Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tellerman 1 Round 5

Welcome to another new lot. First we have Florida Ribeiro daughter of Abiail and um, crap I can't remember which of her woohoo buddies is Florida's father. She also has a twin sister California who is the heiress to the Ribeiro 2 house. Next is Georgia Tellerman, daughter of Jan Tellerman and Komeii, same last name but no relation. Abigail and Jan were long time lovers and just recently married so the girls were raised as sisters. Next we have Carrot Rosada, son of Danielle and William. He has lots of siblings, lets leave it at that. Speaking of lots of siblings our final household member Mercury Vega, son of Andre and Coqui who have produced more Prosperity Point residents than any other 2 sims combined. Well maybe not but it sure does seem like it. Florida is with Carrot and Georgia is with Mercury. Oh and I almost forgot about their kitty Kristen who came from the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge via the Ribeiro 4 house.

Rachel: Wow I feel like I've been sleeping for a very long time.
Me: Ah, yeah you sorta have been. Sorry about that. Let's just blame it on the jerks that don't salt the alley and leave it at that.
Rachel: I have no idea what you're talking about, so let's just move on and talk to everyone here.
Me: One quick word of warning. All four people here are romantically inclined.
Rachel: All of them? Wow!

Me: At least they all have career related lifetime dreams.
Rachel: Well that's good. Hey! Where's Georgia go?

Rachel: There you are.
Georgia: Yeah. Did you see the clothes college gave us when we graduated? Yuck with a capital Y.
Rachel: Agreed.

Rachel: Looks like you guys are adopting a couple boy cats.

Mercury: Yep, we think Kristen should have her pick of mates.
Rachel: Sounds like a romancer, that's for sure.

Rachel: Oh looks like Florida took a trip to the beauty salon. It looks very. . .
Florida: Excuse us, can we have some private time?
Rachel: Oh. Sorry.

Looks like Georgia did too but, um I think they need some private time too.


Me: Sorry it was just too funny.

Rachel: Why do you have a photo booth in your living room?
Mercury: Um, they're a hit at parties?
me: Or so they can have public WooHoo at home, take your pick.

Rachel: Looks like Kristen is leaning towards Tux as her mate.
*Secondary aspiration picking time*

Rachel: Taking up a new hobby Carrot?
Carrot: Yeah pottery. I think I'm pretty good.

Rachel: Maybe not.

Rachel: At least the art club has taken notice.

Rachel: Basketball Georgia?
Georgia: Yes! It's a lot of fun!
Rachel: Maybe I'll get a hoop too.
Georgia: Really? At your age?
Rachel: Hey!

Georgia: Oh no!
Rachel: Congratulations!
Georgia: What's wrong with you? I don't want a baby!
Rachel: Awe don't say that. Having you didn't ruin your mom's life.
Georgia: Well that is true. I guess it'll be all right.

Me: Me thinks Mercury's Romance aspiration and secondary Family Aspiration.

Rachel: Nice going Florida!!!
Florida: Thanks!
Rachel: Hey where'd Mercury go?
Florida: He said something about the Muse II.
Rachel: A hobby lot! *Runs off*

Rachel: How's it going Mercury?
Mercury: Shh, learning.

Rachel: So is this a better time?
Mercury: Shh, drafting.

Rachel: Hey congrats Carrot!
Carrot: Well thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Looks like you to invited to your hobby lot too. Nice going!

Florida: Oh boy.
Rachel: Was that a good "oh boy" or a bad, "oh boy".

Rachel: Oh that's

Rachel: I see you made it to the sports hobby lot.
Georgia: I did and I'm making friends too.

Rachel: Um Samantha you sorta dove the completely wrong way.
Georgia: Ha ha I win!

Rachel: Um Mercury I don't know how to tell this but you're glowing man!
Mercury: Oh, don't worry I'm just in The Zone.

Rachel: Sweet you even get a cool plaque!

Me: Best Friends Forever, one of my favorite new things about Free Time.

Rachel: Florida looks to be an accomplished painter too.

Rachel: Wooh! Way to go!
Carrot: thanks! I'm going to look for a job in the slacker career now. This is WAY too much work.

Rachel: Um Mercury it probably isn't cool to check out your step-sister-in-law while she's making out with her husband in front of your wife. Not a good idea man.

Georgia: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Baby!!!!

Rachel: Alright everyone I want to see the baby.
Me: Readers want to see the baby.

Rachel: So what did you name this shy little guy?
Georgia: Meet Twix!

Rachel: Eeek, sorry Georgia.

Rachel: Looks like you're excelling Mercury. Congrats!

Rachel: Looks like Tux is the winner.

Rachel: Apparently everyone is happy about it.

Rachel: Georgia, what are you doing with this jank old car?

Florida: Ahhhhhhhh!
Rachel: Another baby!!!

Rachel: Is it a boy or a girl?

Florida: Another boy. We named him M&M.
Rachel: Wow he has his dad's pink eyes! Very cool!

Rachel: Looks like Mercury is expanding his hobby interests or trying to get promoted at work. Take your pick.

Rachel: Nice job Georgia! You'll be reaching the top before you know it.

Rachel: Wooh! The second top of career in the house!

Rachel: Wow, it's hard to believe it's Twix's birthday already!

Rachel: He's definitely Mercury's son! I think he'll be a real looker.

Rachel: Awe look at him drawing.
Me: One of my other favorite things new in Free Time is the toddler activity table.

Rachel: Way to go Tux!

Rachel: Looks like Twix is a little artist in training like his daddy.

Rachel: Wooh! Yet another top of career! Nice going Mercury!

Me: Looks like Mercury's secondary aspiration is taking over. But in case you all didn't notice, we skipped something due to everyone's aspiration.
Rachel: What?
Me: You'll see.

Georgia: Yes! I'll Marry you!
Rachel: I see now.

Rachel: Wow a wedding already?
Me: Yeah before either of them changes there minds

Rachel: Lovely. Why is Florida wearing a wedding dress too?

Rachel: OK kids.

Rachel: OK.

Rachel: OK get a room kids.

Florida: Yes, yes, yes!
Rachel: I get it now.

Florida: All right our turn now.

Rachel: Yeah you two need a room now too.

Rachel: Ah all the wonders of having a toddler in the house. Just wait, you'll have another soon.

Florida: I guess you weren't kidding, it's already M&M's birthday.

Rachel: Dang look at that mane!

Rachel: Ah yes, Bob Profitt is Florida's dad.

Rachel: Awe!

Rachel: Wow! Again Carrot! But what about the slacker career?
Carrot: I can't seem to find a job in it.

Rachel: Mercury did you just finish this car?
Mercury: Sure did. It was a whole group project thing.

Rachel: Kittens!!!

Rachel: Or kitten! Welcome Kylie.

Mercury: Say dad, daaaad.
Twix: Da.
Mercury: Great job!

Rachel: And with that I must leave you for this week. See you all later.

Points: 19
Tops of Career: 4 (Carrot x 2, Mercury & Florida)
New Sims: 2 (Twix & M&M)
Money: 13

They also got one hobby plaque


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Great to see Prosperity Point back on line! Don't strain your wrist, though--


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Glad to see all the TOCs. Haha, yes, get them married while they won't cry about it. M&M is adorable! We'll patiently wait till you feel better for the next update.

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Glad to see the freetime elements in your post. Congrats on your first hobby plaque.

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Take your time with your wrist on your updates...we will wait patiently. :)

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Great update and good to know that your wrist is feeling a bit better.

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So great to read tales of Prosperity Point once more. Loved this one and the new yummy additions to the family.
Take it easy. :)

ciyrose said...

The kids sure do have interesting genes! Twix is interesting looking so far, but he is Mercury's son so I'm sure he will be very good looking. M&M has a CRAZY mix of her mom and dad.....those pink eyes with the blond hair and light skin looking very cool!

ciyrose said...

The kids sure do have interesting genes! Twix is interesting looking so far, but he is Mercury's son so I'm sure he will be very good looking. M&M has a CRAZY mix of her mom and dad.....those pink eyes with the blond hair and light skin looking very cool!