Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nettles 1 Round 5

Wow! That was Fast!
In case you weren't sure this is another new lot. There are still a lot to come too, sorry. Our pink friend here is Zucinni Rosada. He is Carrot's twin brother and son of Danielle and William. the lovely woman with him is his fiance Natalie Nettles, a former Fellowship townie. The two met in high school and never had eyes for anyone else.

Rachel: Hi there Natalie.
Natalie: Hi there Rachel.
Rachel: So how's the new house? Getting settled in?
Natalie: We like it a lot but it is a little big for just the two of us. But we're settling in well. I'm making some dinner for the Welcome Wagon. Turns out I really like cooking.
Rachel: That's good.
Natalie: Why's that?

Rachel: Turns out both you and Zucinni want to be celebrity chefs.
Natalie: Ah yes. Of course I knew that. Unfortunately there are no job opening in culinary right now so we had to take what we could get.

Rachel: Nice going Zucinni!
Zucinni: Thanks! It's not exactly what I want to do but hey $10,000 is awesome!
Rachel: Agreed!

Rachel: Getting a cat I see.
Zucinni: Not just one.

Rachel: Ah Kristi and McLachlan. Hoping for some kittens?
Zucinni: For sure.

Rachel: Wait. Two candy making machines? This can only mean one thing.
Natalie: That's right. We both got jobs in culinary.
Rachel: Sweet! No pun intended.

Rachel: Hey whose this?
Zucinni: This is my first cousin Tiger. He's going to move in with us.
Rachel: Really? How does Natalie feel about this?
Zucinni: Oh she's fine with it. She felt bad about him being on his own after college. You know, after what happened to Aunt Hedwig, his mom.
Rachel: Ah yes, a real tragedy. I'd imagine he didn't want to go back to that house ever again.
Zucinni: Certainly not. Even though he was just a baby when Great Grandpa scared her to death, it's just too hard for him.

Rachel: Welcome to your new home Tiger.
Tiger: Thanks Rachel. I am glad to be here. Now there is no time to waste.
Rachel: What do you mean?

Rachel: I need to find myself a wife. I can't let the Busto name die with me.
Rachel: Ahhh, I see. Wow $5,000. You are serious.
(Note: I decided when I had him spend $5,000 that he would couple with whomever fell from the sky as long as they weren't already involved with another playable sim)

Rachel: Kitty WooHoo. Oh sorry.

Tiger: Make her tall and smart and pretty.
Gypsy: It is done.

Tiger: She is pretty.
Rachel: Um, one problem.
Tiger: What?
Rachel: How do I say this nicely? She's beyond her child baring years.
Tiger: I don't follow.
Rachel: She's too old to help you carry on the family name.
Tiger: We'll figure that out later.
Rachel: Hum, OK.

Rachel:It does look like they like each other.

Rachel: A lot.

Rachel: Congratulations Natalie!
Natalie: Why thank you. I hope the house is big enough for two more.
Rachel: Two more?
Natalie: Look outside.

Rachel: She's moving in? After one date?
Tiger: What can I say? It's true love.

Rachel: I guess.

Moira: Yes, I'll marry you!

Rachel: Dang! This is going, really fast!

Rachel: Welcome to the house Moira

Rachel: Way to go Zucinni! The money will really help the growing family.
Zucinni: What do you mean?
Rachel: Natalie's pregnant and Moira moved in.
Zucinni: Whose Moira?
Rachel: Ask Tiger.

Me: Nice new LTW

Zucinni: Turns out I like games. I just didn't have time to play before.
Me: I know how that can be.

Rachel: Nice going Tiger!

Rachel: Way to go Tiger!

Natalie: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: It's time, it's time!!!

Zucinni: What am I supposed to do?
Rachel: Stay out of the way.

Natalie: It's a boy. We'll call him Hamster.
Rachel: Awe and he has his dad's pink eyes.

Rachel: Looks like the whole family is happy to welcome little Hamster.

Rachel: Speaking of welcoming new family members.

Rachel: Welcome Kevie, Krissy and Kyle.

Rachel: Awe good-bye Kevie and Kyle. I know the house was full. Same old story.

Zucinni: Lan Party!!!!

Rachel: Better luck next time Zucinni.

Me: Just gotta love when college sims fall back in love on their own.

Rachel: Nice going Natalie!
Natalie: Thanks Rachel!

Rachel: *Sings* Happy Birthday dear Hamster!

Rachel: What a handsome little man.

Rachel: Nice job Kristi!

Rachel: Zucinni you're glowing!
Zucinni: I am? I guess I'm just rocking this game.

Rachel: Nice job man.

Rachel: Tiger, what's going on?
Tiger: I told you I'd take care of continuing the Busto name.

Moira: Oh she is SO cute!
Rachel: Awe a girl. what's her name?
Moira: This is Bunny.

Rachel: Where's Krissy going?

Rachel: Oh Jewel's adopting her. That'll help her raise 20 puppies or kittens.

Rachel: I see you've taken up sewing.
Moira: Sure have. The way this family is growing I figure I need to be able to sew the little one's some clothes.
Rachel: Good idea.

Natalie: That's it. One foot in front of the other.

Rachel: And with that I must move on. Look at Tiger. He's such an adoring father.

Points: 13
9 for money
1 Top of Career for Zucinni
3 for new sims, Moira, Hamster and Bunny.