Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cooprider 2 - Round 6

It's Meant To Be
Last time Michaell and Santos managed to not have any more kids. They kept working on skills, badges, their careers and raising dogs. That's all. Really.

Rachel: Welcome home Orca.
Orca: Thanks! It's great to be home.
Me: Now let's remind ourselves of Orca's Lifetime Want.
Me: There are a lot of these in this hood. *sigh*

Rachel: Hey it's Orca's boyfriend Moss.

Rachel: I really would have thought these kids were in love already.

Moss: Of course I'd love to move in!

Rachel: Considering your girlfriend's want, this is very doable.

Rachel: Sorry Orca.

Rachel: Wow, mega opps!

Rachel: What are you wishing for?
Michaell: Money, we're seriously poor now.

Moss: Orca, you would make me the happiest man alive if you would be my wife.

Orca: Yes!!!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Michaell!

Rachel: And Happy Birthday Santos! You guys are a great looking older couple.

Rachel: Wedding!

Rachel: Yay! What a lovely wedding!

Rachel: Yummm cake.

Rachel: Wow, that is one big mouth.

Rachel: I wonder if there will be a baby soon?

Rachel: Oh no dog fight!

Rachel: You go girl!

Rachel: Congrats Sam. You're still pretty.

Rachel: Happy birthday Ann! You're still so pretty.

Moss: Hold still girl.
Rachel: This is the price you pay for wanting so many pets in your life.

Rachel: Congrats!

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Or puppy. Welcome Mark.

Rachel: Nice going Moss!

Rachel: Oh no.

Rachel: Well Sam, I guess you're off the hook since you can't get a new job or have puppies.

Rachel: Congrats, there's a baby on the way!
Me: Raise your hand if something looks weird in this picture.

Rachel: A dog trainers work is never done.

Rachel: Good job.

Rachel: Great job Ann!

Rachel: Sorry Gloria.

Rachel: Way to go Keenan!

Rachel: Great going Ann!

Rachel: Nice Gloria!

Michaell: Roll over.

Moss: Gloria rollover.

Rachel: The training never ends. It's nice that everyone is pitching.

Orca: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Rachel: Baby!!!

Orca: It's a boy!

Orca: Meet Sea Lion.
Rachel: He'll be a handsome one, I can tell already.

Rachel: Looks like Michaell is happy to be a grandma again.

Rachel: Wait a minute, you have a butler. What's the nanny doing here?
Butler: Don't worry about it mame, I'll take care of it.

Rachel: Sorry Gloria.

Rachel: *waves happily* Bye! Don't ever come back!

Rachel: Nice job Moss!

Rachel: Nice job for you too Keenan!

Rachel: *looks at me* Don't worry, Moss is just teaching Keenan how to play dead. He's not dying.
Me: *sarcastically* I know.

Rachel: Looks like he's getting it.

Rachel: Mark, you sure are cool looking.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Sea Lion!

Rachel: See? I told you he'd be handsome.
Me: I know, I was there.

Santos: Come to Grandpa Santos.

Rachel: Looks like Sea Lion is a dog love too.

Moss: Say dad.
Sea Lion: Dada
Moss: Yay!

Rachel: Great job there girl! One down for Moss.

Rachel: Looks like you've found something else to fill your time.
Orca: Yeah, raising puppies leaves a lot of free time.

Rachel: Looks like your gardening finally paid off.
Michaell: Yep it was fun too.

Rachel: Well time to go. See you all later.

Points: 3
2 for Moss & Sea Lion
1 for Money


ASimWen said...

Woah I forgot how good looking Moss is. ;) I am glad to see he is married in! To the Cooprider family, no less!

M.McMillan said...

I makes me want to actually take an interest in pets. Lots of fun

Robert said...

Nice update, Rachel. It looks like having the pets EP could be a lot of hard work.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

That family is huge. I'm guessing you'll wait till after getting Moss's LTW to work on Orca's. Good luck. Aww, Sea Lion looks like a little tree nymph! So cute!

Melissa said...

Sea Lion is a little cutie. But with those parents I guess there wasn't ever a doubt! Mark is cool looking.

Kerry said...

Cute baby and dogs! They've got a lot of work going on, with all those pets--and the chance cards seem to be making it harder. Some of those pet ones are murder--seems like they never come out right.

Anonymous said...

Great wedding dress!!


ciyrose said...

Sea Lion is so cute, and green! Yay for a green baby. Orca and Moss sure are a match made in heaven with their's nice they can match like that.

Mark sure is an interesting looking dog. He'll be fun to watch.

Chrissy Brown said...

Santos and Michaell do make great looking elders ;) and Sea Lion is adorable :)