Saturday, December 01, 2007

University Round 5 Part 3

Welcome Even More Freshmen!

Bethany Ribeiro is dropping off 4 of her children.

First we have Rem Ribeiro. Eldest son of Bethany and Zelo. Twin brother to Sarah. Older brother to C. Crows and live. He is dating Scarlet Rosada.

Sarah Ribeiro. Younger daughter of Bethany and Zelo. Twin sister to Rem and older sister to Live and C. Crows. She is dating Squash Rosada.

C. Crow Ribeiro. Son of Bethany and Zelo. Twin of Live. Brother of Rem and Sarah. He is dating Burgandy Rosada meaning he too will have a brother as a brother in law.

Live Ribeiro. Son of Bethany and Zelo. Twin of C. Crows. Brother of Rem and Sarah. He hit it off with Kiwi Te Waiata they just aren't sure if they want to be serious yet.

Kiwi Te Waiata. Youngest of Pania and Danton. Little sister to Strawberry and Mango. Sorta with Live Ribeiro but she is keeping her options open.

Not Carrot, this is Squash Rosada. Son of Danielle and William. Twin of Tomato. Brother of Carrot and Zucinni also in college. He is dating Sarah Ribeiro.

Tomato Rosada. Only daughter to Danielle and William. Twin of Squash. Little sister to Carrot and Zucinni. She is arriving at college single.

Burgandy Rosada. Daughter of Aquamarine and Zachary. Twin to Scarlet. She is dating C. Crows Ribeiro.

Scarlet Rosada. Daughter of Aquamarine and Zachary. Twin to Burgandy. She is dating Rem Ribeiro.

Jasper Rosada. Youngest son of Bronx and Amethyst. Brother of Zircon and Tanzanite who are still here. Cousin of Tomato, Squash, Zucinni, Carrot, Burgandy and Scarlet. He has arrived single but has a long lasting friendship with Libby Ribeiro.

Centepede Cooprider. Son of Kricket and Quavi. Younger half-brother of Grasshopper, Scorpion and Butterfly. He is single, leaving ladies of the high school in his wake.

Looks like Jasper is taking it to the next level with his friend Libby.

Tomato decided to take a risk and flirt with the shy boy she likes, October (not Pine) Dante.

Hurray and he likes her too! Congrats dude, she's an heiress too being the only daughter!

Speaking of Heiresses, Strawberry is getting engaged!

Congrats Will and Strawberry!

I'm not even sure who Libby had a date with. If anyone wants to find out, let me know.

Now let's check in with everyone else again.

Huh! Libby just knocked down the snowman. Maybe she's mean.

After flirting last time, Emmett goes in for the kiss!

Looks like that solidified things for these two.

Congrats Jenn! Another Simself is joining PP.

Looks like Carrot who dated California in high school is now more interested in her sister, Florida.

Oh crap I forgot to put Georgia Tellerman through the greek house. I'll have to check her memory later but I'm pretty sure she pledged and had spent enough time there, I'm just not sure. Congrats on graduating though! She is with Mercury Vega.

Not sure why she went back to her funky hair though.

So as to not forget to put anyone else through the greek house, that's where will spend the rest of this round of University.

Royal (See I finally got his name right) has another 1st date. She is from the Fellowship 3, but I don't know her name.

Temperance Kirkendall graduates! She is dating Metro Rosada.

Ultramarine invites her man Cooper Maripossa to move in.

California Ribeiro has the hots for. . . wait. . . Oak Dante! Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Royal has finally graduated to make room for some more kids. He is single and is still working on 50 1st dates. Will he be a bachelor forever? Even I don't know yet.

Right behind Royal, is his quiet brother Metro. He is with Temperance Kirkendall.

One last thing before they both move out.

Congrats kids!

California Ribeiro gradautes! She is the Ribeiro-Tellerman heiress and is with Oak Dante. I wonder if her beauty can cancel out the Busto genetics?

Ultramarine Rosada is also an heiress. I hope she gets used to Cooper Maripossa's wings being in the way!

California asks Ellen Caligula to move in.

And Jewel Ribeiro.

Then it's time for California's man, Oak Dante to graduate!

Just a view of how busy this house is. There are at least 18 sims at this house at the moment. Gotta get all the pledges their time in.

California invites in Mango Te Waiata. I think she left after that.

Cooper invites Carrot to move in.

Mango invites Florida Ribeiro.

Jewel Ribeiro graduates! She is an heiress without a man. I'm sure we'll find he someone later.

She invites in Zucinni Rosada.

And gains a gold gardening badge before moving back home.

Florida Ribeiro graduates! She is with Carrot Rosada and will be living with her stepsister Georgia Tellerman.

Carrot invited Ian Ziese-Lecy to move in

Ut-Oh, something is wrong with Monica! Well I played one lot in the middle of all this and something happened that upset her. I won't tell you what yet. Hope she's OK before she moves in.

Zucinni Rosada graduated. He is with Natalie Nettles.

Looks like they got engaged too.

Mango invited Scorpian to move in.

Carrot graduated. He is with Florida Ribeiro.

Ellen Caligula graduated. Ellen, look over here. Ellen! *shrug* maybe she is upset that she is still single.
Ellen: I couldn't find another man when I belong with Cooper.

Speaking of Cooper and the other woman.

Wait, whose butt is this?

Ah. Wow Natalie, be gentle.

Natalie: Who me? I'm as gentle as a lamb.

Ian, not Emmett invited Natalie to move in. I tell it's confusing having 2 guys with the same hair in the house at the same time.

Ian, still not Emmett, invited Libby to move in.

Scorpian invited in Juliette Ribeiro

Ian got a new aspiration and a new LTW. He was Popularity and must have had like 20 pet best friends for me to change it.

Tiger Busto is finally out of here. He is single.

Ian invited the VERY cold O'Keefe Simmers to move in.

Cooper Maripossa graduated! He is with Ultramarine Rosada.

Mango invited Grasshopper Cooprider to move in. Sasha Norwood these was doing the Smustle. What a weirdo.

I think these ladies need to shop at different stores. Anyway, Natalie Nettles graduated. She is with Zucinni Rosada.

Libby invited Karoline Bach to move in.

Mango Te Waiata graduated. He is another single man. He keeps running into the problem of all the ladies are taken, relatives or not interested in him.

O'Keefe welcomed May Dante to the house.

This is just weird. O'keefe is on the phone with Dolphin and she earns time for being in the house. Strange.

Ian has an eye for May Dante.

May looks to agree.

Ahhh!!! Headless Cow Mascot!!!!

Libby Simmes graduated. She is with George Dante.

Grasshopper asked George to move in.

Scorpian Cooprider graduated. He is currently single.

May welcomes Dolphin Cooprider.

George Dante graduated. He is with Libby Simme.

Karoline welcomes her man Tanzanite Rosada. Apparently Dolphin finds something about this shocking.

Grasshopper Cooprider, also a turned head gal, graduated. She is with Cooper Kaufman.

May invites in Butterfly Cooprider.

Cooper Kaufman graduated. He is with Grasshopper Cooprider but is the life long friend of Ellen Caligula.

Dolphin welcomes her sister Orca.

May Dante graduated. I guess we'll have to find someone else to invite everyone in. She is with Ian Ziese-Lecy and is an heiress.

Juliette welcomes Tanzanite Rosada to the house.

O'Keefe is interested in Scorpian, but I'm not sure why.

Looks like we have another match.

Stinky Karoline Bach graduated. She is with Tanzanite Rosada.

O'Keefe welcomes Natalie Anderson. Scorpian had better start thinking about his date or this love affair will be short lived.

Juliette Ribeiro graduated. She is with Neptune Vega.

Monica Holiday moved in. Whomever welcomed her ran away too fast. Monica, are you OK?
Monica: I'm not completely over what happened, but I'll be OK.

Monica welcomed Zircon Rosada.

O'Keefe Simmers graduated with a. . . 3.9! I guess not everyone can be perfect.

Dolphin Cooprider graduated. She is with Ian Kaufman. Her sister Orca with be the heiress so she is going off to start a new house.

Monica invited Emmett Dante to move in.

And Pluto Vega.

Ian Ziese-Lecy graduates in a rain storm. He is with May Dante.

Pluto invited Xara Morelli to move in.

The ever quiet Butterfly Cooprider graduated with another 3.9. So close kids! She is single.

Natalie invted Ian Kaufman to move in.

Tanzanite Rosada graduated! He is with Karoline Bach.

Emmett asked Eleah to move in and then then were akward.

Zircon Rosada graduated. He's with Shasta Norwood.

And before leaving he decided to make it official.

Next Orca Cooprider graduated. She is with custom townie Moss.

And Xara asked Shasta to move in.

And Eleah welcomed her brother MJ Ziese-Lecy

Pluto Vega graduated. He is with Natalie Kaufman.

Then Emmett Dante graduated in desperite need of some fun. He is with the simself Jenn.

Eleah asked Natalie Kaufman to move in.

Just as Natalie's brother, Ian Kaufman graduated. He is with Dolphin Cooprider.

And Eleah welcomed Strawberry Te Waiata.

And Monica invited October Dante to move in.

Next Xara Morelli graduated. She is engaged to MJ Ziese-Lecy

Speaking of which. MJ graduated right after her.

Natalie, wait, they are both named Natalie. Natalie Anderson on the left is who graduated this time. She is with Cake Ziese-Lecy.

Speaking of Cake Ziese-Lecy, Strawberry asked him to move in. Strawberry short Cake, yummmm. Oh, sorry.

Then Strawberry invited her fiancee Will Ryan.

And Natalie invited Mars Vega to join the house.

Shasta Norwood graduated. She is with Zircon Rosada.

Monica Holiday graduated. She is single.

Natalie asked Neptune Vega to join them.

He in turn invited Pie Ziese-Lecy

October Dante graduated. He is with Tomato Rosada.

Heiress Eleah Ziese-Lecy graduated, but she is single. Sorry Eleah Neptune is taken.

Speaking of Neptune he re-rolled and got Pleasure.

And a doable LTW

Cake also re-rolled and got popularity.


Strawberry invited Cheesecake Ziese-Lecy to move in. Yummie Strawberry Cheesecake, even better. Sorry.

Strawberry then invited Rogue Rosada.

Cheesecake was fortune but she wanted to own 5 top level businesses which I have done.

OK, it's a decent LTW, yay!

Heiress Strawberry Te Waiata graduated. She is engaged to Will Ryan.

Cake invited Rain Forsythe to move in.

Natalie Kaufman graduated. She is with hottie Pluto Vega.

Cake invited Canada to move in.

Will Ryan graduated. He is with Stawberry Te Waiata.

Mars Vega graduated. He is single.

Cheesecake Ziese-Lecy graduated. She is with Randy London.

Canada asked Mercury Vega to move in.

Canada re-rolled, she too had wanted 20 Pet best friends.

Much better.

Pie Ziese-Lecy graduated. Not sure why he's running. I guess someone is moving out but I can't keep track of everything. Oh and he's withRogue Rosada.

Rogue invited Eclair Ziese-Lecy

Canada invited Randy London (Not Emmett).

Cake Ziese-Lecy graduated. He is with Natalie Anderson.

Rogue Rosada graduated. She is with Pie Ziese-Lecy.

Before leaving she welcomed Uranus Vega and. . .

. . . Snow Forsythe.

Neptune Vega graduated. He is with Juliette Ribeiro.

Rain invited her brother Fog Forsythe.

And she welcomed Vodka Vega. Enjoying the shoe Ricky?

Then Rain Forsythe graduated. She is sinlge.

Then Snow invited Ricky Flanagan.

and Randy rerolled from whatever he was and got popularity.

That will close up this part. No, we aren't done quite yet. Join me for part 4.


The Heat Miserette said...

My gosh! All that and you're not quite done yet??? My hat's off to you!

Some crazy part of me aspires to have this many sims. It would be fun to have many,many options to pair each sim up with, and to have a bustling simtropolis!

On the other hand, I think I may try to avoid that. I just don't have the time to manage them all!

Great job! Can't wait for the rest of the update!

Bubbs said...

Centepede Cooprider - he sure is a looker!

How did you keep up with all of these sims? *pats Rachel on the back* Great job!!!

Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

I applaud you for putting this many Sims through Uni. The most I've had to do in my Prosperity hood is like 15 or so and even that drove me nuts.

ASimWen said...

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Butterfly Cooprider looks so much like Deborah Morgan of "Dexter". (No idea what the actreses name is)

Very pretty!

Apart from that I can only say - Whoa! My head spins!


ciyrose said...

WOW! That's like all I can say. This was insane...and you aren't even done yet! I don't know how you do it. I cannot even hope to keep up with all those different names in and out.