Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Vega 5 Round 5

What a Way to Weasel Your Way In
Well it's another new lot. You see Mercury Vega in this picture but he already moved out. he fell in love and married Rain. His brother Uranus, however, does still live here. He one of many, many sons of Coqui and Andre Vega. He met Lynn Simmers when he was still little. He was drawn to her like no sim I have ever seen. He's all grown up now and off on his own.

Rachel: Hi there Uranus. My what a lovely house you have there.
Uranus: Why thank you. I saw it and I had to have it.
Rachel: Can I see the inside?
Uranus: Well that isn't as nice.

Rachel: Oh my goodness! It's completely empty! I mean COMPLETELY!
Uranus: Yeah, I Only looked at the outside.
Rachel: You bought a house without ever seeing the inside?
Uranus: Um, yeah. It's OK. Lynn's on her way over.

Rachel: That's one way to say hi.

Uranus: So, do you think you might want to move in?
Lynn: Sure!

Me: I see Lynn's plan to get her genes into Prosperity Point.

Rachel: Hey, where's the fancy wedding gown?
Lynn: We decided to go simple, plus we really can't afford anything fancy right now.

Rachel: You don't need a fancy gown to have a lot of passion.
Me: These two are too cute.

Rachel: What wedding would be complete without everyone crowded around the computer screen?

Rachel: Get down you two!

Rachel: Yay a kitten!
Lynn: Wait, a cat? I like dogs.
Rachel: Shh.

Rachel: See how happy Uranus is?
Lynn: Fine.

Rachel: Another kitten!

Rachel: Umm Moss, I think these two would like some privacy.

Rachel: Um, wow, um wow.

Rachel: Looks like the kittens are getting along.

Rachel: What are you do?
Lynn: I decided to take up sewing. I want to make clothes for our kids.
Rachel: Kids? Are you trying to tell me something?
Lynn: Not yet, but I hope soon.

Rachel: Looks like very soon.

Rachel: Way to go man!
Uranus: Thanks!

Me: Another doable Lifetime Want.

Rachel: Mary is so festive.

Rachel: Looks like you're one step closer to making clothes.

Rachel: But, no time. The baby is on it's way!

Lynn: It's a boy! Here's Mustang.

Lynn: He's squirmy.

Rachel: Kevie is a handsome lad.

Rachel: I think this means there is another kitten on the way.

Rachel: What are you eating?!?!?
Lynn: Yummy Cheesecake!

Rachel: Lynn's in the zone!

Rachel: Oh my!

Rachel: Holy crap! That was one streak!

Rachel: Kittens!

Rachel: And it looks like another little one is on it's way.
Lynn: Or two!

Rachel: By kittens.

Rachel: Happy birthday Mustang!

Rachel: What a cutie! He is such a Vega boy!

Uranus: Say dada, dada.
Rachel: He doesn't seem impressed.

Rachel: Look at that tummy. I think it's going to be twins.
Me: yeah, me too.

Rachel: Awe, he learned to walk. I think it's time for me to go.

Points: 6
5 for Money
1 for Mustang (what's the theme?)


ASimWen said...

Horses...that is the theme. lol Go you, SimLynn!

SirenPrincess said...

I really loved this update. Lynn and Uranus are adorable. I'm sure all of the children are going to have great genes. The house is gorgeous. Where did you get it? And kitties, too. It was a really great update.

Anonymous said...

Awwww. Lots of cute multi-coloured cats!
The theme is cars if wen isn't right.
I love your prosperity Rachel. It's one of my faves along with a few others.

Bubbs said...

Oh my! My girl is married in and already had a cutie named Mustang. I wonder if she ate the cheesecake before or after getting pregnant? Hmmm, maybe having twins.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Grats Lynn! Another Simself in the game. The theme's either horses or cars. Not enough kids to tell yet. But I see cheesecake, so next time around we should be able to tell really well.

Kerry said...

Seems to me we just had a household with the cars theme, so I'm betting on horses. Lynn, tell your simself to put some clothes on! LOL, she's in undies through most of the update! What an exhibitionist! I can hardly wait to see the rainbow kitties turn up in some house.

Galena said...

I was confused at first by this naming theme since you already had cars at another house. Didn't know if these three, five? were moving in with the other cars house. But now horses make sense.

ciyrose said...

Busy update.....Mustang sure is cute....I forgot about the cars house, so this one must be Horses like Wen said...but I'll have to wait and see for sure.