Sunday, August 08, 2010

Dante 1 - Round 8

How About a Hug?
Last time Pine continued on his quest to have 6 pets reach the tops of their careers. Lily's daughter, Rose, grew to a child. Everyone took to teaching her things and she worked on making friends. Galadrial and Pine's son, Cedar, grew to a teen and left for college.

Rachel: Sorry about that Lily.

Rachel: Great job guys!

Rachel: Great job Galadrial!
Galadrial: Thanks.

Rachel: Looks like you're turning things around. Nice job Lily!
Lily: Thanks.

Rachel: Adopting another dog?
Pine: Yep. I still want to have 6 pets work up to the top of their careers.

Pine: Speak. Speak.
Rachel: Right to the lessons.

Rachel: Looks like Rose is making friends.
Rose: Trying.

Rachel: And it looks like Carri is too.

Rachel: Or not.

Rachel: Sorry Carri.

Rachel: Again with the making friends Rose?
Rose: Sure am. Although Bassette isn't really taking to me like Kool-Aid did.
Rachel: Well, you can't be best friends with everyone.

Rachel: Nice job Galadrial.

Rachel: Way to go Lily!
Lily: Well thank you Rachel.

Lily: Now I'd like to know everything.
Rachel: You can do that.

Rose: Welcome home Mommy.
Lily: Hi angel.

Rachel: Wow a Best of the Best Award! Nice going!

Liza: Ahhh!!!
Rachel: MJ, dear. You're supposed to wear clothes around people.

Rachel: Looks like Heino is here for a visit.

Rose: I really like hats. They're fun. Maybe I'll do something with fashion when I grow up.

Heino: Oh that's wonderful!

Rose: How about a hug Daddy?
Heino: Woah, woah. I don't think so.

Rachel: Nice going Cinnamon! I'm sure Pine is happy.

Rachel: More friends I see.
Rose: Yep. This is Jack Russell.
Rachel: I know and he's your age too. Very good.

Liza: What a good girl, helping my Pine out.

Rachel: Oh no! Liza too!

Rachel: At least she got a nice send off.

Rachel: Interesting that the business went to Galadrial.

Rachel: Everyone is upset.

Rachel: Goodbye Liza.

Rachel: Welcome home Lily. So sorry for your loss.

Heino: OK, so then you reach deep inside.
Rachel: Looks like Heino is doing all right with Rose now.

Rachel: Well it was a rough week around here, but I've got to run.

Points: 6
5 for Money
1 for Lily's Top of Career


ASimWen said...

It seems like you get to a point in Prosperity in a round where someone dies in every house you go to. Buh-Bye, Liza.

ciyrose said...

Bye Liza! Lots of deaths it seems like. :(