Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rosada 3 Round 6

Last time Bronx and Amethyst juggled raising the last 2 boys they had at home and Bronx's twin alien daughters. Jasper grew up to a teen and left for college. Malacite, Emerald, and Ruby all grew to kids. That's about it.

Rachel: Hi there Amethyst. You sure did grow into a lovely elder.
Amethyst: Well thank you. I just need to do something with this hair.

Rachel: And Bronz you are still very handsome.
Bronx: Thanks.

Rachel: Looks like it's studying time. We'll leave them be.

Emerald: Weeee!
Rachel: Looks like study time is done. Now it's time for play.
-The next day-

Emerald: Daddy! Daddy!

Emerald: Look daddy, I got an A+!
Bronx: Way to go!
Ruby: Daddy! Daddy!

Ruby: Daddy look. I got an A+!
Bronx: Nice job honey!
Malacite: Daddy, Daddy!

Malacite: Look Daddy, I got an A+!
Bronx: Good job son!

Rachel: Hey are you guys getting a dog?
Bronx: Yeah. It's been awhile since we lost our last dog and the kids really want one or two.

Rachel: Two? Awe, It's Zoey. I've missed her since she left the Holidays.

Rachel: Welcome to your new home girl.

Rachel: Happy birthday to you Scout. You sure are, . . . interesting.

Rachel: Looks like we'll get to see what these two's puppies look like.

Rachel: Sorry to hear that girl.

Rachel: Looks like all that fishing paid off.

Rachel: Sorry Ruby.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Malacite!

Rachel: What a handsome young man. What are you looking for in life?

Malacite: A little bit of love.
Rachel: Oh boy.

Malacite: OR maybe a lot of loving.
Rachel: *sigh*

Rachel: Nice job Scout!

Me: Doesn't look like he's hitting it off too well with the ladies. Doesn't look like Dolores Vega really wants out of the townie pool either.

Rachel: Please tell me you aren't going to keep persuing her.
Malacite: No, no I won't.

Malacite:But her sister is hot!

Malacite: Hey baby. . .
Mercedes: Um no, I don't think so.
Rachel: Ouch.

Rachel: Happy birthday Emerald!

Rachel: Such a lovely young lady you are. What are you looking for?

Emerald: A life of fun.

Emerald: And what better way than to play video games all day.
Rachel: Sounds great to me.

Rachel: Happy birthday to you too Ruby!

Rachel: You sure are lovely, like your sister. And what are you looking for in life?

Ruby: Like her, a life of fun.
Rachel: Real twins.

Ruby: But I want 50 1st dates.
Me: *Sigh* All right.Rachel: *shots me a look* that sounds nice.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Welcome Beth, Kevin, and Chris.

Rachel: Looks like Ruby is getting started.

Me: Walt Lost from my Lost Challenge.

Rachel: Trying a new approach Malacite?
Malacite: Yep.

Malacite: look how strong I am.
Rachel: Great first impression man.

Rachel: You too Emerald?
Emerald: Can't be left out of all the fun.

Rachel: Nice going Amethyst!

Rachel: Another one?

Ruby: Gotta keep it moving.

Rachel: And another.

Rachel: Congrats on the gold fishing badge man!
Bronx: Thanks but I really just do it to relax.

Rachel: Fight!

Rachel: I wonder if this is the of their puppies.

Ruby: Moving right along. . .

Ruby: Hi whatever your face is. thanks for the date.

Rachel: Any better luck?
Malacite: Eh.

Rachel: Congrats on the impossible want Amethyst!
Amethyst: Hurray, I can finally stop making servos and selling them off.

Rachel: Um, Ruby. Your date looks like a psycho.

Rachel: Oh, just a potted plant. OK.

Rachel: Bye puppies.

Rachel: Nice going all 3 of you. see you at college!

Points: 2
1 for money
1 for Amethyst's Impossible Want


Infinity-Nevermore said...

What nice looking kids. I might have to import some Vegas and Rosadas into my hoods. Remember, 50 first dates can be done. I must say, way to go on the impossible want.

Melissa said...

Great job, Rachel! Ruby and Emerald are very pretty for Aliens. Can't wait to see what Zoey and Scout's puppies look like when they grow up.

Rachel said...

Yeah Fini, I know. I just have a LOT of kids with that one right now.

Kerry said...

I hate it when you can't get the pets to get along, when you want them to breed. That's happened to me way too often. The kids have grown up great--this household is just ticking along!

ASimWen said...

Hehehe 50 1st dates... I would rather do that then 50 dream dates. Good luck!

SirenPrincess said...

Bronx is one of my favorites. It was hard to see him turn into an elder.

ciyrose said...

Time just keeps's hard to watch them grow up sometimes. :) The kids are all very good looking, sorry about the romancer, I know you aren't crazy about them. Scout sure is interesting will be fun to see their puppies sometime.

Chrissy Brown said...

Emerald and Ruby are beautiful aliens :) and Bronx and Amethyst do make great elders ;)
Also, great round :)