Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Caligula 1 Round 5

How did this Happen?
Last time Kalliope and Dakota's eldest daughter Ellen was very sad that her man went off to college with someone else. She grew up to a teen and ended up heading to college at the end of the week. Their younger daughter Janeane grew up to a child. Kalliope worked hard in the garden and gained membership into the garden club, complete with a wishing well. Dakota worked hard and maxed all his skills (note I forgot to give myself the 3 points for this Impossible want, so I'll add that at the end). Now onto this week.

Sim Rachel: Looks like we got here just in time for some more puppies to arrive!

Sim Rachel: Three this time Hurray! Mini, Mimi and Mikey!

Sim Rachel: Welcome home Janeane.
Janeane: I totally rock! I got an A+ lady!
Sim Rachel: Congrats Janeane!

Sim Rachel: Congrats on the promotion Kalliope!

Sim Rachel: You too Dakota! Nice work.
Dakota: Why thank you Rachel.

Sim Rachel: Looks like Janeane is playing chess with my grandson Danish. I wonder if there will be love in the air in the future?

Janeane: Thomas you're such a nice puppy doggie.
Me: Sorry I just thought this was too cute.

Sim Rachel: Dakota! Be careful!
Dakota: It's fine. Remember I maxed all my skills, I can do anything!
Sim Rachel: Still be careful. You never know what will happen.

Sim Rachel: Congrats again Kalliope! You sure are moving through the military career.
Kalliope: Thank you Rachel.

Sim Rachel: Dakota what are you doing? You had better not be stepping out on Kalliope!

Dakota: How absurd! No, I'm looking for more friends.
Sim Rachel: Oh, OK.

Sim Rachel: Congrats once again.
Kalliope: Thank you.

Sim Rachel: Ahhhh Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sim Rachel: Thank goodness dogs, like toddlers, are fire retardant and for the fire. . . person.

Kalliope: Our little girl grows up so fast.
Sim Rachel: they sure do. Happy birthday Janeane!

Sim Rachel: Very pretty Janeane. So what do you want in life?

Janeane: Show me the money!
Sim Rachel: Dream?

Janeane: 5 Top level businesses.
Me: Good luck with that. Both been there and done that.
Janeane: What?
Sim Rachel: Don't mind her. Good for you honey.

Sim Rachel: Wishing for money?

Janeane: Nope. A boy.
Sim Rachel: What's his name?
Janeane: Don't know. Don't care.
Sim Rachel: Are you sure you're not romance inclined?
Janeane: Pretty much.

Sim Rachel: You're supposed to close your eyes honey.

Me: I believe it was Lynn that wanted to see my doggie family tree. Here are a couple looks.

Me: Obviously there are a lot more. You can tell by all the 3 dots by the dogs. But this works for now.
Sim Rachel: Hey!
Me: What?
Sim Rachel: Let's get back to the family. Focus chica!
Me: Wow, OK.

Sim Rachel: Be careful sweetie. that looks like it hurts your butt.

Sim Rachel: Money?

Sim Rachel: Guess not.

Sim Rachel: Oh where are the puppies going?
Dakota: Leaving. Molly is in the puppy way again, so we need the room.

Sim Rachel: Hey second top of career! Way to go Kalliope!
Kalliope: Thanks!
Sim Rachel: What a great day!

Sim Rachel: Whose this chic?
Me: Her name is Eleanor. She's from the Fellowship 3. A whole bunch of new townies just arrived.
Sim Rachel: I see. Question.
Me: OK.
Sim Rachel: Why is the toilet on fire!?!?!
Me: I have no idea. Burrito?
Sim Rachel: Move it Eleanor! The firefighter will need some room. Dakota is calling them now.

Sim Rachel: Dakota, what are you doing?
Dakota: I came in to help. I didn't want our new neighbor to get hurt.
Sim Rachel: But now your butt is on fire!
Dakota: I do realize that.
(The fire fighter arriveed but couldn't get in the room cause the stupid bathroom is too frickin' small.)

Sim Rachel: Ahh! Is that pile of ashes Dakota?!?!? Quick Janeane plead for your dad!
Janeane: I can't! This room is too small and grimmy is in the tub!

Sim Rachel: Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sim Rachel: And Dakota found himself a little in the front yard.

Janeane: I miss my dad!
Sim Rachel: I know honey, I'm very sad too.

Kalliope: I can't believe Dakota is gone! I loved him so much!
Sim Rachel: I know, I'm so sorry.

Sim Rachel: What are you doing?
Kalliope: I'm trying to find a job in paranormal. I want my man back.
Sim Rachel: Yay! Go for it!

Kalliope: Darn no job today.
Sim Rachel: They're always tomorrow.

Sim Rachel: So what do you have to say for yourself?
Eleanor: I didn't mean for it to happen. Please don't blame me.
Sim Rachel: OK.

Sim Rachel: What are you wishing for now?
Janeane: More love. I wish I could wish for my dad back.
Sim Rachel: I know.

Kalliope: Thanks for coming Bacillus. I always knew I could count you. You're a great friend.

Sim Rachel: A bright spot, more puppies.

Sim Rachel: Welcome Bonnie and Binny.

Sim Rachel: Um wow Rem that is a great flamingo you left for her.

Sim Rachel: Checking for Paranormal again?
Kalliope: Yep.
Sim Rachel: Any luck?
Kalliope: Nope.
Sim Rachel: There's always next week.

Sim Rachel: Looks like the puppies are taking off.

Sim Rachel: Speaking of which, so is Janeane. Great job and we'll see you at college!

You'll notice Ellen is in this picture. That's just because I forgot to take the end week picture before finishing university and moving her back. No she wasn't hiding in the house the whole time.
Points: 9
3 for Dakota's Impossible Want
2 for Kalliope and Dakota's Tops of Career
4 for money


ASimWen said...

Awww poor Dakota. Well, I am sure he will be back again. Wow that doggie family tree looks busy! :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Dakota! Nooooooooooooo! Boy I will be sad when the Holiday boys die. I'm still sad now.
That is a lot of dogs.
Wait a minute, Rem's not single!

SirenPrincess said...

If you need a resurect-o-nomitron (or however you spell that) and you have sims in the secret society, you can them steal the one from the secret society by putting it in the sims backpack. Then you could give it as a gift to a sim on this lot. Just an idea for you.

I heard about this in the chat and had to check out the photos.

Bubbs said...

Thanks for the dog view! That is really impressive. I can't wait to see how big it gets. :)

Hi Eleanor, new resident. Oh no, Eleanor KILLED Dakota! She did it!

Is Janeane a closet romance sim?

Galena said...

The first sim Janeane kissed was Nate Daymer. I played his house yesterday is the only reason I know.

Poor Dakota. I was hoping it wasn't him. Just glad it wasn't one of my sims that killed him.

lissabry said...

2 fires one right after the other? eek ! *shock* how does a toilet catch fire? did they have butt bombs ( krystals) for dinner?? oh noooo poor Dakota :( awww
LOL the fortune sim with romance wants.. I have sims like that too hehe wow Rachel .. I can almost hear Scrappy -Doo ~ puppyyyyyyy powerrrrrrrr lol are you sure they arent trying to take over?
a flamingo outing reward? what a cheapskate LOL j/k well if Kalliope doesnt find paranormal soo you can always have Janeane bring him back heh? great update :D

Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Oh, so this was the house you were talking about on the anniversary show. I hope Kalliope can get a paranormal job and get her husband back! But Dakota's death was not in vain, because now all of my Sims have smoke detectors in their bathrooms and are that much safer.

Melissa said...

Wow! Jeaneane is beautiful. She has a very unique face. I love Sim genetics.

Another Wow! Look at that doggie family tree. You are the master. *bowing to Rachel ;p

Oh, no. Dakota died in the bathroom. That totally sucks. Good luck on getting the resurect-o-nomitron thingy. I like sirenprincess's suggestion. Nice one!

ciyrose said...

Not Dakota!!! How sad....stupid grim being in the bathtub! That's it...I'm never making tiny bathrooms again...ok, probably not trust, but ouch! I hope you can get him back.

Chrissy Brown said...

Poor Dakota! :( and yes, Janeane is very pretty :)