Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dante 2- Round 6

Oh Yeah, Wait for the Gardener
Last time Sasha & Destin enjoyed their temporily empty nest. They spent their free time gardening, working on their careers and breeding kittens. Now their daughter, May, has returned from college with her boyfriend, Ian Ziese-Lecy.

Rachel: Welcome home May. Welcome to your new home son. So when are you going to pop the question.
Ian: Shhh! Mom.
Rachel: Sorry son.

Sasha: Welcome home honey. What a lovely bed you kids picked out.
May: Um Mom, privacy.

Rachel: *Covers eyes*

Rachel: Let's take this moment to see what these kids want out of life.

Me: Don't you just love the new cuddle interaction.

Destin: Um no. I'm married.

Rachel: Hurray!

Rachel: Hurray straight to the wedding!

Rachel: OK kids, now when do I get grand babies?
Me: Soon.
Rachel: Really?
Me: *Nods*

Rachel: Good job Fay.

Rachel: Um, that's a little too close to your parents May.

Rachel: Wow, that's all I'll say.

Rachel: Happy birthday to both of you.

Rachel: Sorry son.

Rachel: Way to pull it off anyway!
Ian: Thanks Mom.

Me: See? I told you soon.
Rachel: Shh. Congrats May! I can hardly wait to meet my next grand baby.

Rachel: Sorry man.

Rachel: Way to go son!

Rachel: Nice job Destin.

Rachel: Awe, cuddling under the stars.

Sasha: Look, it's a shooting star.

Rachel: way to go Clive.

Rachel: Grand baby time!!!

Rachel: Oh yeah, wait for the gardener. Come on!

May: It's a boy! Meet December.
Rachel: Welcome grand baby December.

Rachel: Great job Fay!

Rachel: Nice going Clive!

Rachel: Congratulations Destin!
Destin: Thanks! I've never been happier.

Rachel: Sorry son.

Rachel: Hey you pulled another one off. Nice!

Rachel: Happy birthday grand baby December!

Rachel: Awe, so handsome!

Rachel: What's wrong May?
May: He won't say "momma".
Rachel: He will. Don't worry.

Rachel: Hurray another grand baby is on the way!
May: Yep, we want a girl to be the heiress.

Rachel: Sorry Clive. You'll recover.

Destin: Boo!

Destin: Peek-a-...

Rachel: Nursary Rhyme time!

Rachel: You're rocking son!
Ian: Yes, Mom. Thanks.

Rachel: Kitten!

Rachel: Welcome Erik!

Sasha: OK, one foot in front on the other.

Rachel: Looks like all those hobbies are paying off.

Rachel: Nice going Sasha. Now get inside, it's a little cold to be fishing.

Rachel: OK, who wasn't watching the toddler?

Rachel: Time for another grand baby!

Rachel: The suspense is killing me!!!

May: It's another boy.

May: Meet August.

Rachel: And with that I must depart. Can't wait to see more of my grand babies next week.

Points: 9
2 for December and August
1 for Destin's Top of Career
6 for Money


SirenPrincess said...

Wow! Two babies conceived and born in the same round. December sure is adorable.

Anonymous said...

lovely update, i love some of your cc stuff, where do you get if from.

Rachel said...

All over really.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

I'd forgotten how pretty May is. Sasha and Destin make great looking elders. As usual, the kids are adorable. Not too good on the chance cards, but you certainly made up for it.

Robert said...

Great update, Rachel. You have some nice looking sims. I love how those chance cards are so unpredictable. I'm glad that Ian was promoted in spite of getting bad ones.

Minty said...

December is way too cute and I love his little visor. Awwwww. Seems like neither of the boys have inherited her ears though - what a shame.

ASimWen said...

Gah! Boys! That is what I pray for in Prosperity Falls! Right now I have a bad overload of girls. I have been reduced to making my Sims give birth over and over until I get a boy when I am trying to get an heir.

Kerry said...

I love when they can't get the gender they are looking for--I have one set of RL friends who have three boys, and another who have four girls! So, it really seems realistic. May is lovely--the boys should be really handsome.

My Sasha Dante is busy helping to raise her grand-nephew at the moment, it's funny how good she is at it, after her troubled childhood!

ciyrose said...

May really is pretty. I forget how pretty she is, and the boys look very handsome so far.