Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Anderson 1 - Round 5

Don't pretend to be surprised, but this is another new lot. On the outer edges of the picture we have Cake and Eclair Ziese-Lecy. They are both Victoria and Velo's kids. That makes them my Simself's grandchildren. They are both cheesecake twins but not each other's. Cake met Natalie Anderson (formally of my shared legacy) by making a wish in the well as a teen. The two have perfect chemistry so I had no choice but to get these two together. Eclair has known Apollo Knight for ages. They started dating in high school and are hopelessly in love. She even stuck by him when he thought of becoming a great romancer. He has decided to focus on book learning now.

Rachel: What a lovely house.
Me: You know what isn't lovely?
Rachel: What?
Me: Those outfits. Take them shopping while we have a peak at their hopes and dreams.

Me: Good.

Me: Easy.

Me: Been there, not too bad.

Me: Crap!

Rachel: Getting a cat?
Cake: Yep! I think it's good to have some pets if I want to be best friends with so many.
Rachel: Good plan.

Rachel: Yay! My grandbaby is getting engaged!

Rachel: So's the other one!

Rachel: So, guys. When's the double wedding?
Cake: We aren't sure yet. We might wait until after I make all my pet friends.
Rachel: Crap.

Rachel: Well I guess with Cake inviting over so many pets this was bound to happen at some point. This used to be a bed.

Rachel: Nice job!

Rachel: Did I hear chimes?

Rachel: Nice going you two.

Rachel: Nice there Jackie. You sure are a pretty kitty.

Rachel: I thought I heard chimes! Great grandbaby on the way!

Rachel: Again, nice job you two!

Rachel: I think we've got kittens on the way!

Rachel:Great Grandbaby time!

Rachel: Xara, don't look away. You need to see how this works. I hear you want a bunch.

Rachel: What is it?

Eclair: It's a girl! Say hi to Dory.
Rachel: Hi Dory!

Rachel: Again, good job!

Rachel: Kittens!

Rachel: Or Kitten. Hi Steve.

Me: I think this is a new Best Friends Forever greeting?

Rachel: Yay! Another great grandbaby!

Rachel: Oh, sorry hun.

Rachel: Hurray! Great Grandbaby's birthday!

Rachel: What a cutie.
Me: Minus the nose.
Rachel: Hey!

Eclair: Hi there honey!

Rachel: I don't think she wants to say, "Momma".

Me: These are just a few of Cake's pet best friends. By the end of the week he had 14! Tiger Lily, Tina, Frankie, Heidi, Bonkers, Kirby, Kristi, Patches, Taffy, Spunky, McLachlan, Jack, Rollen, Blue, Dakota, Jackie, Carmen, Speckles, and Steve.

Rachel: My how time flies.
Me: Maybe for you. It was VERY long!

Points: 11
1 for Dory (do you know the theme?)
10 for money


Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Carmen is the perfect cat for a blog entry posted on July 3rd!! Dory is cute, even with the nose. It adds character.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Finding Nemo! It just hit me when you asked. Congrats on hitting 14 pet best friends. That's the only thing I'm not going to like about installing Pets, that LTW. Dory is rather cute, despite the nose.

ASimWen said...

Yeah..Finding Nemo...that is a cute movie. I think Dory is my favorite character from it. Wow 14 pet friends???? How???? lol I hate that LTW and have never attained it.

Anonymous said...

Wow you've done well getting 14 pet friends! Mine are always lucky to be friends with their own pets let alone the strays.
And Dory could get a nicer nose as she ages. You never know.

Melissa said...

Wow. Have you done quick tips on making pet best friends yet? I'd be interested to hear that one. I'm with pinkfiend1 - mine are lucky to be best friends with their own pets much less other Sim's pets!

ciyrose said...

WOW!!! 14 by the end of the week? I'm SO jealous!!!! I HATE that LTW, and am killing myself trying to fulfill it with Biyu.

It's got to be Finding Nemo for the theme, but you could surprise me.