Sunday, August 08, 2010

Dante 1 - Round 8

How About a Hug?
Last time Pine continued on his quest to have 6 pets reach the tops of their careers. Lily's daughter, Rose, grew to a child. Everyone took to teaching her things and she worked on making friends. Galadrial and Pine's son, Cedar, grew to a teen and left for college.

Rachel: Sorry about that Lily.

Rachel: Great job guys!

Rachel: Great job Galadrial!
Galadrial: Thanks.

Rachel: Looks like you're turning things around. Nice job Lily!
Lily: Thanks.

Rachel: Adopting another dog?
Pine: Yep. I still want to have 6 pets work up to the top of their careers.

Pine: Speak. Speak.
Rachel: Right to the lessons.

Rachel: Looks like Rose is making friends.
Rose: Trying.

Rachel: And it looks like Carri is too.

Rachel: Or not.

Rachel: Sorry Carri.

Rachel: Again with the making friends Rose?
Rose: Sure am. Although Bassette isn't really taking to me like Kool-Aid did.
Rachel: Well, you can't be best friends with everyone.

Rachel: Nice job Galadrial.

Rachel: Way to go Lily!
Lily: Well thank you Rachel.

Lily: Now I'd like to know everything.
Rachel: You can do that.

Rose: Welcome home Mommy.
Lily: Hi angel.

Rachel: Wow a Best of the Best Award! Nice going!

Liza: Ahhh!!!
Rachel: MJ, dear. You're supposed to wear clothes around people.

Rachel: Looks like Heino is here for a visit.

Rose: I really like hats. They're fun. Maybe I'll do something with fashion when I grow up.

Heino: Oh that's wonderful!

Rose: How about a hug Daddy?
Heino: Woah, woah. I don't think so.

Rachel: Nice going Cinnamon! I'm sure Pine is happy.

Rachel: More friends I see.
Rose: Yep. This is Jack Russell.
Rachel: I know and he's your age too. Very good.

Liza: What a good girl, helping my Pine out.

Rachel: Oh no! Liza too!

Rachel: At least she got a nice send off.

Rachel: Interesting that the business went to Galadrial.

Rachel: Everyone is upset.

Rachel: Goodbye Liza.

Rachel: Welcome home Lily. So sorry for your loss.

Heino: OK, so then you reach deep inside.
Rachel: Looks like Heino is doing all right with Rose now.

Rachel: Well it was a rough week around here, but I've got to run.

Points: 6
5 for Money
1 for Lily's Top of Career

Monday, August 02, 2010

Vega 1 - Round 8

Another Visit
Last time Andre and Coqui's daughter, Venus, arrived back home with her boyfriend Cucumber Rosada. The family's pet dog, Hannah passed away upsetting sims and other dogs alike. Venus took up several hobbies including model trains which almost killed her when it started on fire. This would hvae been extra bad as she was pregnant. Luckily she survived.

Rachel: Hi there...

Venus: Ahhh!!!!

Rachel: Baby time!
Venus: Thank goodness! I feel like I've been pregnant forever. I hope it's a girl so I don't have to go through this again.

Venus: It's a girl! Meet Andromeda.
Rachel: What a pretty name.
Me: My dad suggested it.

Venus: Dad, meet your grand daughter.
Andre: Hi there sweet heart.

Venus: I thought I was done! I had a girl!
Rachel: Looks like you're having twins my dear.

Rachel: And?

Venus: It's a boy. Meet Orion.
Andre: A granddaughter and a grandson! This life is truly a blessed one.

Rachel: Looks like everyone is happy. But no one is as happy as Andre.

Rachel: Coqui! Coqui!

Rachel: Noooo!!!

Coqui: Relax. I'm just teaching Finny to play dead.

Rachel: Great job Cucumber!

Andre: Whose Grandpa's little angel? You are. Yes you are.

Andre: Phoebe my dear granddaughter, you must not let your mother posion your mind.
Phobie: I won't Grandpa.

Andre: Well, OK, but let's practice something.

Andre: It really isn't that hard.

Venus: What's wrong sweetheart?

Venus: Don't cry Mommies here.
Rachel: Something really seems ro be bothering Andromeda.

Venus: I wish I knew what.

Rachel: Sorry Andre.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Andromeda!

Rachel: She looks like a happy baby now.

Rachel: Hey, we can't see her!
Venus: Sorry, places to go.

Rachel: Great going Cucumber!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Orion!

Rachel: What a handsome young man.

Rachel: Double potty training. Andromeda looks cute from what I can see.

Rachel: Andre aren't you getting tired of training toddlers to walk?
Andre: Certainly not. It takes me back to when I first came here. Oh how crazy that was. Trying to train Venice, Danton and Jazz all at once, by myself. What an adventure it was. Now I'm happy to not have to do it all alone.

Rachel: What about you Coqui?
Coqui: I love it too, but not quite as much as my husband. I too had three toddlers when I came here. Little Aracely, England and Temple, boy were they a handful. I love helping out with my grand kids. Just don't ask me take care of three little ones again. I'm too old.

Rachel: Nice going Kenny.

Rachel: Puppy!

Rachel: A girl. Hi Rosana.

Rachel: Hum, not surprising this house is into astronomy.

Rachel: What's wrong with Orion?
Cucumber: I have no idea. He won't potty train.

Andre: There you go. Good boy.

Orion: Noooooo!!!

Venus: Sing with me dear.
Andromeda: Nooo!!!!
Rachel: I think they know something we don't.

Rachel: Awesome job Andre!
Andre: Thanks! Now I can make any toy I can dream of for my grand kids and great grand kids.
Rachel: Wonderful!

Rachel: Sorry Kenny.

Venus: Peek-a-Boo!
Rachel: How sweet.

Rachel: What are you doing Andre? Andre? Why are you just standing there? Why is there a cicle?

Rachel: *sobs* No! Don't take Andre!!! *looks at me* Can't you do something?
Me: *wipes away tears* I, I can't it's his time.

Rachel: His time? His time? But he's my age! Please!
Me: I don't want him to go either but he has to.
Rachel: But, he has to make toys?
Me: Please. This is already hard for me.

Rachel: All he wanted in the end was more for his family.

Rachel: The whole family will miss him.
Me: *sniff* me too.

Rachel: Goodbye Andre.

Me: Andre is survived by his wife, Coqui. 13 children, Destin, Dakota, Danton, Venice, Jazz, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Earth, Uranus and Venus. 29 grandchildren, Ellen, Janeane, October, May, Mango, Strawberry, Kiwi, Monica, Phoebie, Zeus, Apollo, Ares, Eros, Aphrodite, Piccolo, Flute, Twix, Cali, Amber, Curry, Rosemary, Sunshine, Gyokuro, Anji, Mustang, Blazer, Messara, Orion and Andromeda. 21 Great grandchildren, Wanda, Cosby, Twinkie, Romaine, Celery, December, August, Brett, Driver, Pear, Fig, Pineapple, Dorito,Chandler, Joey, Ross, Giraffe, Zebra, Padme, Dory, and Yoda. (I only had to look up a couple of those names)

Rachel: Oh Venus.
Venus: I'm sorry, I, I just can't do this without Dad.
Rachel: You can, I know you can.

Venus: Thanks, I'll try.

Venus: Oh my little angelllll. *sobs*

Rachel: Give it time dear.

Coqui: Ahhh!!!
Rachel: Bad Hannah! That's the last thing she needs right now.

Me: I was wondering why Kenny's avatar was red. Even he isn't taking it well.

Rachel: Looks like things are going better.

Rachel: For everyone.

Rachel: And Venus is going to start on her dream career path on Monday.

Points: 6, all for Money
I was heart broken wwhen Andre died. After Rachel and Marty made it through the round I thought Andre would be fine too. Yes, I cried. Yes, I had a hard time writing this entry. He has been one of my favorite sims. I'm very sad he's gone but at least he will live on through his kids, grandkids and great grand kids.