Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lancaster 1 Round 6

Last time Brendon and Stormy were just minding their own busy when Brendon's daughter Puma's boyfriend arrived from college. Ford Ribeiro is one of Aimee Ribeiro's twin sons. Ford and Puma got engaged and he worked on his career and continued raking up dream dates with Puma. Brendon and Stormy got engaged and very quickly married. Brendon and his first wife, Hedwig's son, Tiger grew up to a teen and left for college. He has since graduated and has started his own separate life. Now Puma has finally returned from college to make things less awkward for Ford.

Rachel: Welcome home Puma. It must be nice. . . Wait, Wen, what are you doing here?
Wen: I have no gripes with Puma here. She and I are friends and I'm not going to let my beef with Brendon keep me from seeing her.
Rachel: You tell 'em. Sorry, um, Puma, are you happy to be home?
Puma: Definitely! Ford and I have been busy planning the wedding. I almost missed my last final I was so preoccupied with it. The ceremony is tonight, if you'd like to come.
Rachel: I'll be there.

Rachel: You both look so nice.

Rachel: Looks like you two could use some alone time.

Rachel: Yay, new puppy! Welcome Hermon.

Rachel: And welcome to adulthood Spice.

Rachel: Oh, bad call. Sorry Puma.

Rachel: At least someone is bringing home the promotions. Sorry Puma.

Rachel: Look at that both guys have brought home tops of career. Nice going guys.

Rachel: Bye doggies. I guess it's time to make some room.

Rachel: See, I knew it. Congrats Puma!

Rachel: Nice going!

*Next Day*
Rachel: Wow, congrats again!

Rachel: Oh, sorry Brendon.

Rachel: Wow, baby time already!?!?

Puma: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Puma: It's a girl!

Puma: We'll call her Pallas.
Rachel: Awe, she's a redhead.

Rachel: Puppies!

Puma: Meet Murphy and Mutty.

Rachel: They're so cute.

Rachel: Um, bye.
Puma: We just don't have the room.

Rachel: Nice job Ford! Wow! You reached the top of two careers in one week. You're on fire!

Rachel: Nice job Brendon!

Rachel: What's wrong?
Puma & Ford: *in unison* It's SO messy in here!

Rachel: Woah, you OK Stormy?
Stormy: Wow, uh, yeah. Gotta call the elevator repairman.

Rachel: Looks like these guys are looking to get into the garden club too. How'd it go?
Puma: No luck this time. They said we need more plants. We'll try again.

Rachel: Happy birthday Pallas!

Rachel: She's a cutie pie!

Rachel: Wow! A second top of career for you too! Nice!

Rachel: Wow Stormy 2 hobby plaques! Nice job!

Rachel: How are you liking being a dad Ford?
Ford: I just love it! Imparting knowledge on a little one is so great!

Rachel: Pregnant again?
Puma: That's what happens when you're having a ton of dream dates.
Rachel: Don't I know.

Rachel: and the dates don't stop.

Rachel: Stormy?

Rachel: Oh no!

Rachel: Bye Stormy.

Rachel: Why is Ford the only one crying?
Me: I think the rest are in shock. Yeah, let's go with that.

Rachel: Bad Olie! Don't pee on the toddler!

Rachel: More puppies!

Rachel: Welcome Galena!

Rachel: Good-bye Galena.

Rachel: And I guess that means it's time for me to be going. I'm SO thankful none of the ghosts came out.
Me: But now there's one more.
Rachel: Eeeek!

Points: 19Money: 13
New Sim: 1 for Pallas
Top of Career: 4, 2 for Brendon & 2 for Ford
Hobby Plaques: 1 for Stormy


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Aww, that's sad, but then one must remember that Stormy was an elder when she married Brendon. I'm probably being influenced by the lack of sleep, but it seems like more puppies than normal. And good, Galena finally got her puppy namesake.

SirenPrincess said...

It's always fun to return to the well established houses after playing so many new ones, isn't it?

I loved all of the puppies. Yeah dogs. Do your sims cry when you put the puppies up for adoption? Mine do, so I've started giving them to friends and townies instead.

ASimWen said...

I have a hard time giving puppies up to the dog pound. What I have started doing is waiting for the people who are closest to the pets to go work or school, then have somebody who doesn't care about them call animal control. That way there is little weeping.

Hahah dog peeing on the toddler. LOL I have never seen that. *tear* Good bye Stormy, you are an old friend of mine. ASimWen showed up in Stormy's house to show there was no bad feelings! Good girl!

Galena said...

Yay a Galena puppy.

Sad about Stormy though.

Kerry said...

I don't like giving up my dogs, either--especially since I discovered that at least some of them hate you after you do so. Ugh. But I don't like to sell them to townies, because then they become strays, which bothers me, too. And there just aren't necessarily playable sims who need pets---it's a dilemma.

Bye, Stormy! Aloha! Looked like your last days were joyous ones!

Rachel said...

If I give up the dogs before anyone gets really attached to them, then no one cries.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Prosperity Point. I think all of your Sims are gorgeous. Where did you get your skins, hairs, clothes, etc.? Do you download from the Sims 2 website or ModTheSims2 or elsewhere? If you download from the Sims 2 website, can you tell me your account name and upload some of the Prosperity Point residents like Wen, SimYou, Victoria, and some of your favorites, if it's not too much trouble? Thanks!!

Rachel said...

You can find my simself here Come on over to the sims 2 challenges yahoo group and you can find where to pick up some of those other sims.

Melissa said...

Yeah! A Prosperity Point update. I've been watching for one! (behind in reading so I had a lot to go thru). Hmmm. Pallas ...what's the theme here?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Is there any way you could upload other Sims from Prosperity Point?

Rachel said...

I have uploaded them in the past but they weren't downloaded enough and were taken down. If you email me directly with who all you want, I can email you the packaged files to you. It will be much easier for me.

ciyrose said...

Lots of puppies....I haven't ever had enough puppies to worry about putting them in the pound, but I think you have the right it quick before anyone gets too attached.

Pallas is a cutie...I'm sure the rest will be too.

Chrissy Brown said...

Pallas is adorable <3 and everybody in this town looks beautiful :)