Thursday, July 03, 2008

Morelli 1 Round 5

Revolving Door
This is it, the LAST new lot! Wouldn't you know it belongs to my Sim son. This is MJ Ziese-Lecy. He is the son of Rachel and Marty. He met the lovely Xara Morreli when he was still just a kid. When he joined he in high school the two really hit it off. It was decided then that she would be joining him at Sim State University. She is the daughter of a certain sim whose name starts with an X, just a different version. Somewhere along the way they picked up Zoey the dog.

Rachel: Hi hun. So how do you like your new place?
MJ: I like it Mom. Thanks.
Xara: Dear, I really want to get started on our family.
Rachel: Wow this is ackward. Let's find out about your dreams.

Rachel: Oh dear. that will not be much fun.

Rachel: Yipee! I would love to have 6 great grandkids!

Rachel: Looks like they're getting started on adopting pets.

Rachel: And starting a family. Excuse me.

Rachel: Wow! That's a lot of pets.

Rachel: 1 down

Rachel: Congrats dear.
Xara: Thank you.

Rachel: Bye Reka.

Xara: Woah! One step closer!

Rachel: 2 down

Rachel: 3 down

4 down

Rachel: Nice going on the wishing well!

Rachel: Bye guys.

Rachel: Even with raising all these animals you have time to advance in your career. Nice going dear.

Rachel: Hurray! Grand Baby!!!

Xara: It's a boy! We'll call him Bassette.
Rachel: What an interesting name.

Rachel: What the?

Rachel: Happy Birthday, um, everyone, almost.

Rachel: 5

Rachel: 6

Rachel: 7

Rachel: 8

Rachel: Naughty!

Rachel: Nice going dear.

Rachel: Bye all.

Rachel: Even in all the choas these two are still so in love.

Rachel: 9

Rachel: Bye guys.

Rachel: Wow time flies! Happy Birthday Bassette!

Rachel: Awe, he's a handsome young man.

Rachel: And it looks like another is on it's way! I can hardly wait!

Rachel: Oh no Xara! What happened?
Xara: I was out pulling weeds and I got struck by lightning.
Rachel: Wow! You going to be OK?
Xara: Yeah, just need to use the facilities and shower. I'll be fine.

Rachel: Walking time.

Xara & Bassette: *singing*
Rachel: Awe.

Rachel: Fini! You're so pretty!

Bassette: Weeee!!
Rachel: You are such a cutie!

Rachel: And that will do it for this house and for round 5. Wait what about the names of the puppies.
Me: I have no idea what each one is. Are you kidding me?

Points: 4
1 for Bassette (do you know the theme?)
3 for money


ASimWen said...

Great round...Bassette is a cutie! :) He has good genes in him after all. :) Nice looking dogs!

Anonymous said...

Rachel I love your blog! Thank you for updating lots. Your certainly getting through the puppies.
Is Bassette named for the dog breed?
Wen I think it's the Meadow Thayer genetics from Xuan that makes them so cute.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

He is quite a cute kid. No idea on the theme.
Me-puppy! Cool me-dog too. I knew she had to go, but thanks for pointing her out to me first. I've forgotten her family tree. Well, when she gets taken in, I'm making a request to see it.

ASimWen said...

To pinkfiend1 - I think you are right. Meadow is gorgeous. Let's not forget her husband in the Falls, Timo, had the Maxis elven face. So Xuan acutally has elven features two gens back. :)

ciyrose said...

He really does make very cute kids, who make cute kids, that Xuan. I have no idea on the theme, but I guess I'll find out.

Great job on all the puppies...that was a bit of a crazy round.