Monday, November 05, 2007

Te Waiata Round 5

Lightning Strikes Again
Last time Pania and Danton welcomed 2 dogs to the family, Tammy and Spot. The kids, Strawberry and Mango, grew up to wonderful teens and left for college. Baby Kiwi grew to an adorable toddler then a beautiful child. Pania and Danton spent a lot of time crafting items so they decided to open an at home shop to sell them. The store was rather successful. Grandma Hine and her girlfriend Madalyn were very helpful with all the kids and the customers.

Rachel: Speaking of Grandma Hine. . .

Hine: Madalyn, I have something to ask you.

Madalyn: Oh my goodness!

Madalyn: Yes!!!
Hine: That's great dear, but maybe jumping in my arms like that isn't the best idea. Owe my back.

Hine: Since my time is growing short.

Hine: I Hine take you Madalyn to be my wife.
Madalyn: I Madalyn take you Hine to be my wife.
Rachel: I now pronounce you wife and wife.
-That night-

Rachel: *Gasp* Oh no! The only one there for Hine's death were the dogs! No one else noticed.

Rachel: She was well loved.

Rachel: OK, looks like Pania did notice.

Rachel: So did Madalyn. Sorry ladies.

Rachel: Oh no! Lightning just struck River! That's bad for business!

Rachel: Holy crap Madalyn!!!! Are you OK?!?!
Madalyn: I got struck by lightning. What do you think?
Rachel: You've probably been better.

Rachel: yay Puppies!!!

Rachel: Oh, just puppy. Welcome Tommy!

Rachel: Holy crap, more lightning! Really, you're going to hold a lightning strike against them!??!

Rachel: Welcome home Kiwi!
Kiwi: Look I got an A+!!!
Rachel: Congrats Kiwi!!!

Rachel: Madalyn!!!!
Madalyn: What? A woman has needs and Hine passed like 4 days ago.
Rachel: *Sarcastically* Oh how you suffer.

Kiwi: This is my friend Cucumber. He's nice.
Rachel: That's nice.

Rachel: Another lightning strike. Thank goodness for that smoke detector outside.

Rachel: Hey Xuan. What are you buying in that shiney gold bag?
Xuan: Servo.
Rachel: Fancy!

Rachel: Yay it's a person birthday!!!!

Rachel: Wow Kiwi! You're amazing!
Kiwi: Why thank you. I hope all the boys think so.
Rachel: They'd be fools not to.

Kiwi: Yeah, so I want a life of romance.
Rachel: Of course you do. What do you dream about?
Me: Don't ask. I don't think I want to know.

Kiwi: 20 lovers.
Me: I was right. I didn't want to know.

Rachel: *sigh* Happy birthday Tommy. At least you won't cause that giant voice in the sky some heartache.

Me: Hey look who it is. It's Erin from my Lost Challenge. Isn't she pretty?
Rachel: I still don't know what you are talking about, but she sure is.

Kiwi: I want a boy and make him hot.

Kiwi: What I gave you $4,000 and all I got was 1 losey bolt of attraction?!?! Fine, we'll have a date, see how it goes.

Rachel: More puppies!

Rachel: Yay 3! Tex, Rex, and Roxie.
Me: Um Roxie is in an um, interesting position there compared to Tammy.

Kiwi: A tiny little Bonsai tree!
Rachel: He didn't have to bring you anything.
Kiwi: Well, OK. I just hope my future loves bring better gifts.

Hine: Boo! That's what you get for stepping out on me!
Madalyn: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: More puppies to the adoption pool. See you all soon.

Rachel: Lots of empty selves. How's everything going?
Danton: I can't even keep up, it's going so well.

Rachel: Looks to be.

Kiwi: So, uh Live I think you're pretty darn cute.
Live: *Drooling* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Rachel: Looks like Kiwi is off to college too.
Kiwi: Darn straight. There are lots of hotties there!
Rachel: *sigh* OK, well, see you there.

Points 5
All for money


ASimWen said...

Xuan must have the bucks buyin' a Servo. LOL Good for him. Lots of puppies...good deal!

Kerry said...

Kiwi really is lovely. That was too funny with Hine scaring Madalyn--served her right! Lots of cute puppies--what will you do with them all? Are there adoptive families ready?

Infinity-Nevermore said...

I was thinking the same thing Hine was when I saw the pic. Poor, poor Live, he has no idea. 20 simultaneous lovers? They relaly love giving you a hard time. I forgot Xuan was old now.

Bubbs said...

I thought Hine died right after getting married. Sadly, it was her. Her poor dogs! :(

How many lightning stricks did this lot have? *shock!* They need a lightning rod!

You must show us all your dog family trees! I bet it is impressive by now. :)

Melissa said...

Is Kiwi the heir? Sorry I've forgotten. She is gorgeous. Too bad she rolled Romance. *sigh

Yes, I agree with Bubbs - I bet your dog family trees are quite impressive.

ciyrose said...

Kiwi is beautiful! Sorry she's a romancer with that LTW. :(