Monday, December 10, 2007

Ziese-Lecy 2 Round 5

Surprises Gaylor
Last time Victoria and Velo had their hands completely full with a whole mess of kids, yes, that's an exact number. Four of them became teens which meant lots of teen love. Once Victoria gained admission to the gardening club and earned the wishing well, well it got a lot easier. At the end of the week Cheeasecake, Eclair, Pie and Cake all headed to college leaving Danish and Donut the only kids left in the house.

Rachel: Looks like my grandbaby Cheesecake is back from college along with her boyfriend Randy London.

Rachel: Oh goodness, um, I'll be over here.

Rachel: Oh boy a proposal!

Rachel: Hurray, time to plan a wedding! There's so much stuff to do! We have to go dress shopping and do a cake tasting. . . . wait. . .

Rachel: I guess it's wedding time already, nevermind.

Rachel: What a lovely ceremony. Now, let's party!!!

Rachel: Lovely cake.

Rachel: Sweet! It's been awhile since we've seen a pillow fight at a wedding!

*music, the Way you Look Tonight*

Rachel: Of course it was a great party, look at that pillow Randy just laid on Cake. Sweet!

Rachel: Welcome home Donut! Congrats on the A+ sweetie!

Rachel: And congratulations to you Danish!

Rachel: Great job on the gardening sweetie!

Rachel: And I think he newlyweds need a moment alone.

Rachel: Oh honey are you ok?
Victoria: I'm not sure. I guess I must have eaten something bad.
Rachel: Well try to get some rest and feel better.

Rachel: Hum, I wonder what Randy is doing?

Randy: Ouch!
Rachel: Are you OK Randy? I saw that bag of money hit you in the head.
Randy: Oh man that hurt! Yeah, I'll be OK.

Rachel: Oh goodness sweetie, another baby!
Victoria: I guess so. That would be why I was sick and why Cheesecake can't get pregnant.
Rachel: Wait, but there should still be one open space. You didn't eat any cheesecake did you?
Victoria: Nope, not sure what's going on.

Rachel: Way to go Randy!
Randy: Well thank you Rachel. I'm very proud.

Rachel: And more of my grandbabies are growing up. *sniff*

Rachel: Very handsome, as all my grandsons are, but what's with the hair dude?
Danish: I had to get the hair out of my eyes. It's sexy.
Rachel: OK dear, whatever you say. What are you looking for in life?

Danish: I'm all about the Simoleans!

Danish: And I think I'll have lots of luck by being a Space Pirate. I mean come on, Space and Pirates! How could I go wrong?
Rachel: I guess you can't. Let's watch your brother grow up.

Rachel: Happy birthday Donut!
Donut: Dang I'm hot!
Rachel: Oh no, I'm afraid to ask, what are you looking for in life?

Donut: Knowledge.
Rachel: Oh, not where I thought that was going. Excellent!

Donut: And I think the best way to get that is by being a Space Pirate!
Rachel: Hey that's what your brother wants too, cool.
-The Next Day-

Me: Hey it's Erin Lost!
Rachel: Who?
Me: From my Lost Challenge, she was born while I was playing. She's all grown up now, at least to teen.
Rachel: Oh. . . OK, looks like Danish likes her.

Rachel: A lot.

Rachel: I wonder if she'll be heading to college? What's that I hear?

Rachel: Oh dear! Another grandbaby is on it's way! Breath dear!

Rachel: 2?!?!? I guess we know why Cheesecake couldn't get pregnant.

Victoria: It's a boy, I'll call him Jello.
Rachel: J-E-L-L-O?
Victoria: Yep.

Victoria: Randy dear, can you hold Jello please?

Victoria: Shoo-flee!

Victoria: It's a girl, I'll call her Pudding.
Rachel: Awe, a little puddin' pop.
Victoria: No, just Pudding.
Me: Bill Cosby would like these names.
Rachel: Who?
Me: Nevermind.

Rachel: Um Erin it isn't very sneaky when you walk directly in front of the person you're leaving the gift for. Just a little tip.

Rachel: Happy birthday Patches! Don't worry I didn't miss it.

Rachel: You make a perfect professor there Randy, ponytail and all.
Randy: Thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Honey, what are you doing?
Victoria: Trying to get a few more days. I want 2 more babies. Velo and I really want 10!
Rachel: Normally I'd say that's a bad idea but you're both family minded and you're so close.

Rachel: Wait, it's only like Thursday, what's going on?
Donut: Mom and Dad want 2 more kids, so we've got to make room to make that possible. I'm OK with it, really.
Rachel: That's good then. We'll see you at college then.

Velo: Bye Donut!!! We'll miss you SOOOOOO much!

Rachel: Following suit?
Danish: Of course! I can't let my twin show me up.

Me: Don't worry Victoria ran out a second later to wish him good-bye.

Rachel: Hey great job Cheesecake!!!
Cheesecake: Why thank you Grandma! I'm a bloody Rock God!!!!
Me: I think she's been watching Lost.

Rachel: Ummm, a little celebration I see.

Rachel: Wow, it's already the twins' birthday! Randy is such a great um brother-in-law, I can't wait until he has one of his own!

Rachel: Another handsome grandbaby. As if you were surprised.

Rachel: And another lovely granddaughter! Speaking of which, when can I expect my next grand babies?
Victoria: Looks like you'll have great grandbabies first.
Rachel: What do you mean? Oh.... is Cheesecake pregnant?!?!?
Victoria: Yep and since the 2 boys left opening up 2 slots and I can't get pregnant, I guess it's twins.
Rachel: Did she eat any of her namesake?
Victoria: Nope.
Rachel: I guess she just has the magic.

Rachel: Happy birthday to you Dakota! I bet she likes having toddlers around again. She's a very affection ate dog.

Rachel: Looks like Velo is enjoying being a father again.

Rachel: And Randy's practicing.

Rachel: Do you really want to do all this 2 more times?
Victoria: I'd do it 20 more if I could.

Cheesecake: Hey Grandma, I feel weird!
Rachel: I know the feeling.

Rachel: Hurray a great grandbaby is on it's way!

Me: That's do it for this week.
Points: 12
2 for Jello and Pudding
1 for Cheesecake's Top of Career
9 for money


Galena said...

So many twins for this house, even if there has been some testing for the "twin gene" I think it's a possibility. Really interested in how the cheesecake/randy kids will look like.

Kerry said...

Yes, lots of "sweet" little babies here! With two twinners going, looks like it's going to be a full house for a long time!

Bubbs said...

I was about to comment that I felt bad for Cheesecake and not being able to have kids, but I see now that she is pregnant also. Yeah! Her sibling will be the same age as her child. That shall be interesting. :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Now you're having a bunch of natural twins. I think the game noticed how much cheesecake you'd been packing into your sims and decided to help you out. They're all so cute. Makes me miss my prosperity.

ASimWen said...

ohhh LA LA! There's that Randy London with the ponytail! Hehehhe Lots-o-twins.... YAY!

Melissa said...

I too am anxious to see what Randy and Cheesecake's kiddos will look like. You're going to have to kick Jello and Pudding out pretty quick so Victoria and Velo can get their IW out of the way.

ciyrose said...

This is quite a busy family. Lots and lots of twins. Cheesecake and Randy's babies will be fun to see!