Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Family Trees


Abigail Ribeiro - Ribeiro
Adrian Rosada (Lancaster) - Lancaster
Aimee Ribeiro - Ribeiro
Alex Ribeiro - Ribeiro
Amber Ribeiro - HolidayRibeiro, Vega
Amethyst Rosada - Vega
Amethyst Sylvaen - Lancaster
Andre Vega (Holiday) - HolidayVega
Andromeda Vega HolidayVega
Anji  Rosada HolidayVega
Aphrodite Knight HolidayRibeiro
Apollo Ziese (Knight) Holiday
Aquamarine Rosada - Lancaster
AracelyVega - Vega
Ares Forsythe (Knight) HolidayLancaster
Arial Vega - Dante,VegaZiese
Ariana Rosada - Lancaster
Aston Vega (Dante) - Dante,Vega
August Dante - DanteHolidayZiese
Aurora Anderson - Ziese
Australia Vega - Lancaster, Vega

Bassette Morreli - Ziese
Benguiant Vega - DanteLancasterVega
Benjamin Dante (Ribeiro) - Dante,
Bethany Ribeiro - Ribeiro
Blazer Sims HolidayVega
Biff Rosada (Dante) - DanteRibeiroVega
Bob Profitt - Ribeiro
Brendon Skywalker (Lancaster) - Lancaster
Brett Cooprider DanteHoliday
Bronx Rosada (Vega) - Vega
Bryan Forsythe (Lancaster) - Lancaster
Buffy Simmes - DanteRibeiro
Bumblebee Cooprider - Dante
Bunny Busto - Lancaster
Burgandy Rosada - LancasterRibeiro
Butterfly Cooprider DanteHoliday

C. Crows Rosada (Ribeiro) - LancasterRibeiro
Cali Ribeiro HolidayRibeiroVega
California Ribeiro - DanteRibeiro
Cake Anderson (Ziese) - Ziese
Canada Vega - Lancaster, Vega
Carrot Tellerman (Rosada) - LancasterRibeiro
Cedar Elven - Dante
Celery Rosada - DanteHolidayLancaster
Chandler Holiday - DanteHoliday
Cheese Cake Ziese - Ziese
Chevy Norwood - Vega
Cookie Ziese - Ziese
Cooper Cooprider (Kaufman) - Dante
Copper Rosada (Monarch) - Lancaster
Coqui Vega - HolidayVega
Cosby Caligula HolidayLancaster
Cougar Ribeiro (Lancaster) - LancasterRibeiro
Croissant Ziese - Ziese
Cucumber Vega (Rosada) HolidayVega
Curry Kaufman HolidayVega

Dakota Caligula (Holiday)  Holiday
Daniel Skywalker - Lancaster
Danielle Rosada - Lancaster
Danish Lost (Ziese) - Ziese
Danton Te Waiata (Holiday)  Holiday
December Dante - DanteHolidayZiese
Desmond Ribeiro - Ribeiro
Destin Dante (Holiday) - DanteHoliday
Dolphin Cooprider - Vega
Donut Lost (Ziese)- Ziese
Dorito Te Waiata HolidayRibeiro
Dory Ziese Holiday
Dragonwell Rosada - LancasterRibeiro
Driver Cooprider  DanteHoliday
Dusk Rosada - Lancaster, Vega


Earth  Rosada (Vega) HolidayVega
Easter Sylvaen - Lancaster
Eclair Ziese Holiday
Eleah Ziese - LancasterZiese
Elizabeth Ziese HolidayZiese
Ellen Caligula HolidayLancaster
Emerald Rosada - DanteRibeiroVega
Emmett Simmers (Dante) - DanteRibeiro
England Vega (Vega) - Vega
Erika Ziese - Ziese
Erin Lost - Ziese
Eros Knight Holiday
Erv Vega (Ziese) - Dante,VegaZiese


Fairyfly Cooprider - Dante
Falcon Ribeiro - RibeiroVega
Fig Te Waiata Holiday
Firestarter Lost - Ziese
Florida Tellerman - LancasterRibeiro
Flute Ziese HolidayZiese
Fog Vega (Forsythe) - Lancaster, Vega
Ford Lancaster (Ribeiro) - LancasterRibeiro
Forest Rosada - Lancaster


Galadrial Elven - Dante
Geni Rosada - Lancaster, Vega
George Simmes (Dante) - DanteRibeiro
Georgia Tellerman HolidayRibeiro, Vega
Germany Rosada (Vega) LancasterVega
Gina Vega - Dante, LancasterVega
Ginger Cooprider - Vega
Giraffe Holiday HolidayLancaster
Glory Simmes - DanteRibeiro
Grasshopper Cooprider - Dante
Grimlock Lost - Ziese
Gwyndolynn Ziese - Lancaster, Ziese
Gyokuro  Rosada HolidayVega


Hamster Nettles - Lancaster
Hedwig Busto - Lancaster
Heino - Dante
Hot Rod Lost - Ziese
Howie Dante (Busto) - Dante


Ian Cooprider (Kaufman) - Vega
Ian Dante (Ziese) - DanteHolidayZiese


Jack Holiday (Lost) - DanteHoliday
Jack Russell Morreli - Ziese
Jaguar Lancaster - LancasterRibeiro
James Simmers (Lancaster) - Lancaster
Jan Ribeiro (Tellerman) - Ribeiro
Janeane Caligula HolidayRibeiro
Jasper Ribeiro (Rosada) - Ribeiro, Vega
Javert Kirkendall - Lancaster
Jazz Knight (Holiday) Holiday
Jello Ziese - Ziese
Jenn Simmers - DanteRibeiro
Jennifer Dante - DanteRibeiro
Jessie Ribeiro (Day) - Ribeiro
Jewel Ribeiro - Ribeiro
Jodie Simmes  - Vega
Joe Vega (Knight) - Vega
Joey Holiday - DanteHoliday
Juliette Ribeiro HolidayRibeiro, Vega
Jupiter Ziese (Holiday) HolidayZiese

Kalliope Caligula Holiday
Karoline Bach - Vega
Kate Ribeiro - LancasterRibeiro
Kayla Dante - Dante
Kelly Rosada - Lancaster
Kendall Ribeiro - Ribeiro
Kent Holiday (Rosada) HolidayLancaster
Kiwi Te Waiata HolidayRibeiro
Komeii - Ribeiro
Kool-Aid Vega - Vega
Kora Knight Holiday
Kricket Cooprider - Dante

Lager Vega - Vega
Leeland Cooprider (Dante) - DanteHoliday
Leo Robins - Ribeiro
Libby Ribeiro - RibeiroVega
Libby Simmes DanteRibeiro
Lightning Forsythe HolidayLancaster, Vega
Lily Dante - Dante
Live Te Waiata (Ribeiro) HolidayRibeiro
Liza Dante - Dante
Logan Caligula (Rosada) HolidayLancaster
Lucida Vega - Dante, Lancaster, Vega
Lynn Sims HolidayVega


M&M Knight (Tellerman) HolidayLancasterRibeiro
Malachite Simmes (Rosada) - Vega
Mango Cooprider (Te Waiata) DanteHoliday
Mantis Cooprider - Dante
Marius Kirkendall - Lancaster
Mars  Forsythe (Vega) HolidayLancaster, Vega
Mary Robins - Ribeiro
Marty Ziese - Ziese
May Dante - DanteHolidayZiese
Mercedes Bach - Vega HolidayVega
Mercury Tellerman  (Vega) - HolidayRibeiro, Vega
Messara Sims HolidayVega
Metro Kirkendall (Rosada) - Lancaster
Mexico Vega - Lancaster, Vega
Michaell Cooprider - Vega
MJ Morreli (Ziese) - Ziese
Monet Simmers - DanteLancaster
Monica Holiday - DanteHoliday
Moira Jenkins - Lancaster
Moss Cooprider (?) - Vega
Mustang Sims HolidayVega

Natalie Anderson - Ziese
Natalie Kaufman HolidayVega
Natalie Nettles - Lancaster
Nate Rosada (?) - Vega
Navy Skywalker (Rosada) - Lancaster
Neptune Ribeiro (Vega) - HolidayRibeiroVega
Nutmeg Cooprider - Vega


O'Keefe Simmers - DanteLancaster
Oak Ribeiro (Dante) - DanteRibeiro
October Rosada (Dante) - DanteHolidayLancaster
Orca Cooprider - Vega
Orion Vega HolidayVega


Padme Morrelli Holiday
Pallas Lancaster - LancasterRibeiro
Pania Te Waiata Holiday
Parker Rosada - Lancaster
Pear Te Waiata Holiday
Phoebe Holiday HolidayLancaster
Phoenix Rosada - LancasterZiese
Piccalo Ziese HolidayZiese
Pie Rosada (Ziese) - Lancaster, Ziese
Pine Elven (Dante) - Dante
Pineapple Te Waiata  Holiday
Plurk Rosada - Lancaster, Vega
Pluto Kaufman (Vega) HolidayVega
Pop Vega - Vega
Pudding Ziese - Ziese
Puma Lancaster - LancasterRibeiro


Quavi Robbins Holiday
Quita Morrelli Holiday


Rachel Ziese - Ziese
Rain  Forsythe HolidayLancasterVega
Randy Ziese (London) - Ziese
Raven Ribeiro - LancasterRibeiro
REM Caligula (Ribeiro) HolidayRibeiro
Ricky Vega (Flanagan) - Vega
Risto Ribeiro (Cooprider) - Ribeiro
Rogue Rosada - LancasterZiese
Romaine Rosada - DanteHolidayLancaster
Rosario Vega - Vega
Rose Dante - Dante,
Rose Forsythe - Lancaster
Rosemary Kaufman HolidayVega
Ross Holiday - DanteHoliday
Royal Ziese (Rosada) - LancasterZiese
Ruby Rosada  - Vega
Rum Vega - Vega


Samantha Simmes - Vega
Santos Cooprider (Vega) - Vega
Sapphire Rosada - Vega
Sarah Ribeiro - LancasterRibeiro
Sariss Skywalker - Lancaster
Sasha Dante - DanteHoliday
Sawyer Robins (Ribeiro) - Ribeiro
Sayid Lost - Ziese
Sayid Ribeiro - Ribeiro
Scarlet  Rosada HolidayVega
Scorpian Simmers (Cooprider) - DanteLancaster
Sea Lion Cooprider - Vega
Shark Cooprider - Vega
Shasta Norwood - Vega
Shiba Inu Morreli - Ziese
Sirius Ribeiro - LancasterRibeiro
Sleet Vega (Forsythe) - DanteLancaster,Vega
Snow Forsythe - HolidayLancaster
Squash Ribeiro (Rosada) - LancasterRibeiro
Strawberry Te Waiata - Holiday
Stormy Skywalker - Lancaster
Sun Lost - Ziese
Sun Ribeiro - Ribeiro
Sunshine  Forsythe HolidayLancaster, Vega

Tanzanite Bach (Rosada) - Vega
Teal C Rosada - DanteRibeiroVega
Temperance Kirkendall - Lancaster
Temple Vega - Dante,Vega
Tiger Jenkins (Busto) - Lancaster
Tomato Rosada - DanteHoliday Lancaster
Tunstall Ribeiro - Ribeiro
Twitter Vega - Dante,VegaZiese
Twinkie Caligula HolidayRibeiro
Twix Tellerman HolidayRibeiroVega

Ultramarine Rosada - Lancaster
Uranus  Sims (Vega) HolidayVega


Velo Ziese (Sylvaen) - Ziese
Venice Holiday - DanteHoliday
Venus Vega HolidayVega
Victoria Ziese - Ziese
Violet Rosada - Lancaster
Vincent Sylvaen (Simmers) - Lancaster
Virginia Ribeiro - DanteRibeiro
Vodka Vega - Vega


Wanda Caligula HolidayLancaster
Wen Simmers - Lancaster
Will Te Waiata (Ryan) Holiday
William Rosada (Lancaster) - Lancaster
Willow Simmers - DanteRibeiro


Xara Morreli - Ziese
Xuan Ribeiro (Robins) - Ribeiro
Xuane Ziese (Skywalker) - Ziese


Yoda Forsythe HolidayLancaster


Zachary Rosada (Lancaster) - Lancaster
Zebra Holiday HolidayLancaster
Zeno Ribeiro (Sylvaen) - Ribeiro
Zeus Morrelli (Knight) Holiday
Zircon Norwood (Rosada) - Vega
Zucinni Nettles (Rosada) - Lancaster

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Vega 2 Round 8

Timing is Everything!

Last time brother and sister, Benguant and Gina, spent a bunch of time together bonding and made friends of their own. All the dogs worked on skills and their careers. Benguant grew to a teen and went off to University (I didn't get n opening picture so the one below is the ending one from last time). That's about it. Not much to report.

Rachel: Oh hey guys! Hardly saw either of you last time.
Temple: We were all focused on the grand kids. Now that Benguant is off, we have a little more time for our hobbies.

Rachel: Speaking of hobbies, I see Sleet is int the zone right now.

Rachel: Um Temple?
Temple: Yes?
Rachel:  Do you think this is really the best time and place to take a bath?
Temple: Sure.
Rachel: OK then.

Rachel: Hi Aston, doing some shopping today?
Aston: Yes.
Rachel: Do you know why Moss is just standing here looking at us?

Aston: No! What do you care anyway?
Rachel: How about art? Any thoughts on that?
Aston: No!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Milo!

Rachel: Hey Jello!
Jello: Hey Grandma! Great to see you!

Gina: Sorry to interrupt  but during a chess game isn't really the best time for a family reunion?
Rachel: Sorry Gina.

Rachel:  Great job Kimmy! Now please stop barking at the carpool.

Rachel:  Nice!

Rachel: Oh no not Trixie!
Me: We're losing a Sim or a pet pretty much every house.

Rachel: Ah all the dogs are so sad. Wait...Gina...what are you doing?
Gina: I needed a bath. What?
Me: Maybe I should stop having bath tubs on the lawn for washing dogs.

Rachel: Who are you talking to?
Gina: My brother.
Rachel: Nice.

Rachel:  No idea why Lucida seems annoyed by Yoda.

Rachel: You guys are so sweet.

Rachel: I'll leave you two alone.

Rachel: I think so too.

Rachel: Teaching Mark some new skills?
Temple: Yep.

Rachel: Nice snow angel!
Aston: I just love the outdoors.
Rachel: Not sure who made the evil snowman. Gina made a nice one last time.

The penguin doesn't seem to mind.

Rachel: Nice job!

Rachel: Nice.
Rachel: Wow Aston is all about hobbies right now!

Rachel: Cool.

Rachel: Nice!

Rachel: Looks like Gina is making another friend. Oh it's my grandson Jack Russell!
Jack Russell: Hi Grandma!
Rachel: Gina's an heiress, she could be a good match for you.

Gina: Welcome home Mommie.
Rachel: Aweee.
Rachel: Dude! When a child is asleep in bed isn't really a good time to invite them to a place to play games.

Sleet: Come on son, punch me right here.

Lucida: You could become a pharmacist if you want.
Bemguant: Maybe Mom, we'll see.

Rachel: Wow you guys really are enjoying nature this time.

Rachel:  Nice. And the chef knows the appropriate time to invite someone somewhere.

Gina: Weeeeeehhh!
Rachel: These two are really close siblings.
Me: I don't think I've ever seen a brother swing his sister before. 
Rachel: Yay my grandson is back! Now they're dancing together!

Rachel: How time flies! Happy Birthday Gina!

Gina: Look at my hand, it's so much bigger.

Rachel: What would you like in life?
Gina: Romance.
Rachel: Oh dear. Hey you like brown hair, that's good for Jack Russell.

Rachel: Working on some scholarships?
Gina: Yes but I really want to be best friends with my brother.
Rachel: Sorry Mark.

Rachel: Sorry Milo.

Rachel: Nice!

Rachel: Nice going! I guess it's time to go.
Gina: Not quite.
Gina: I decided I want to become a Hall of Famer.
Rachel: Cool.

Gina: Before I go I'd like to have a date.
Rachel: OK.
Me: Oh Devon Jonas from my pass a sim from back in the day.

Rachel: Well that's good for the date but not for my grandson.

Rachel: Interesting time to gain that skill Sleet.
Me: He's gonna need it in 3...2...1...

Gina: So this date is going really and I was wondering if you would want to go steady. 

Rachel: Oh no.
Me: Yeah Sleet's new skill dialog box was actually skill on the screen when his daughter was turned down to go steady.
Rachel: Sleet are you going to step in?
Sleet: No, I don't see these two ending up together.
Rachel: Neither do I.

Rachel: At least it skill ended well, except, uh Aston?
Aston: What I needed a bath?

Rachel: Dang that was her first kiss and she didn't get any of the usual fanfare and...

Rachel: was in front of her naked grandpa. Great timing!
Me: And I missed the final photo for this house too so we'll leave you here.
Points: 0, I think