Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cooprider 4 - Round 5

Excuse Me?
Welcome to yet another new lot. First we will start with Dolphin
Cooprider elder daughter of Michaell and Santos. She met fell in love with Ian Kaufman (Toddler Mania transplant) while in high school. Ian's sister, Natalie, met Pluto Vega while he was still a child. Pluto is one of Coqui
and Andre Vega's 8 million sons. He is also actually Dolphin's uncle since her father Santos, is his half brother.

Me: Before we get started let's take a look at everyone's Lifetime Wants.

Me: Ah yes, everyone here is a Family Sim except Dolphin.

Rachel: Wow a wedding already?
Dolphin: Well not quite. Ian, hun, you aren't really planning on wearing that are you?
Ian: I guess not.

Rachel: Much better. Now can you start?
Dolphin: Yes.

Rachel: What a lovely wedding.

Rachel: All right. Get a room!

Rachel: Wait! I was kidding.
Dolphin: Oh, no. We're letting Natalie and Pluto have their turn.
Rachel: Oh, good.

Rachel: Hi there Natalie. You sure do look lovely. Where's Pluto?
Natalie: He just isn't here yet.

Natalie: *sings a happy tune*

Rachel: Finally! There you are Pluto.
Pluto:*sings* Goin' to the chapel. . .
Rachel: At least you're in the right frame of mind.

Rachel: Another lovely ceremony.

Rachel: Get down you two! Ian, sweet tunes!

Rachel: Yay cake time!

Dolphin: Open up!

Rachel: Time to work off that cake.
Me: OK then. Well I guess that means the wedding was a roof raiser.

Rachel: Oh boy! You guys are getting a dog!

Natalie: Welcome to the family Georgie.
Me: I think we can guess why Natalie is thinking about Pluto.

Rachel: And a puppy!!!

Natalie: Welcome to you too Sarah. Now go make friends with Georgie.

Me: Time to pick secondary aspirations.

Rachel: Interesting choices folks.

Rachel: How'd it work out?
Natalie: Good.
Rachel: Good.

Rachel: Happy day! Congrats!

Rachel: Congrats to you too Ian!
Ian: Well thank you.

Rachel: Oh boy! You're going to be a mom!
Natalie: I couldn't be happier!

Rachel: You too Dolphin! Congrats!
Dolphin: Thanks. I'm sure Pluto will be beside himself happy.

Rachel: Another promotion! Awesome!
Pluto: Thanks but have you heard I'm going to be a father?
Rachel: I have. Congrats!

Rachel: Wait. Everyone here is married. Who called the match maker? The dogs?

Rachel: Now she's just scaring me.

Pluto: What is this?
Rachel: I have no idea.

Genie: Ah I am here. I am the magic genie. What do you wish for?
Pluto: Ah, nothing right now thanks.
Genie: Oh. Well. OK then.

Dolphin: FIRE!!!!
*Fire fighter puts the fire out*
Rachel: Everyone OK?
Dolphin: I think so, but do you hear screaming?

Natalie: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: What's you have?
Natalie: A girl. Meet Rosemary. Hun, can you hold your daughter?
Pluto: Sure, why?

Natalie: I'm having another baby!
Me: I guess that extra fertility worked.

Natalie: It's a boy! We'll call him Curry!

Rachel: So cute! What a lovely 4-some you all make. Wait, do you here something?

Rachel: Oh Dolphin you're having your baby too!

Rachel: Why do you look so confused Natalie? You JUST had twins. About a minute ago.
Natalie: It's just different. You know?
Rachel: Ah, sure.

Dolphin: It's a boy! Nutmeg.

Dolphin: Here, hold your son.
Rachel: Ahhhh, why?

Dolphin: I'm having another baby!!!
Me: Wait WHAT!?!?!
Ian: What the heck was that?
Rachel: Ah, nothing. I'll be right back. What the heck is wrong?
Me: OK, so Natalie and Pluto have extra fertility but Dolphin and Ian don't but two sets of twins! How did it happen? I don't get it! I guess we don't get puppies in this house then.

Dolphin: Welcome back. This one is a girl Ginger.
Rachel: Congratulations. I think this house is going to be really busy.

Rachel: Don't worry Sarah, we didn't miss you growing up.

Rachel: WOW! All 4 of you guys got promotions in the same day! Way to go!

Me: Hum, new Lifetime Want. I think it's the first time.

Rachel: Wowzers! That will help this very big family.

Rachel: It's two sets of twins birthdays! Happy Birthday Curry!

Rachel: Welcome home Natalie. Congrats on the promotion! But, oh no, you're sick! It's the twins' birthday! But stay away from then 'til you feel better. Eat some soup.

Rachel: Oh Curry you are a handsome fella. It's not surprising given your parents.

Rachel: Looks like Natalie didn't eat that soup fast enough. Ian, eat. . . Dang it! Natalie's sick again. Both of you, eat soup, quick!
*Awhile later*
All better

Rachel: Happy Birthday Ginger!

Rachel: Cutie.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Rosemary!

Rachel: Kung Fu Toddler!

Rachel: And finally, Happy Birthday Nutmeg!

Rachel: He looks just like his papa.

Rachel: Walking time.

Rachel: Nice going Ian!
Ian: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Speaking lessons. Thank goodness there are so many of you with this many kids.

Rachel: Wait, you're selling Sarah?

Pluto: Yes. It hardly seems fair to keep her here when she can't have puppies.

Shasta: I'll take Georgie too.
Rachel: Awe. Well at least they're going together.

Rachel: Looks like that will do it for this week. See you next time.

Points 24
18 from Money
4 New Sims
2 for Tops of Career


Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Wow, two sets of twins born on the same day. What are the odds? Good luck with these guys next round!

ASimWen said...

Heh what tricks the game will play on you! I know you handled two sets of twins just fine! hehehe They are beautiful!

Melissa said...

Fantastic job. Love the 2 sets of twins on the same day. Bet that was a shock!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Like I said before, you unknowingly reprogrammed the game to give you the babies you always cheesecaked before. Good thing there's a parent for all of them and one's perma-plat. Good job!

Kerry said...

Yeah, Prosperity Point population explosion! Even multiple family households don't slow your sims down!


Bubbs said...

Wow two sets of twins in the same house? That sure will be a busy house.

SirenPrincess said...

I'm very happy to see an update. Two sets of twins. I'd heard your cliff version of this, but it's neat to see. You're still out of space even giving away the dogs, though aren't you? Natalie still wants another baby. Are you going to wait until these grow up and move out? Or are you going to split them up. I find that my houses are all getting very full no matter what I do.

pinkfiend1 said...

Yay more updates!
I hate managing tons of toddlers. The homework teaching will seem like cake compared with training them all. Plus you've got the education bookcase lucky you!
You know the purple one looks like sim you. Alhtough it's prob just my imagination.

Galena said...

Evidently about here is when my computer died. Two sets of twins? Did you cheesecake?

Rachel said...

No cheesecake. I used the family perk to increase the chance of twins. Big mistake.

ciyrose said...

WOW...twins everywhere. At least keeping them separate is easy with one set being purple. :) So much fun, but looks REALLY busy. The Family Perk is interesting because sometimes it seems to work crazy good and other times doesn't seem to make much of a difference. :)