Monday, May 28, 2018

Rosada 4 - Round 8

Family of Love
Last time Rogue worked on her Lifetime Want of Raising 20 puppies or Kittens with a revolving door of puppies. Rogue and Pie's daughter, Phoenix, worked on making friends with some of the boys in the neighborhood.  Ariana and Rogue showed themselves to be the closest mother/daughter duo in town. Adrian was around but nothing noteworthy happened with him.

Rachel: Wow, we're hitting the ground running here. Happy Birthday Zachy! How many does that make Rogue?
Rogue: Not sure, but we're close.
Rachel: Nice going !
Phoenix: Welcome home Mommy!
Rogue: Thanks sweetie.
Rachel: Nice to see the next generation with such a strong bond just like the one before it.
Pie: *sings* I lovvve youuuu
Rachel: How sweet, This family is full of love.
Rachel: Homework time, I'll keep moving.
Rachel: Looks like a great way to spend to send your day off, playing video games.
Phoenix: Yeah but I think I'm going to ask my friend December to come over.
Rachel: That's good plan. He's age appropriate too!
Rachel: December, do you like this house?
December: It's OK.
Rachel: Do you think you could see yourself living here some day?
December: What?
Phoenix: Hey! We're trying to play here!
Rogue: Oh I just love puppies sooooo much!
Rachel: Congratulations you did it!!! 
Rachel:  Wait, where did the dog go?
Rachel: There you are. Happy Birthday Cori!

Rachel: Nice going Grandson!
Pie: Oh I love how you come welcome me home every day sweetheart.
Phoenix: Congrats on the promotion Daddy.
Rachel: Oh hey Adrian. Long time no see.
Rachel: Ah sorry. I guess he's busy. It's sweet how much in love these two are still.
Phoenix: Good girl.
Rachel: Do you think you'll want to raise a bunch of puppies or kittens some day?
Phoenix: Nah. I like them but not THAT much.
Rachel: Happy Birthday Benny! Puppy #21.
Brett: I get good grades. What about you? Do you get good grades? 'Cause I do.
Phoenix: Yeah, you're a bit much.
Rachel: She is thinking really hard about that wish. Happy Birthday Phoenix!
Rachel: I love this outfit for you! What would you like out of life?
Phoenix: Love, lots and lots of love. This ill be a house of love!
Rachel: Oh boy. Um, but you're an heiress.
Phoenix: So. Heiresses need love too.
Rachel: Humph.
Phoenix: I've gotta keep this body tight!
Rachel: WOW!
Rachel: Wonderful job Pie!
Pie: Thank you Grandma!
Rachel: And with that, I must move on.

I missed the final image. So instead we've got Adrian and Ariana getting a bit too close.
Points: 1 for Pie's top of career

Forsythe 1 - Round 8

A Doting Family
Last time, I was doing a Jar Challenge which required someone to counterfeit until they got caught. They never did but but Bryan managed to set multiple fires in the process. That did not help with their home business venue ratings. I was supposed to continue the challenge but I forgot. Hamster was angry with Sunshine for some reason but they eventually made up. Risky Woohoo left Rain pregnant even though they already had an heiress. Other than that, there was skilling, pet training, and career advancement.
Rachel: Hi guys! Oh Mars, I'm sorry for the loss of your father, Andre. Glad to see you're in good spirits.
Mars: Thanks Rachel. Dad was such a happy man. He lives on in his many kids and grand kids.
Rachel: Speaking of which, he should have a new grandchild pretty soon.
Rain: Any day now!
Santos: Oh hello in there baby! Are you a boy or a girl?
Rain: Um, I know you're all about family but I don't really know you well enough for you to be talking to my belly.
Rain: Ahhhh!!!!
Rachel: Baby time!!!
Butler: What is going on?
Rachel: Really dude?
Rachel: Well, is it a boy or a girl?
Rain: This is Lightning, our second daughter.
Rachel: Awe, it looks like she really adores you.
Me: Hum, playing with Lightning, that's not the best idea. *chuckles*
Rachel: What?
Me: Nothing, I'm just weird, that's all.
Rain: That's my cutie baby.
Lightning: *giggles*
Rachel: Um, Santos, please let Rain and Lightning have some time. You're being a bit inappropriate.
Santos: But she's a cute baby and I love babies.
Rachel: Seriously, that's creepy. Save it for your own grand kids.
Rachel: Nice job Spunky!
Rachel: You too Dev!
Rachel: Really, more kids talking politics? Very odd.
Rachel: Oh looks like political satire.
Sirius: Oh Sunshine, you are SO funny. 
Sunshine: Rachel, did you know Sirius is the nephew of my friend Tunstall?
Rachel: I did in fact know that.
Sunshine: Maybe we'll get married some day.
Rachel: Maybe, we'll have to see. I thought you thought boys were stupid?
Sunshine: Most are but he gets my jokes.
Rachel: Nice work Mars!
Sunshine: Hi Daddy! Great job on the promotion. How about a spin?
Mars: Of course I love my girls!
Rachel: Uh both hands please.
Rachel: Better.
Mars: My little girl is growing up.
Rachel: Sure is. Happy Birthday Sunshine!
Rachel: Fitting outfit for how much she likes sports.
Sunshine: I would like to know everything!
Rachel: Yeah she will not settle for a stupid boy, only smart ones for her.
Rachel: Oh I love the new hair do!
Sunshine: Thanks!
Rachel: Nice!
Rachel: Well hello Rose! Haven't seen you yet this visit.
Rose: Oh, hey Rachel. I just adore my grand daughters!
Rachel: I can tell.
Rachel: You can just tell these two adore one another.
Me: *laughing hysterically* Sorry Rain, not gonna happen!
Rachel: Nice work Bryan. Maybe you and Sunshine can go to the art studio together some time.
Rachel: Nice work Dev.
Rachel: Yuck! Quick go take a shower before the customers get upset!
Rachel: Happy Birthday Lightning!
Mars: *sniff* My girls are growing up so fast.
Rachel: I see she got the elf ears just like her sister.
Rachel: Seems like a good choice for Sunshine.
Rachel: Sorry Bryan.
Rain: Walk to Mama.
Mars: *sniff* I can't believe she is learning to walk.
Rachel: She's a fast learner. I love her hair too!
Lightning: *Giggles*
Rachel: Adorable.
Rachel: Rose?!?!
Rose: And then you lay on the ground like you're dead.
Rachel: Oh of course, just teaching Dev to play dead.
Rachel: Lightning, move away from the dog food! How does this happen with how much they dote on her in this house?
Rain: Say Mama.
Lightning: Mama.
Rain: Say Dada.
Lightning: Dada.
Rain: Now say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Lightning: *blinks*
Rachel: He's finally getting it!
Rose: Yeah it's taking awhile. Remember how he chased his tail when we first adopted him?
Rachel: Sure do.
Sunshine: We need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
Rachel: She is quite smart.
Rachel:  Oh and Jacquan likes it! Sunshine, hey check him out.
Sunshine: He's hot!
Jacquan: I'm not a piece of meat.
Rachel: Opps.
Rachel: Oh no not Spunky!
Rachel: Reka is very upset.
Rachel: Why do these things happen in the bathroom so often?
Rachel: Sunshine! No!
Sunshine: But I like him.
Rachel: Not a good idea.
Rachel:See? It's the stuff with Hamster all over again.
Rachel: Adorable singing moment.
Rachel: There you go, flirt.
Rachel: Adorable snuggling moment.
Rachel: Seriously? This girls is so adored and yet she falls asleep on the pet bed? *shakes head* I just don't get it.
Rachel: A little bowling I see.
Sunshine: Yeah. Keep the customers happy and play some sports.
Rachel: And befriend someone you'll be at University with.
Sunshine: Really? He's just a kid. Look at him bowling.
Rachel: Give him time.
Rachel: I see you grandpa made you a beautiful new outfit.
Sunshine: Yeah, I really like it!
Rachel: Awe Mars is best friends with his youngest. Too cute!
Rachel: Time train Reka.
Rachel: Pretty sure she's smarter than Dev 'cause she's catching on a lot faster.
Rachel: Ghost of Spunky, don't scare customers!
Rachel: Sorry Bonkers.
Rachel: Oh, opps. I'll give you a minute.
Rachel: Sorry about that Bonkers.
Rachel: Nice work Sunshine! Do you think Jacquan will be joining you? You two seemed to hit it off.
Sunshine: Nah, I'm going to concentrate on my education. Boys can wait.
Rachel: Sounds like a plan.
Points: 2
1 for Lightning
1 for Mars' Top of Career