Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rosada 2 Round 6

Disaster Dating
Last time Danielle and William welcomed another son, Cucumber to Prosperity Point. They also continued to raise the last set of twins, a boy Squash and their only girl Tomato.

Rachel: Welcome home love birds.
Tomato: Thanks, it's good to be back.
Rachel: Wow, proposal by the mailbox!
Rachel: So when's the wedding?
Tomato: Now.
Rachel: Wow!
Rachel: Just plain lovely.
Rachel: Don't be mad. I've seen much worse cases of cake shoved in the face.
Rachel: I guess she wasn't too mad after all.
Cucumber: Make me fly dad! Weeeee!!!!!!!
Rachel: Happy birthday William! You sure are a dapper chap.
William: Why thank you.
Rachel: And happy birthday to you too Danielle. You are a lovely elder as well but what happened to the funky hair?
Danielle: I'm not sure but I'm going to the salon ASAP.
Rachel: So sweet!
Rachel: So sorry you got fired Tomato.
Tomato: Thanks. I'm sure something else will come along.
Rachel: Speaking of coming along!
Tomato: I know! We're very excited!

Cucumber: Dad. Dad!
Rachel: Maybe you should come back when he isn't sleeping.

William: Come on son! Can't you see I'm sleeping here?
Rachel: Told ya.
-Awhile later-

William: OK, so when was the Spanish-American War?
Cucumber: Umm. . .

Rachel: Wow, baby time already!

Tomato: It's a boy!

Tomato: We'll call him Romaine!
Rachel: What a nice name.

Rachel: Nice job Danielle.

William: I'll hold it. just don't hit too hard. I am an old man.

William: Wooh! Or kick too hard either.

Rachel: Well that seemed easy.
Tomato: Once I got the job back, it was easy.

Me: Another doable one.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Cucumber!

Rachel: A fine looking young man. And what are you looking for in life?

Cucumber: A life of fun please.

Cucumber: And 50 1st dates please.
Me: Ugh!

Rachel: Happy birthday to you too, Romaine!

Rachel: A real handsome little devil.

Rachel: Congrats on all the success October!
October: Thank you much.

Me: Also doable. Yay!
Tomato: Whose walking like a big boy? Romaine is. Yes, he is.

Tomato: Oh boy!
Rachel: Another one! Going for a girl?
Tomato: We do need an heiress.

Rachel: Looks like Cucumber hit it off with Venus (romance) Holiday. This could end in tears one day.

Rachel: Apparently not today though.
-The Next day-

Rachel: What are you doing Cucumber? I thought you and Venus really liked each other.
Cucumber: We do but I've got to see what's out there.
Rachel: Fine.

Gypsy: This is Renee. Have fun.

Rachel: Oh you just don't get women.

Rachel: Poor thing.

Renee: Well that was a disappointing date.

Renee: But hey, I look cute now.

Cucumber: Hello.

Rachel: Too bad October.

Rachel: Finally sold enough servos I see.
Danielle: Sure did!

Girl: First we have a so-so date and then my face gets all painted on.
Danielle: Sorry, let me fix it.

Cucumber: Hi. Wanna have a snowball fight?
Girl: Sure.

Rachel: Looks like only Cucumber's first date turned out well. The rest seemed doomed.
Cucumber: 46 more to go.
Rachel: I hope no one dies in process.

Rachel: Not sure how you managed it it, but congrats on all the scholarships.
Cucumber: I'm just that good.

Points: 13

9 for money
1 for Romaine being born
2 for Tomato & October's Top of Careers
1 for Danielle's Impossible Want of earning $100,000


Kristine said...

Love the names! Very original! Romaine is a real cutie! "Ugh" is right for the 50 1st dates. Congrats to Danielle for earning 100,000. I've yet to complete that one, seems very hard!!! Looking forward to more updates :)

ASimWen said...

Nice to see Danielle Rosada as an elder. I had never seen that. 50 first dates isn't too bad...I currently am working on 50 dream dates. My guy worked only 10 before he got married. So now it is him and his wife...with Risky installed I'll be they have lots of kids. heh

Minty said...

Romaine is adorable and I love his hair. The pink skin tone is so pretty

Luckycharm said...

50 1st date is definitely an "ugh"! I love reading these.

SirenPrincess said...

You are brave to do another fifty first dates. I'd reroll him in college myself.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Good luck. I got to 46 with a CAS adult before she borked. It's annoying but fine. I have a teen that rolled that up. And wouldn't you know, she brought home a two-bolter the next day. *shakes head* But great job on the scholarships! The only kids I've had with scholarships like that are my knowledge sims. Romaine is so cute!

Melissa said...

Romaine is a cutie. I love how he got the blonde hair, but still got the Rosada eyes.

ciyrose said...

Awww....I love Romaine. He's super cute. I'm not a fan of 50 1st Dates either. I got one sim teen though it before he got out of college, and another teen headed into college that wants it too over in Breeze Point. Not really fun...but there are worse I think.

Chrissy Brown said...

Romaine sure is a cutie :) and Cucumber will definitely get his 50 1st dates. ;)
P.S. Tomato is very pretty :)