Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Te Waiata - Round 6

Last time Pania's mom, Hine, married her girlfriend, Madalyn. Unfortunately their marital bliss was short lived as Hine passed away of old age shortly after the wedding. Pania & Danton's youngest daughter, Kiwi, grew to a teen and headed off to college. Now their eldest daughter, Strawberry, and her fiancee, Will Ryan, have returned from college.

Rachel: Welcome to your new home Will and welcome back Strawberry.
Strawberry: Thanks! It's great to be home again.
Will: We can hardly wait to get married and start our family.

Me: Just as I thought. Two family sims.

Rachel: Welcome home from your first day of work Will. But hurry up. Strawberry is waiting in the back yard.
Will: Waiting for what?

Rachel: Your wedding silly.

Rachel: OK kids. Get a room.

Rachel: Seriously.

Rachel: I wasn't kidding.

Rachel: Much better.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Pania!

Rachel: You too Danton! You are a lovely older pair.

Rachel: Strawberry is that you?
Strawberry: Sure is.
Rachel: I have to say I love the new blonde look.
Strawberry: Thanks!
Me: Something always bothered me about how Strawberry looked. Then I noticed her eyebrows. They are blonde and apparently Strawberry should be too.

Rachel: Great job guys!

Madalyn: No, it's not right! Just flip it over. It's fine. I have plenty of time!

Rachel: Looks like Grimmy disagrees. Goodbye Madalyn.

Rachel: Why does will seem to be the only one who is upset?
Will: I love family. It's so sad when family dies.
Rachel: Well at least she's with her wife, Hine, now.

Rachel: A little one on the way!
Strawberry: I'm so excited! This is all Will and I wanted!

Rachel: Nice job Pania!

Rachel: Way to go Will! And you're going to be a father.
Will: I know. Strawberry is pregnant.
Rachel: No, not in the future. Now!

Sttrawberry: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strawberry: It's a boy! Meet Fig.

Will: He's absolutely beautiful honey!

Strawberry: Ummm.
Rachel: What's up?

Starwberry: Another baby!
Rachel & Me (together): What?!?!

Starwberry: It's another boy.

Starwberry: This is Pear.

Rachel: What an adorable pair of boys.

Rachel: You know I've been seeing your customers get these cool water wiggles. I think I'll pick one up.

Rachel: Nice! First day back from maternity leave and you're already getting promoted.

Will: Ahh!!!
Rachel: Dang it Madalyn! Leave these guys alone!
Me: Madalyn is one of the meanest ghosts I've seen. She scared everyone, a lot.

Rachel: Nice job Pania. And it looks like elderhood hasn't slowed you and Danton down.
Pania: Certainly not.

Rachel: Happy birthday Fig!

Rachel: Oh he's a handsome one.

Rachel: Happy birthday to you too Pear!

Rachel: Another handsome little man. The ladies of Prosperity Point are going to have to watch out for this pair.

Rachel: And a pair of potty trainers.

Rachel: Too cute.

Strawberry: Walk for mommy.

Will: Fig just finished learning to walk.
Rachel: Well your boys sure are handsome but I need to get a move on. See you guys soon-ish.
$282,758 - Ending

Points: 13 (I didn't get the cash amount. I will fill in later)
11 from Simoleans
2 for Fig and Pear


Melissa said...

Aw. Fig & Pear are too cute. I guess they have to have more kids to that heiress, though. That's ok - Strawberry & Will seem to mix well.

SirenPrincess said...

Strawberry looks a bit more like I would expect a Strawberry to look. Maybe it conjures strawberry blonde in my mind.

Robert said...

I like the new look for Strawberry. Great update, Rachel.

ASimWen said...

Aww Fig and Pear...Fig is the cutest. ;)Isn't it amazing how some ghosts have more personality than others?

M.McMillan said...

I always hated ghosts

Kerry said...

Strawberry looks pretty with her new 'do. I guess there are probably more pregnancies in her future, huh, given the LTW's?

ciyrose said...

Strawberry is very pretty as a blonde. Pear and Fig are so cute! They have quite a difference in skin tone too, so it's easy to tell them apart. I am not coming up where Pear got the darker skin from though? Must be back a couple gen.