Monday, July 07, 2008

Ziese-Lecy 1 Round 6

Dream the Impossible Dream
Last time Marty & Rachel found themselves elders but that didn't stop their dating each other. Their youngest daughter, Eleah, grew to a teen. She dated several guys in high school but no one special. She also didn't find anyone special at college. But she did find someone at his house since graduating. That guy, is Royal Rosada who achieved 50 first dates just in the nick of time. Marty & Rachel's youngest, Erv grew up to a child and the next older, Ian grew to teen and went off to college.

Me: Hi. . . . Oh, sorry.
Eleah: Oh it's OK. Have you met my boyfriend Royal?
Me: I have. I know all about him in fact.
Eleah: That's a little creepy.
Me: Ask your mom. She'll explain how it works.
Eleah: First I have a question for Royal.

Eleah: Royal, will you marrie me?

Royal: Yes! I'm ready to settle down.
Me: That's not what I hear.
Royal: I may have gone on lots of first dates but Eleah is the only one I ever really felt anything for.
Me:I hope so.

Me: Speaking of lots of dating, it looks like Rachel has finally made 50 Dream Dates.
Rachel: I have! I couldn't be happier!
Me: I am very happy for you.

Rachel: Awe, my last daughter is getting married *sniff*
Me: It is the end of an era.

Rachel: It's time for cake kids.

Me: Looks like he brought a lot of money with him. Sweet!

Me: Wow Royal doesn't look happy about the cake smash.

Rachel: Well Royal's cats had to go because there just isn't room in this house.
Me: I'm sure they will find good homes.

Me: Looks like you're going for the garden club too?
Rachel: Sure am.
Me: Didn't you just start this garden?
Rachel: Yes, but you said it was easy.
Me: Now that I know how, it really is.
Rachel: So, I should get in.

Rachel: See, I told you I could do it.
Me: I had little doubt.

Rachel: My baby is growing up. *sniff*

Me: Noooooooooo!!!!!
Rachel: Noooooooo!!!!!!

Rachel: Nice going son.

Rachel: Hurry! I'm going to be a grandma!
Me: Again!

Rachel: What are you doing?
Erv: Looking for love.
Me: In all the wrong places?

Rachel: Are you going to introduce me to your friend?
Erv: Would. But I don't remember her name.
Me: I don't either. She is from the Fellowship 3. That's all I can tell you.

Me: Broadening your horizons?
Rachel: Yeah, I thought I'd find out about money.

Rachel: Well although my boy wants romance from life at least he has lofty goals for his career.

Me: Doesn't seem to keep him looking at just one girl.

Rachel: I think I know what we're having for dinner tonight.

Me: See what I mean?
Rachel: I do.

Rachel: Way to go!

Rachel: Grandbaby!!!!

Eleah: It's a girl! I'll name her Gwyndolynn.
Me: That's beautiful!

Rachel: Picking some fruit?
Royal: Yep, gotta keep the family healthy now that there's a baby in the house.

Me: Hey it's Arial Vega, I forgot she was still a teen.

Me: I guess know who will be coupling up in college.

Me: Nice going!

Rachel: Tisk, tisk

Me: Happy Birthday Gwyndolynn!

Rachel: She is the perfect mixture of your mom and dad.

Me: Looks like another doggie is joining the house.

Rachel: *Sigh*

Rachel: Don't take East!!!

Me: I guess life goes on and it looks like it's walking time.

Me: Looks like a little garden sweat shop.

Me: Looks like you have a trip in your future.

Me: Talking time.

Rachel: Nice going son!

Rachel: Wow, that's impressive!

Me: Looks like it's time for me to be moving on. Come on Rachel.
Points: 9
Money: 7
Career: 1 for Royal
Sims: 1 for Gwyndolynn


Black Trinity said...

Great update as usual - and congratulations on the new round.

Looking forward to more soon :D

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Finally back to sim-Rachel. Wow, she got her LTW, nice going! Gwyndolynn is a beauty. Hey, you covered East, but where's South? And that brings me to another question. In one of the pics, it said the dogs in the household were West and North. Just rather confused.

ASimWen said...

Back to the beginning...great! GAD..I need to get back to the Falls. You make me ashamed. LOL

SirenPrincess said...

Yeah for round 6!!!! You must be excited.

I still love Eleah, and now Gwen, too.

This update was great. Your rounds always have so much going on.

Kerry said...

Wow, round six! Good going. Erv is busy, isn't he? Is he trying to get his IW while he's still a teen?

Anonymous said...

I think your writing is wonderful

Melissa said...

Yeah! Round 6! Great job Rachel. You can do it. ;)

Rachel said...

South was given up for adoption to make room in the house for Gwyndolynn. I forgot to mention it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 50 dream dates! And your garden skills were never in doubt. ^_^ Too bad about the boy going romance, but at least he has a decent lifetime goal!

ciyrose said...

Ahhh...back at the beginning. What is going to happen at college with Erv....he's an interesting romancer, but he's got an easy LTW.

Fun as always. :)