Thursday, October 23, 2008

University - Round 6 - Part 1

Here We Go Again
Since University is a little, um, boring, you'll be getting almost just the facts from me.

We'll be starting with our new arrivals.

Tempus Vega is dropping off her younger daughter, Arial.

Arial Vega, younger daughter of Tempus and Aston (Dante). She dated Erv Ziese-Lecy in high school.

Ruby Rosada, twin alien daughter of Bronx (Vega) Rosada. Amethyst is her step-mother. She is single because she is looking for 50 1st dates.

Emerald Rosada, twin alien daughter of Bronx (Vega) Rosada. Amethyst is her step-mother. She is single just but looking.

Earth Vega. Youngest son of Coqui and Andre (Holiday). Twin brother of Venus. He is single and looking.

Venus Vega. Only daughter of Coqui and Andre (Holiday) together. Twin sister of Earth. She dated Cucumber Rosada in high school but is keeping her options open because he wants 50 1st dates.

Erv Ziese-Lecy. Youngest son of sim me, Rachel & Marty. Thanks to the wishing well, he dated a lot in high school. He fell for Arial Vega.

Germany Vega. Only son of Rosario and England (Vega). He dated some townies in high school but didn't find anyone special.

Kalliope Caligula drops off her younger daughter Janeane.

Janeane Caligula. Younger daughter of Kalliope and the late Dakota (Vega). She got several dates from the wishing well but the only one that she really liked was Rem Ribeiro. He's already here.

Cucumber Rosada. Youngest child of Danielle and William (Lancaster). He wants 50 1st dates but did date Venus Vega in high school. If she'll wait for him, they might have a future together.

Biff Dante. Youngest son of Kayla and Benjamin (Ribeiro). He is single and looking.

Malacite Rosada. Youngest son of Amethyst and Bronx (Vega). Half brother of Emerald and Ruby. He wants to WooHoo 20 sims. Not going to happen. He's single.

Tunstall Riberio. Youngest son of Bethany and Zeno. He is single and looking.

Phoebe Holiday. Daughter of Venice and Quavi. Younger sister of Monica.

The single guys in the house have formed a line to talk to Janeane. I about fell out of my chair.

Of course Janeane was very excited to see her beloved Rem again.

Cucumber got back to work on his 50 1st dates.

Phoebe started looking for love.


Phoebe: Please, please get me a good oine.


But it does look like she fancies Kent Rosada. They make a fine match.

See? Not going to happen.

Much better.

Janeane wants to own 5 top level businesses, so she bought one to get started.

Looks like Erv and Arial are meant to be.

Dusk and Germany hit it off.

Ruby is keeping on her 50 1st dates.

Butlers are supposed to be excellent cooks.

Um Brad is taken. Send him away.

There could be a future for these two.

Rem wanted to own 5 top level businesses and there were just too many of those.

Much better.

Erin who almost got left behind. This is Erin Lost. She is the daughter of Sun and Sayid in my Lost challenge and became a custom townie. She dated Danish Ziese-Lecy in high school.

Looks like these two missed each other.

And we have a match.

Looks like Germany and dusk REALLY hit it off.

Our first college engagement for this round.

Looks like a yes!

Make sure to continue to part 2


ciyrose said...

Because I'll forget if I don't post it on the one I saw it on....Erin is very pretty....and man Phoebe is pretty. Those genes are just incredible.