Friday, November 30, 2007

University Round 5 Part 2

Plans for the Future
Part 2 of how ever many.

Looks like Emmett is flirting with his life long friend Jenn Simmers and she seems to like it.

His brother George is proposing to...

...another simself, Libby!

Yay, rerolling Oak's aspiration. Popularity is slightly better then romance

That's a LTW I can handle.

Tiger, looking for love.

Hum, the Potts mother. He doesn't look thrilled.

Oak's turn.

Winnie, just a sim I made. We'll see how things go as top whether she will be his lifelong mate.

Guess nothing noteworthy happened in this house this time.

At our next house Georgia has met Mercury and gang she thinks he's hot!

Apparently Mercury is smitten too

Now we'll see how our freshmen are liking college so far.

Another proposal!

And so celebrating. Congrats kids!

Back to a house of Juniors.

Looking like Cooper is getting a new aspiration

That should be doable.

Some very studious freshmen.

And another engaged couple.

Finally we head to the greek house where we will spend the rest of this entry.

That's not Libby, that's Lily who is looking for love.

Wow 3 bolts! Good job gypsy! We'll see what becomes of these 2.

Kate Ribeiro graduates. She is with Cougar.

Cougar asks Sariss to move in.

Not Metro, that's Royal who gets another first date. She's pregnant which sorta made it not so much fun.

Cougar Lancaster graduates! He is with Kate.

And his sister Puma! Who is with Ford Ribeiro. Yes Ford is Kate's half brother. So Puma's brother will also be her brother-in-law.

So does Libby! She is currently single.

Navy asked his brother's girlfriend Temperance to move in.

Still not Metro, Royal gets another 1st date.

His brother Navy Rosada graduates. He is with Sariss Skywalker.

Single gal Sun Ribeiro graduates.

As does Navy's honey, Sariss Skywalker!

Tiger invites his . . . grand niece I think, Lily Dante.

Who graduates very fast!

Still not Metro, Royal Rosada invites his sister to move in.

And his friend Califoria Ribeiro.

Temperance invites her man Metro Rosada to move in.

That will end this part. Next part we will welcome in the last batch of Freshmen.

University Round 5 Part1

Buckle Up!
Well in case you are new to Prosperity Point, I thought I'd let you know that it is a frickin' huge place. This means that there are a bazillion kids already in or heading to college. I'm going to go through this as fast as I can while still being a bit funny. I do apologize that it is 342 pictures long and a lot are mislabeled. All I can say is Buckle Up!!!

Welcome Freshmen

Yay! Sim me is dropping off Eleah!

It's a sad moment when you send your youngest daughter off to college.

Uranus Vega. The youngest son of Andre and Coqui Vega currently in college. His birthday was right before the end of the week so he is single and looking for fun. He is friends with Lynn, so there might be something there.

Mercury Vega. Twin of Uranus. Also single.

Ian Ziese-Lecy. Son of Marty and Rachel. Also single.

Mars Vega. Older brother of Uranus and Mercury. Younger brother of Pluto who is already here. Also single.

Neptune Vega. Twin brother of Mars. You guessed it, single.

Juliette Ribeiro. Youngest child of Aimee and Xuan. She had a thing with Ross Chandler but set off to college as a single woman due to large number of single boys in PP.

Finally, for this house, Monica Holiday. The much forgotten and mistreated daughter of Venice Holiday and Leeland Cooperider. She was dating the paperboy but didn't really see a future with him, so she is also single.

Jazz Knight is seeing his boys off.

Apollo Knight. Son of Jazz and Kora. Twin brother of Zeus. He was seeing Vanessa Maripossa but when he met Eclair Ziese-Lecy, it was love at first sight.

Eclair Ziese-Lecy. Daughter of Victoria and Velo. Twin sister of Cake. Girlfriend of Apollo Knight.

Ares Knight. Youngest son of Jazz and Kora Knight. Younger brother of Apollo and Zeus. Boyfriend of Snow Forsythe.

Snow Forsythe. Daughter of Rose and Bryon. Twin sister to Rain. Sister of Sleet and Fog. She is dating Ares Knight.

Rain Forsythe. Daughter of Rose and Bryon. Twin Sister to Snow. Sister to Sleet and Fog. She has yet to find love and is this house's only single gal.

Zeus Holiday. Son of Kora and Jazz. Twin brother of Apollo and older brother of Ares. He met and fell in love with Quita, ummm (loading game) Skywalker.

Quita Skywalker, custom townie from the shared hood I had with Wen, Lynn and Caitlynn. Daughter of Tiny and Quavi from that hood. Girlfriend of Zeus Knight.

More Freshmen

Destin Dante is dropping off May.

May Dante. Only daughter of Sasha and Destin Dante. Twin to October. She was dating Bradon Caligula in high school but he couldn't afford to come to college so she is looking for love.

October Dante. Only son of Sasha and Destin. Twin brother of May. He has many female friends, but not one girlfriend.

Mango Te Waiata. Only son of Pania and Danton. Twin brother to Strawberry. He tried very hard to find love in high school but no one fit.

Strawberry Te Waiata. Elder daughter of Pania and Danton. Twin to Mango but unlike him, she did find love in High School, Will Ryan.

Will Ryan. Fellowship custom townie. Boyfriend of Strawberry Te Waiata.

Look more Freshmen!

Hum, never seen this before. The school bus is here to pick up all the kids that haven't spun to young adults yet.

Natalie Anderson. Custom townie. She was part of the Pass A Sim I did with Wen and Lynn. She has 3 bolts with Cake Ziese-Lecy which won her a spot at college.

Cake Ziese-Lecy. Son of Victoria and Velo. Twin brother of Eclair. Younger brother of Cheesecake and Pie who are also here. He is madly in love with Natalie Anderson.

Logan Rosada. Son of Arianna and Adrian. Twin brother to Rogue. He's been rather quiet and is single.

Rogue Rosada. Elder daugher of Ariana and Adrian. Twin sister of Logan. She is dating Pie Ziese-Lecy

Pie Ziese-Lecy. Eldest son of Victoria and Velo. Twin of Cheesecake. He is mad for Rogue Rosada.

Cheesecake Ziese-Lecy. Elder daughter of Victoria and Velo. Twin of Pie. Sister to Cake and Eclair, also here. She fell hard for the only Maxis townie allowed into PP at this point, Randy London.

Randy London. Maxis Townie. He is dating Cheesecake Ziese-Lecy. He was given a chance because of how much my fellow simmer, Ruby, likes him.

These two are such a cute 3 bolt couple. They flirted on their own and were instantly back in love.

No joke, more freshmen.

Ricky Flanagan, who looks really shocked to have made it into PP. He is a Fellowship custom townie and is dating Vodka Vega.

Vodka Vega. Only child (shocking!) of Aracely and Joe. She found love through the matchmaker, you met him, Ricky Flanagan.

Fog Forsythe. Son of Rose and Bryon. Twin of Sleet. Younger brother of Rain and Snow. He is very shy and almost made it out of high school single, but Canada Vega managed to sweep him up.

Canada Vega. Daughter of England and Rosario. Girlfriend of Fog Forsythe.

Sleet Forsythe. Son of Rose and Bryon. Twin of Fog. Younger brother of Rain and Snow. He is dating Lucida Vega like crazy!

So not Eleah. This is Lucida Vega. Elder daughter of Temple and Aston. She wants 50 dreamdates so her and Sleet dated like mad through high school.

Last house with freshmen. Yay!!!!

Ellen Caligula. Elder daughter of Kalliope and Dakota. She is single since Grasshopper Cooprider "stole her man."
Ellen: What's with the quotation marks? She did steal him!

Emmett Dante. Son of Kayla and Benjamin. He is single but is very good friends with Jenn Simmers.

O'Keefe Simmers. Daughter of Wen and the late James (Lancaster) Simmers. She is single.

Tiger Busto. Only son of Brendon and the late Hedwig. He too is single.

Now that we have welcomed the freshmen let's get up and stretch before we move onto Part 2