wait to get her grown up in Fellowship One too. I REALLY need to play again.