Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cooprider 2 - Round 6

It's Meant To Be
Last time Michaell and Santos managed to not have any more kids. They kept working on skills, badges, their careers and raising dogs. That's all. Really.

Rachel: Welcome home Orca.
Orca: Thanks! It's great to be home.
Me: Now let's remind ourselves of Orca's Lifetime Want.
Me: There are a lot of these in this hood. *sigh*

Rachel: Hey it's Orca's boyfriend Moss.

Rachel: I really would have thought these kids were in love already.

Moss: Of course I'd love to move in!

Rachel: Considering your girlfriend's want, this is very doable.

Rachel: Sorry Orca.

Rachel: Wow, mega opps!

Rachel: What are you wishing for?
Michaell: Money, we're seriously poor now.

Moss: Orca, you would make me the happiest man alive if you would be my wife.

Orca: Yes!!!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Michaell!

Rachel: And Happy Birthday Santos! You guys are a great looking older couple.

Rachel: Wedding!

Rachel: Yay! What a lovely wedding!

Rachel: Yummm cake.

Rachel: Wow, that is one big mouth.

Rachel: I wonder if there will be a baby soon?

Rachel: Oh no dog fight!

Rachel: You go girl!

Rachel: Congrats Sam. You're still pretty.

Rachel: Happy birthday Ann! You're still so pretty.

Moss: Hold still girl.
Rachel: This is the price you pay for wanting so many pets in your life.

Rachel: Congrats!

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Or puppy. Welcome Mark.

Rachel: Nice going Moss!

Rachel: Oh no.

Rachel: Well Sam, I guess you're off the hook since you can't get a new job or have puppies.

Rachel: Congrats, there's a baby on the way!
Me: Raise your hand if something looks weird in this picture.

Rachel: A dog trainers work is never done.

Rachel: Good job.

Rachel: Great job Ann!

Rachel: Sorry Gloria.

Rachel: Way to go Keenan!

Rachel: Great going Ann!

Rachel: Nice Gloria!

Michaell: Roll over.

Moss: Gloria rollover.

Rachel: The training never ends. It's nice that everyone is pitching.

Orca: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Rachel: Baby!!!

Orca: It's a boy!

Orca: Meet Sea Lion.
Rachel: He'll be a handsome one, I can tell already.

Rachel: Looks like Michaell is happy to be a grandma again.

Rachel: Wait a minute, you have a butler. What's the nanny doing here?
Butler: Don't worry about it mame, I'll take care of it.

Rachel: Sorry Gloria.

Rachel: *waves happily* Bye! Don't ever come back!

Rachel: Nice job Moss!

Rachel: Nice job for you too Keenan!

Rachel: *looks at me* Don't worry, Moss is just teaching Keenan how to play dead. He's not dying.
Me: *sarcastically* I know.

Rachel: Looks like he's getting it.

Rachel: Mark, you sure are cool looking.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Sea Lion!

Rachel: See? I told you he'd be handsome.
Me: I know, I was there.

Santos: Come to Grandpa Santos.

Rachel: Looks like Sea Lion is a dog love too.

Moss: Say dad.
Sea Lion: Dada
Moss: Yay!

Rachel: Great job there girl! One down for Moss.

Rachel: Looks like you've found something else to fill your time.
Orca: Yeah, raising puppies leaves a lot of free time.

Rachel: Looks like your gardening finally paid off.
Michaell: Yep it was fun too.

Rachel: Well time to go. See you all later.

Points: 3
2 for Moss & Sea Lion
1 for Money