Saturday, December 08, 2007

Knight 1 Round 5

Doing It All Again!
Last time Kora and Jazz worked hard at raising their three boys, Zeus, Apollo and Ares. They were also trying to breed their dogs Blue and Roxie. Well, all three boys grew up and left for college while Kora and Jazz decided to try for a daughter. Eros (a son) and Aphrodite (a daughter) were born at the end of the week.

Rachel: Now let's check in with Kora and Jazz. Wait, where are they?

Rachel: Zeus' girlfriend Quita looks like she's stealing one of the puppies! Bad Quita!

Rachel: Wait, what? The puppies are going away?
Jazz: Yeah, we need the room if we want even more puppies in the future. There are lots of people out there looking for puppies to raise so they will be all right.

Rachel: How is fatherhood going, again?
Jazz: Oh it's wonderful! I don't even mind the stinky diapers.
Rachel: That's wonderful!

Rachel: Awe, they grow up too fast.

Rachel: Happy birthday Aphrodite! She is a very pretty little girl.
Kora: Thank you Rachel.

Rachel: And Happy Birthday Eros!

Rachel: And he is adorable too!

Rachel: Yay way to go Jazz!!!!

Rachel: Oh Kora you do handle motherhood with such grace and style. Look at you Kora, potty training in hears.
Kora: Well I try.
-A while later-

Rachel: PJs for potty training, what happened?
Kora: It's 3 AM, give me a break.
Rachel: OK, I will.

Rachel: Hurray, welcome more puppies!!!

Rachel: Hum, I wonder if Jazz is still loving every moment of fatherhood for the second time?

Me: Gratuitous toddler and dog shot!

Rachel: Wow, it's the toddler's birthday again! Oh my!

Rachel: Oh Aphrodite you sure are a lovely young lady.
Aphrodite: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Happy birthday Eros!

Rachel: Another cutie pie!

Rachel: Way to go Kora!!!
Kora: Thank you! I'm so happy I can keep my family and all the rest of the families in Prosperity Point safe from evil forces.

Rachel: Get down Aphrodite!!!
Aphrodite: Daddy is such a good drummest. He's good at everything!
Rachel: Ah, I think that's drummer, but are you saying he knows everything everything about everything?
Aphrodite: Yeah huh!
Rachel: Cool, nice going Jazz!

Jazz: Thanks Officer for bringing over our new dog.
Rachel: New dog?
Jazz: Yep, Roxie is getting too old to have more puppies so Rollen will be starting a K9 family soon.

Rachel: Welcome Sprite!

Rachel: Speaking of Rollen, Happy Birthday puppy!

Rachel: Sprite might be aggressive but she is getting along with Eros very well.

Rachel: I guess Aphrodite was a little ahead of herself. But way to go Jazz!

Rachel: Looks like it's time to move on. See you guys next week.

Points: 7
1 Top of Career for Kora
3 for Jazz reaching his Impossible Want of maxing all skills
3 for money


SirenPrincess said...

I really enjoy watching your dog breeding. I might need your help once I start breeding pets in Emerald Isle.

Aprodite turned out very pretty.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

You and your cute kids. And dogs. Enough said.
I wouldn't be in heels at all, but I'm incurably lazy.

Kerry said...

Yeah, there are always a lot of cuties in your updates. I like Aphrodite--"Yeah huh!"

Galena said...

Such beautiful dogs. I've never been much into breeding mine, that or I end up with too many for adoption.

ASimWen said...

I agree wtih sirenprincess and galena. I like all the dog breeding in your hood. :)

Bubbs said...

Their second set of children are growing up nicely! I bet the parents are looking forward to elderhood! And the doggies are have a great doggie thing going here. :)

Melissa said...

Just curious how you decide which dog to adopt to mate with one of your puppies? I've had quite a few "couples" that I've chosen that ended up enemies ... no puppies for me! =( LOL

ciyrose said...

Cute kids, cute puppies! YAY. Great job with the breading, it's not as easy as you make it look.