Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rosada 1 Round 6

Grandparents at Last
Last time Aquamarine and Zachary continued raising their large family. The twins, Burgandy and Scarlet grew to lovely teens and have left for college. They also welcomed one last set of twins, Kelly and Forest. Kelly is a girl and Forest is a boy. Really that's all that happened this place was a zoo. Before we dive in I should mention one of their older daughters, Ultramarine is returning from college with her boyfriend, Cooper Mariposa.
*Note Cooper is actually named Copper. I missed it being dyslexic and all. So every place you see Cooper, substitute Copper. I hope to get it right next round.*

Rachel: Welcome home Ultramarine and welcome to your new home Cooper.
Ultramarine: Thanks. It's nice to be back.
Cooper: It's nice to be joining a lovely family.

Me: I should be able to handle those.

Rachel: Puppy!

Rachel: Welcome to the world Diana.

Rachel: I'm sure Aquamarine appreciates the help and Ultramarine could use the practice. I won't bother them.
Me: That's a good idea.

Rachel: Happy birthday Zachary!
Zachary: Thanks! I sure am feeling my years.
Rachel: Well you did raise a ton of kids. That would do it to anyone.

Rachel: Proposal!

Rachel: Looks like a yes to me.

Rachel: Happy Birthday to you too Aquamarine! Why did you chose the Mrs. Claus outfit?
Aquamarine: Not, my choice.

Cooper: Is that what your mom is wearing to the wedding?
Ultramarine: Shhh, she just had a birthday. You know how crappy "they" can be with cloths.
Rachel: Who are these "they" she's referring to?
Me: You can't handle that kind of truth. Now watch the wedding.
Rachel: Ow, pretty.

Rachel: Kids can't ever seem to keep their hands off each other.

Rachel: Well they can stop long enough for cake at least.

Rachel: See? Just long enough for cake.

Rachel: Sorry Zachary.

Rachel: Look who is playing with Kelly. Could this be her future husband?
Me: Only time will tell.

Rachel: Nice job!

Rachel: Happy birthday Forest!

Forest: I'm a real boy!
Rachel: Yes you are.
Me: And not in the Pinocchio way.

Rachel: And Happy Birthday Kelly!

Kelly: Isn't my hand amazing?
Rachel: I'm going to let that pass as a sugar rush from the cake.
Me: But she hasn't had cake yet.
Rachel: Shhhh.

Rachel: Congrats! You're going to be a mom!
Ultramarine: I can hardly wait!

Rachel: Nice job Zachary!

Rachel: Doing his parental duty.
Zachary: Yep, we're going to play some more basketball when we're done.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Diana. You sure are pretty.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Hey you got promoted anyway!
Cooper: Yeah they couldn't hold one mistake against me.

Rachel: Congrats to you too Sophie!

Rachel: Baby time!

Ultramarine: It's a girl!

Ultramarine: We'll call her Violet.
Rachel: She's a cutie.

Rachel: Nice job Freddy!

Rachel: so did you miss doing this?
Aquamarine: Not really. But I love her just the same.

Rachel: Sorry Ultramarine.

Rachel: Nice job Cooper.

Forest: Yes! I'm SO smart!
Rachel: Yes you are.

Rachel: Not to be out done by her twin brother.
Kelly: Yes! I rule the school!

Rachel: Nice job Zachary!

Rachel: You are tearing the athletic world up!
Cooper: thanks! I'm trying!

Rachel: Happy birthday Violet!

Rachel: Awe! She's a cutie!

Rachel: Looks like you're climbing your way back up. Nice going.

Rachel: Good call and nice job!

Rachel: It looks like class is in session.

Rachel: Almost there Cooper. Nice job!
Copper: Thanks but it looks like I'll have to wait til next week. It's Sunday.

Rachel: But he still found time to teach his daughter, Violet to walk.

Rachel: That's gonna do it. See you folks next week!

Points: 9
7 for money
1 for Zachary's Top of Career
1 for Violet being born


Kristine said...

Looks like it's going to be Christmas all year round for Aquamarine! lol Diana and Violet are both real cuties :) Enjoyed the update!

Minty said...

Does Cooper have wings???? And I love the shot of his woohoo face. How evil does he look? LOL

Rachel said...

His wings are still there but they got really faint when I changed his hair.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

You make juggling all those jobs look easy. I think it's so cute that Violet grew up into blue hair. Great update!

Melissa said...

I really am not trying to be nit-picky, but yeah I am. His name is Copper not Cooper. He fits right into the house with a color themed name. I love Violet she is so cute!

Rachel said...

Funny I never noticed that. I am DYSLEXIC though, so I have a lot of problems with double letters when reading.

Melissa said...

Aw! I'm sorry. Now I feel bad. =( I love you, Rachel. I hope I didn't make you feel bad.
Melissa *slapping own hand

Rachel said...

I'm having a stressful 1st day back to work after vacation so I think I took it worse than normal. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll make a note in the post and try to remember for next time I get around to them. :)

ASimWen said...

Love the Rosadas...yes I do! I noticed the little girl grew up with blue hair too. I was pleased to see that. ;)

Kerry said...

OH! Copper Maripossa is an elder in my game! And, yes, unfortunately, those wings conflict with something in one of the expansions. The only one of my Maripossas still to have her original wings is Copper's sister, Vanessa. The rest have different, substituted wings I found online--some are pretty enough, but I don't like any of them as well as I did the originals. After each expansion, I try them on again, hoping somehow they will start to work--but no dice.

Nice update, Rachel!

ciyrose said...

Oh fun, a Maripossa. I'm so glad she grew up with the blue hair....she a cutie!