Friday, November 30, 2007

University Round 5 Part 2

Plans for the Future
Part 2 of how ever many.

Looks like Emmett is flirting with his life long friend Jenn Simmers and she seems to like it.

His brother George is proposing to...

...another simself, Libby!

Yay, rerolling Oak's aspiration. Popularity is slightly better then romance

That's a LTW I can handle.

Tiger, looking for love.

Hum, the Potts mother. He doesn't look thrilled.

Oak's turn.

Winnie, just a sim I made. We'll see how things go as top whether she will be his lifelong mate.

Guess nothing noteworthy happened in this house this time.

At our next house Georgia has met Mercury and gang she thinks he's hot!

Apparently Mercury is smitten too

Now we'll see how our freshmen are liking college so far.

Another proposal!

And so celebrating. Congrats kids!

Back to a house of Juniors.

Looking like Cooper is getting a new aspiration

That should be doable.

Some very studious freshmen.

And another engaged couple.

Finally we head to the greek house where we will spend the rest of this entry.

That's not Libby, that's Lily who is looking for love.

Wow 3 bolts! Good job gypsy! We'll see what becomes of these 2.

Kate Ribeiro graduates. She is with Cougar.

Cougar asks Sariss to move in.

Not Metro, that's Royal who gets another first date. She's pregnant which sorta made it not so much fun.

Cougar Lancaster graduates! He is with Kate.

And his sister Puma! Who is with Ford Ribeiro. Yes Ford is Kate's half brother. So Puma's brother will also be her brother-in-law.

So does Libby! She is currently single.

Navy asked his brother's girlfriend Temperance to move in.

Still not Metro, Royal gets another 1st date.

His brother Navy Rosada graduates. He is with Sariss Skywalker.

Single gal Sun Ribeiro graduates.

As does Navy's honey, Sariss Skywalker!

Tiger invites his . . . grand niece I think, Lily Dante.

Who graduates very fast!

Still not Metro, Royal Rosada invites his sister to move in.

And his friend Califoria Ribeiro.

Temperance invites her man Metro Rosada to move in.

That will end this part. Next part we will welcome in the last batch of Freshmen.


Bubbs said...

That house sure does rotate the kids!

ASimWen said...

Agreed...great rotation!

Kerry said...

LOL--I hope things worked out okay for Lily--in the photo of her date arriving, he looks like he's shielding his eyes from the painful sight of her profile! And--will we ever actually see Metro? Will the real Metro please stand up? :)

ciyrose said...

Nice rotation of kids into the Greek House. This is a pretty crazy house. I'm curious how you work your uni sims around....they all seem to be doing very well.