Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get Your Hands on the Prosperity Point Residents

For those of you who don't know all the original families are actually part of the Prosperity Fellowship 2 project except for my simself's family. You can find the following families here: Vega (from group 1), Lancaster, Holiday, Ribeiro, and Dante.

You might also recognize some of the other family names on that list. This is because all the sims from this list were added in as custom townies. The Fellowship 1 sims were also added in as custom townies. The most popular are the Rosadas and the Coopriders. You can find them all here.

Prosperity Point also contains many sims from my other challenges, other people's challenges and simselves.
Asimwen (AKA Wen)'s Simself
Her sims including Quavi & Xuan

I have extracted a number of sims from the game and I would be happy to email ( them to you upon request. Most of these sims have custom hair but since I did not create it I don't feel right passing them. See below for links to custom content sites. Here is who is currently available:

As of 8-1-08
Apollo Knight
Arial Vega
Brad Kaufman
Burgandy Rosada
Cake Ziese-Lecy
California Ribeiro
Canada Vega
Carrot Rosada
C. Crows Ribeiro
Charlie Lost
Cheesecake Ziese-Lecy
Cloudy Skywalker
Cooper Kaufman
Cougar Lancaster
Danish Ziese-Lecy
Donut Ziese-Lecy
Dusk Rosada
Eclair Ziese-Lecy
Eleah Ziese-Lecy
Elizabeth Skywalker
Ellen Caligula
Emily Lost
Erin Lost
Erv Ziese-Lecy
Faith Anderson
Florida Ribeiro
Ford Ribeiro
Georgia Tellerman
Grasshopper Cooprider
Hurley Lost
Ian Ziese-Lecy
Jack Kaufman
Jack Lost
Janeane Caligula
Jasper Rosada
Jewel Ribeiro
Juilette Ribeiro
Jupiter Holiday
Karoline Bach
Kate lost
Kate Ribeiro
Katie Kaufman
Kent Rosada
Kiwi TeWaiata
Lando Skywalker
Libby Ribeiro
Locke Lost
Logan Rosada
Lucida Vega
Mango TeWaiata
Mars Vega
Mary Robins
May Dante
Mercury Vega
Metro Rosada
Mirabella Morelli
MJ Ziese-Lecy
Monica Holiday
Moonchild Bach
Moss (Made by Wen)
Natalie Anderson
Natalie Kaufman
Navy Rosada
Neptune Vega
Nicole Kaufman
October Dante
O'Keefe Simmers
Orca Cooprider
Phoebe Holiday
Pie Ziese-Lecy
Pluto Vega
Puma Lancaster
Quita Skywalker
Rain Forsythe
REM Ribeiro
Royal Rosada
Sarah Ribeiro
Sawyer Lost
Sawyer Ribeiro
Sayid Lost
Scarlet Rosada
Scorpian Cooprider
Sleet Forsythe
Snow Forsythe
Squash Rosada
Strawberry TeWaiata
Sun Lost
Sun Ribeiro
Tanzanite Rosada
Timi Robins
Tiny Bach
Tomato Rosada
Ultramarine Rosada
Uranus Vega
Victoria Ziese-Lecy
Vincent Simmers
Vodka Vega
Zeus Knight
Zircon Rosada
Zucinni Rosada

I use for managing my sims bookmarks and you can find them here and Sims 2 Favorites here

Monday, July 28, 2008

Holiday 1 - Round 6

Boiling Point
Last time Venice continued lobbying for mother of the year by treating her elder daughter, Monica, like crap and doating on the younger, Phoebe. She also helped another man break Kricket Cooperider's heart again. This time it was Quavi. He promptly moved in with the family and started treating Monica like a real human being. The other person treating her well was her little half-sister Phoebe. In a surprising move Quavi and Venice got married. Venice's father, Andre, informed Venice that he didn't approve of the way she was treating Monica and that when she returned from college the house was her's. Venice failed to inform Monica of this and sent her packing off to college. Monica has since returned, alone. She did not manage to find love in college.

Rachel: Welcome home Monica. Why don't you look happy about it?
Monica: I don't want to go inside. She's in there. Why couldn't I have found a nice man in college and be moving into his house now?
Rachel: But. . .
Monica: What?
Rachel: I can't really say. Um, I'm sure it won't be so bad.

Venice: What the hell are you doing here? I thought I was finally rid of you!
Monica: I graduated and I didn't have anywhere else to go.
Venice: Couldn't find a man, uh? Not surprising. You're fat, ugly and stupid. Only a stupid man would want you.

Monica: *Balls*
Rachel: She's wrong about all those things. Any man would be lucky to have you. She's just a witch.

Monica: Listen here! I am a great person. Ten times the woman you are. You don't even deserve to have me as a daughter.
Rachel: You tell her!

Venice: Look missy, I am your mother and you need to respect me. No one talks to Venice Holiday like that! I don't care who you are!

Monica: That's right, you don't care who I am. You never have! And as far as respect goes, you have to earn that!

Phoebe: Dad! Dad! Look I got an A+!
Quavi: What's that? Oh. Wonderful dear.

Rachel: There's the smile we love to see. Do you feel better?
Monica: yep, telling my mother off is the best thing I've ever done.
Rachel: I was talking about the promotion, but thta's great too.

Monica: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match.

Rachel: Looks like a nice guy.

Rachel: Looks like a nice enough date so far.

Rachel: Ut-oh. Venice, what are you up to?
Venice: Hey stud.
Guy: Hubba, hubba.

Monica: *muttles many swear words under her breath*

Monica: Jerk! Leave! Now!
Rachel: Don't look so smug Venice.
Venice: What? I didn't do anything.
Rachel: Just keep telling yourself that.

Rachel: Oh great. A flaming bag of poo. *Shouts* Oh Venice!

Venice: Oh goodness, fire!!! Oh this is gross!
Rachel: And so are you.
Venice: what?
Rachel: Nothing.

Rachel: My, my look it's Jack Lost. He's a nice guy.
Monica: Yeah, Quavi is friends with him so he is a little suspect for that.

Monica: OK, let's try this again.

Monica: YOu don't like red heads, do you?
-Awhile later-

Monica: Oh Jack!
Rachel: Monica, what happened to your date?
Monica: Oh he left hours ago. Jack has just been telling all kinds of stories about this weird island. He really is a lot of fun to talk to.
Rachel: Sounds good.

Rachel: *sigh*

Rachel: *sigh*

Rachel: Welcome home Quavi! Congrats on reaching the top of your career. I won't tell you what your wife has been up to while you were gone.

Rachel: Oh my! I guess Monica is really hitting it off with Jack.

Rachel: Happy birthday Phoebe!!!

Rachel: Wow, you're stunning! So what are you looking for in life?

Phoebe: I'd love to have a lot of love just like my mom.
Rachel: Oh no.

Phoebe: But I want to make an honest living as a Hall of Famer.
Rachel: Well that's not so bad then.

Rachel: Bye Angel. Looks like we're making some room.

Rachel: Now, I know why.

Rachel: Welcome puppies.

Rachel: Speaking of welcome, looks like Jack is joining the family.
Monica: He sure is.

Rachel: Looks like a nice life's goal Jack.
Jack: Yes, well I value knowledge most of all.

Rachel: And bye puppies.

Phoebe: Dad!!!

Rachel: Wow, this looks bad.

Rachel: Are you OK?
Quavi: I'll live, I hope.

Rachel: What's this? A new dog?

Monica: Yes, we thought Aimee should have a friend to mate with. This is Robbie.

Rachel: Congrats Jack.

Rachel: Speaking of congrats! Eeeeee!!!!!

Venice: So I hear you're going to be joining the family. How about you and me. . .
Rachel: Venice!!!
Venice: What?
Rachel: Back anyway slowly, now.
Venice: Prude.

Rachel: Happy birthday Speckles. You're a fine looking elder doggie.

Rachel: Looks like Jack wasn't undually influenced by Venice.

Rachel: what the heck are you guys doing?

Monica: Digging for treasure or maps actually. We want to see everything we can on our honeymoon.

Rachel: Nice treasure chest Jack.

Rachel: Care of watermains kids.

Rachel: Looks like you've got the golden shovel Jack.

Rachel: A garden gnome? Hum.

Rachel: Looks like the you've got all three maps now. Go team!

Rachel: Way to go Jack!

Rachel: This does not look good.

Rachel: Looks like Robbie was trying to be the new alpha dog. Fail.

Rachel: A lovely evening wedding.

Rachel: Oh no he didn't!

Monica: You just can't let someone else be the center of attention can you?!?!?!

Rachel: OK, this is more like it.

Rachel: Hurray!!!

Rachel: yum, cake.

Rachel: Yum, oh wait.

-Awhile later-

Rachel: Checking in for the honeymoon I see. So where did you decide to go?
Monica: To the mountains. Jack said there was no way he was going to an island right now.

Rachel: Oh my, who is this?
Monica: Oh this is Ted Bigfoot. He's a nice guy.

Rachel: Ooops.

Rachel: Aren't you cute.

Rachel: What is this now?
Monica: It's called a slapdance. I don't quite get it.

Rachel: There you go.

Rachel: Watch out.

Rachel: Now this is really alarming.

Rachel: Looks like you guys are trying everything.

Jack: We're trying to.

Rachel: Go Monica!

Rachel: Wow! I guess you are trying everything.

Monica: Well we are roughing it.

Monica: What the heck are you doing lady?
Lady: It's a local gesture.

Rachel: Looks like you're really roughing it now.
Monica: Yeah, we checked out of the hotel and we're spending our last night in the tent.

Rachel: Oops.

Rachel: Wait, you're bringing the bigfoot home with you?
Monica: Yeah, he was lonely out here and his name is Ted.
Rachel: You really are nothing like your mother. Oh she is going to LOVE this!
-Back Home-

Phoebe: Wow, this thing is fun.

Rachel: You seem to make all the right choices. Nice going.

Monica: Listen up you whore, Ted is a nice guy, no matter how hairy! What are you afraid, he'll scare off some of your dates?

Venice: You think this is about Ted? You're so stupid! It's about you! You had to come along and ruin everything in my life! You think you can be happy with just one man and making a little family? Well, you don't deserve to be happy! You think you can come in here and take my house.
Monica: What?
Rachel: Well I think I can tell you now. Your grandpa Andre thinks your mother is a descrase. He wanted you to have the house. He signed the deed this morning.

Venice: That's it!

Rachel: Get her Monica!

Monica: I want you and your stupid husband out now!

Rachel: I see you decided to stay Phoebe.
Phoebe: Yeah, you know I've always loved my sister. Plus I leave for college in like 2 days and I don't want to move.

Rachel: Looks like a fine young man.

Phoebe: Well that didn't go so well.

Rachel: who is this?
Phoebe: This is a girl I brought home from school. Her name is Harper.

Rachel: Looks like things are going better with Harper.

Rachel: Happy birthday Aimee!

Rachel: Woah, Ted! Put Phoebe down.
Phoebe: It's OK, it's sorta fun.

Monica: This cheesecake sure is good.

Rachel: Looks like you're going to be a mom. It couldn't happen to a nicer person.
Monica: Well thank you.

Monica: Why don't you go get us some more puppies.

Jack: Yep, then you hop on one foot.
Rachel: Looks like Jack is spreading the Slap dance around.

Ted: Here.
Ariana: Uh. . .
Ted: Here. Take.
Ariana: OK. Thanks.
Rachel: What is it?
Ted: Map to home. More big foot there.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: So looks like you and Harper are quite an item. I guess she'll be coming to college with you.
Phoebe: Probably not.
Rachel: Oh.

Rachel: Congrats on all the scholarships. I hope you enjoy college.
Phoebe: I will.

Ted:Bye Phoebe.
Phoebe: Bye Ted.

Points: 7 all for money